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Welcome to the The Himalayan Cyclopaedia !!

Himalayan Cyclopaedia is our endeavour to make 'well researched correct data' easily available to the people seeking information about the mighty and vast Himalayas. We believe that knowledge is the best friend of a human being and is in fact a life support system for excelling in everything we do. Our endeavour with the Himalayan Cyclopaedia is to share knowledge about the Himalayas, its geographical elements, mythology and anthropology. It's a collaborative sharing and contributing effort from people who have immense knowledge of the Himalayas and also from those who are looking for it.

The Himalayan Cyclopaedia is a flexible database-driven web application and it is possible to extend it to any other relevant information which is currently not under this umbrella. Just share with us what information you need, and we will start adding it if we feel it's relevant to the subject. For all the data displayed here, it took us a lot of effort to first have the information and then change the information to digital data that could be programmed to present to you in a web format. We are constantly developing the system and the future will see Himalayan Cyclopaedia grow as big a s the Himalayas itself. We understand it will take a massive effort to do it and that the teachings of the Himalayas will help us achieve our goal.


An Appeal For Contribution

Its a huge and very difficult work to gather CORRECT information related to the topic. We are trying our best to make the same available to all. We need help in adding correct data for the resources and hence we request all the Gurus to share their valuable knowledge on the Himalayas and make correct information available and usuable for all.

If we are missing on something or if you have suggestion for us, please let us know by using the contact us link.

User Contribution Details

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