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Rupin Pass Photo Gallery
If there exist any treks in the Himalayas which comtinuously keeps you excited and amazes you with its view, on every turn, its the Rupin Pass trek. The valley itself changes its appearance on weekly basis. While in May you wil need to trek through wide and deep snow field which thins out by June and the the valley becomes vividly colorful during the monsoons and a barren rocky scree zone reveals itself during September October and then again, it covers itself up from November. Each of these changes offers an amazing beauty to the Himalayan High seekers. At 4650 meters, the climb to the top of Rupin pass is a grand gift to any treekker, not only by the view it has to offer, but also by the feeling of successfylly negotiating a very steep L-shaped climb to the top of the pass. While Rupin Pass trek is about the pass, it is also about so many other things. The villages and kids coming along the way, the hanging village of Jhakha with its ever charming people. The apple orchads, the temple of Sewa, and so much more !!

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