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Kashmir Alpine Lakes n Meadows Photo Gallery
As famous saying goes - If there is Heaven on Earth, Its In Kashmir...
Wonder whether the person who said did trekked this route or perhaps every sight of Kashmir was heavenly beautiful during that period !!

If we are asked about The Kashmir Alpine Lakes And Meadows Trek, we get silent first for few seconds or rather minutes, and then gather some words to describe it. An apt trek for all who loves to wander the Himalayas, where the mountains, the green meadows, the rivers, the lakes, people, clouds, snow.. each and everything is just a dream experience !!

By the end of the trek, if you are asked which campsite you liked the most, it will not be a simple question to answer. Each of the campsites are equally beautiful. The lush green meadows after the snow cover melts keeps your spirits elevated and stays with you forever. Here you can roll through on few sections if you get bored of walking.. or to keep simple, you may take of that shoe and let your feet take the pleasure as well!!

If meadows are a part of this trek, so are the lakes !! The region is bestowed with more than 22 lakes which are as pure as it can be. This trek has longer walks each day which involves crossing passes offering the challenging thrill to the trek, and once done, its a lovely walk on the meadows before you reach the campsites. Where there are meadows, there are sheep and shepherds too who add an extra charm to the trek.

Oh !! not to forget the horses who ferries the load, the trout fishes which jumps frequently above the serene water surfaces of the lakes, the calls of Marmot teasing your energy, the gush of rivers adding to the music played by the band of nature.. the list goes on

Spend few of the most wonderful days of your life trekking the through the dreamland of Kashmir.

OrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Kashmir Alpine Lakes n Meadows Lake Kishan SarKishansarOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Kashmir Alpine Lakes n Meadows Lake Vishan SarNandkulOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Kashmir Alpine Lakes n Meadows The caravan, enroute Sat SarsatsarOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Kashmir Alpine Lakes n Meadows Where there is meadow, there are these flocks, beautifying the landscapesheepsOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Kashmir Alpine Lakes n Meadows the gush adds to the hostile Sindhusindhu-riverOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Kashmir Alpine Lakes n Meadows Vishan SarVishansarOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Kashmir Alpine Lakes n Meadows The twin lakes of Vishan Sar and Kishan SarVishansar-kishansar from-Gadsar

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