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Himalayan Regions

Below are the details for the regions where the Himalayas spans. We are continuously researching and working to make this data more useful and helpful to all
  • Region Name: India - Kashmir
  • Country: India
  • Description:

    Geography Of Kashmir:

    The region of Kashmir is known to be one of the most beautiful destinations existing in the Himalayas.  It is bounded by the Great Himalayan range on the north which extends from the East Karokoram range, starting from Nanga Parvat in the North-West and runs south east towards Himachal and then to Uttrakhand and Nepal. This range separates Ladakh from Kashmir.

    The Pir Panjal range bounds the region from the South. Some of the most beautiful meadows lies on the southern Pir Panjal range namely Kong-Wattan, Yusmarg, Gulmarg and Khilanmarg.

    Climate Of Kashmir:

    Kashmir experiences a 4 seasonal climate namely winter, springs, summer, autumn. The summers are warm with temperatures ranging between 15 to 35 degrees while winters are cold with tremperature ranginf between -5 to 5 degrees in the south. Higher altitudes see colder temperatures with range in summers closely being around 10 degrees and winters being as low as -20 degrees receiving huge snowfalls.

    This region also received good amount of rainfall but major precipitation is through snowfall only.

    Culture Of Kashmir:

    The language spoken majorly in the region is Kashmiri. Muslim forms the major faith of the people in this region.  Gujjars also are prominent on the higher reaches of the meadows as they speak Gujjari. Kashmiri wajwan is a delicacy and consists of Meat Balls, Kababs etc cooked with spices. Few dishes to name are Gustawa, Rista, Rogan Josh, Chicken kanthi for meat lovers. 

    Fehran and Kangri are other 2 major distinction in this region in the winters. Fehran is a long coat made out of thick cloth worn during the winters. Kangri or Kangar  is a small pot which is filled with hot embers to keep oneself warm. It is usually kept under the Fehran.

    Shawls and stoles made of Kashmiri Pashmina are famous throughout India and World. 


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