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Himalayan Countries

Below are the details for the regions where the Himalayas spans. We are continuously researching and working to make this data more useful and helpful to all
  • Country Name:Bhutan
  • Description:

    The Royal Kingdom of Bhutan is a small, but beautiful, peaceful and a natural paradise. Some of the World's most remote and untouched places exists here. This Himalayan country is gifted with a diverse Himalayan experience. With peaks spaning from few 100 meters to as high as 7500 meters, there is wide range of Himalayan experience to gather, and when topped with the cultural heritage of the country, its and experience you should not miss.

    Himalayan Ranges Of Bhutan

    Great Himalayan Range: Some of Bhutan's highest peaks lies in this range as it passes through Bhutan starting from Kashmir in the West and going through different states of India, Nepal, Bhutan and then ending in the North Eastern state of Arunachal in India. The range runs through the North of Bhutan and contains the northern parts of the valleys of Haa, Paro, Thimphu, Bumthang and Gasa. The Snow Man Trek, considered as one of the most difficult treks in the World lies here, in the Gasa district of Bhutan. The peaks go well above 7000 meters and Ghankhar Phuensum -7570m, is the highest unclimbed peak in the World. Also falls Chomolhari, Dichu Drake and Kula Kangri.

    Dongkya Range: The Dongkya range seperates Bhutan from Sikkim and Tibet. Is separates the Tibet's Chumbi valley in North, Sikkim in the east and Thimphu valley in the west. 

    Black mountains: The Black Mountain range is of great importance to the culture and diverse ethnicity of Bhutan as it separates the Central Bhutan from East and West Bhutan.

    Donga range: Further to the east, this range separates the district of Bumthang from Lhuentshe.

    Tawang range: This range which starts in Arunachal in India forms the eastern borders of the country

    Culture of Bhutan

    Bhutan is a country which takes great pride in its cultural heritage and its the policy of the Kingdom that has not allowed dilution of its culturtal heritage. It does so by maintaining its remoteness from the other parts of the World and follows controlled or restricted tourism growth. This infact has resulted in the strong cultural preservation even in the present World scenario where other cultures are getting diluted with mordernization.

    Majority of the religion followed in Bhutan is Mahayana Buddhism. The culture of Bhutan is very closely related to that of Tibetan. Guru Padmashambha, the tantric guru and founder of the Nyingma Buddhism is followed here. Other religions do co-exist here peacefully in sync with each other.

    Here, its a dominance of culture, culture and culture under the overlooking mountains of the Himalayas. Lot of cultural festival keeps happening throughtout the year.


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