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India - Himalayan Country

  • Country Name:India
  • Description:The Himalayas of India may also be called the lifeline of the country. A major part of the Himalayas, almost 80% falls in the country. Apart from providing the country with great geographical benefits, it also blooms life into the countrymen. It forms the source of some of the great rivers, namely Ganga, Sutlez, Indus, Brahmaputra flowing in the country. The Indian state which shares the Himalayas are Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal.

    The major ranges of the Indian Himalayas are - East Karakoram, Zanskar, Ladakh, Pir Panjal, Dhaula Dhar, Pangi

    The Great Himalayan Range:

    The is the longest of the Himalayan ranges and continues from Jammu and Kashmir to Nepal and Sikkim. It is home to some of the World's highest peaks. Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse Makalu, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna etc lies on this range.

    East Karakoram:

    A host to some of the mighty peak of the Himalayas. It is a part of the Karakoran forms a divide between India and Central Asia. Teram Kargri, Saltoro Kangri, Saser Kangri, Siachen, Rimo. Siachen is also know as the highest battlefield on earth. This region is highly sensitive due to disturbing border issues between India and Pakistan, and does not see much of trekking or mountaineering activities. Few foreign expeditions, fewer Indian civil expeditions and Indian Army expeditions has explored the region.


    Zanskar range runs parallel to the Great Himalayan Range, Ladakh range and Pir Panjal range. It spans about 100 kilometers and divides Ladakh from Zanskar. It also divides Spiti from Kinnaur region of Himachal. Its a remote region in the Himalayas slowly opening up. It is connected to the nearby regions through high trekking passes. Currently a all season road is set to open to connect Zanskar to the nearby town of Leh, in Ladakh. Its home to one of the most popular treks in the Himalayas known as the Frozen River Trek, or the Chadar trek, which actually used to be the only link and mode of transport for the Zanskaris to stay connected to the World. The current state of the trek is terrible due to weather warming up and river not freezing enough. The region is loved by photographers and remote travelers


    About 350 kilometers in distance, the Ladakh range is a host to some wonderful landscape. It is also known as the Cold Dessert. Leh, the district headquarters is at 3500 meters and is a wonderful place with its dreamy landscape and lively people. The region sees extreme weather during winters. The Shyok and Indus river flows here and peaks like Stok Kangri, Kang Yatse, Mentok Kangri, Matho Kangri, Dzo Jongo are good trekking peaks to climb. The Markha valley also offers some good trekking experience

    Pir Panjal:

    A part of Himachal and Kashmir, the Pir Panjal range hosts some of the beautiful valleys, passes and peaks. The famous Rohtang La is a part of this range. Peaks like Deo Tibba, Indrashan, Harmukh, etc lies on this range. The beauty of Kashmir is well known to the world. Some of the good treks in this region is the Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek, Deo Tibba, Pin Parvati, Bhabha Pass, Hampta Pass, etc


    Also know as the Lesser or Outer Himalayan Range, this mountain range runs from Himachal to Uttrakhand. Some good treks in this area are the Indrahara Pass, Mcleodganj- Triund, Dharamsala- Chhota Bhangal over Sari Pass, Kareri lake, Dansar Lake, Nag Dal, Shinghar Pass, etc


    Lying between Pir Panjal andZanskar range, the Pangi range separates Kullu from Lahaul and Spiti and joins the Dhauladhar in the Kangra. It can be best seen from Dainkund, in Dalhousie - Dhauladar range. Sach pass trek beongs to this region, and is rather an entry to the Pangi Valley


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