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When does Kedarkantha Peak get its first snowfall of the season ?
Although these days weather has become very unpredictable, Kedarkantha peak usually get its first snowfall by the mid of December. This belt of the Himalayas get heavy snowfall and often the first snowfall is heavy. This can make the entire trek a snow merry-land right with the first snowfall.
Does Sankri too get snowfall ?
Yes, Sankri too gets snowfall and turns completely white. Usually that happens after mid of January or early february.
When is best time to visit kedarkantha trek?
Kedarkantha trek can be done throughout the year but the beauty of it is in its snow which turns the trek into a white dreamy land and cold. The entire excitement of this trek comes from the snow and tolerating cold for 4 days of the trek. We camp over snow for all these days. Also, its a good way to celebrate your New Year and Christmas. Snow makes this trek little moderate, otherwise its a straightforward easy trek of 24 kilometers.
Can a beginner do the Kedarkantha trek ?
Kedarkantha trek is the best trek for a beginner, specially in the winters. It provides you with all the elements that makes it a perfect trek to start your Himalayan sojourn.
Will you need walking crampons or spikes to do the Kedarkantha trek in the winters ?
Not really, but a walking crampon will make this trek easier for you. If you have good high ankle waterproof shoes ( not woodland ) which has good traction, specially Vibram sole, you really do not need a crampon. However, walking over snow without crampons for a beginner becomes a tough task and you can slip frequently. Sometime, slipping can hurt you or twist your ankle. So, a walking crampon is advisable
Do we give Walking Ice-traction crampon to every trekkers for the Kedarkantha trek?
Yes, we provide everyone with a walking crampon to make this trek safer for every trekkers. We also provide with gaiters so the snow does not get inside your shoes to help[ keep your feet dry during the trek.
How do you take care in combating the extreme cold on the Kedarkantha trek ?
We take immense care in providing a very hospitable and sometimes our trekkers call it 'luxury' on this trek which help in combating the cold. To start with, firstly we provide foam mattresses which are about an inch thick, and we are the only organization who provides such expensive mattress on this trek. The sleeping bags which we give are very good to be used for sub-zero temperatures along with a fleece liner for that extra warmth and hygiene. Since we cannot wash the sleeping bags often, its very easy for us to wash the liners easily. We give more liners to ones who feel more cold. This increase the layers and make it warm and cozy. We also recommend bringing hot water bags, which we fill with hot water and can be taken inside the sleeping bags to act like a heater. Supported with a good insulated dome tent, it makes it very comfortable for you to sleep, even on top of snow. So, all the arrangements will be taken care of keeping in mind the cold and its a beginner's trek. However, there should be a positive spirit to face all the adventure despite out equipment and arrangements. You can also use warmees - self heating powders. These powder pouched can be bought from our store at 100 rs. per pouch
Are Waterproof shoes needed for this trek?
Yes. Waterproof shoes will help keep your feet dry and safe as you trek through the snow. Often there will be snow poling due to which your feet will go deep in the snow. You need to wear a gaiter over your shoes to protect snow from getting inside your feet from the top.
Do we need a trekking pole for this trek?
Not a mandatory thing but having it will help you with better balance and prevent jerk on your knees. Using a trekking pole is more of a habit. If you have strong legs, it is not required. It will keep your hands free with which you can save yourself from a fall or maintain balance. Using a trekking pole requires extra effort.
Can we rent all trekking personal gears from your Sankri Branch?
Yes. You do not have to buy all the expensive trekking gears for yourself. Save that money and rent every thing from us within the budget of a new shoe or rucksack.
What is the cheapest way to arrive Sankri ?
The cheapest way to arrive sankri is by taking bus from Dehradun to sankri and the same on return from sankri to Dehradun. Buses leave both the destinations early morning at 5:30 6:30 and 7:30. From Dehradun to sankri can be bought it from the Mussoorie bus stand near Dehradun Railway Station. You need not pre-book these buses. Compared to a small vehicle, travelling by bus takes longer time - approximately 10 to 11 hours. One way fare between Dehradun and Sankri is about 300 Indian rupees. Show the two way fare come down to about 600 rupees.
Can I reach sankri by shared Jeeps from Dehradoon ?
Yes. Shared jeeps can be taken from Dehradun to Purola and then from Purola to Mori. From Mori, shared Jeep's can be taken further till Naitwar and then from Naitwar to Sankri. Travelling by shared jeep increases dependency and is time bound. You can get shared jeep to Purola from Dehradun till 3 pm. It takes about 4 - 5 hours to reach Purola on a shared jeep. If you are too late then from Purola you will not get any means to reach Mori and further. Hitch hiking is an option but not guaranteed always. Vehicles to Mori can be got latest by 3 PM from Mori, that too with difficulty. If you reach Mori in odd hours, you can reserve a vehicle to drop you to Sankri. They will charge about 1000 to 1200 depending on time. From Naitwar, if u reserve a cab to Sankri, it will cost you between 500 to 700 Rupees.
Are hotels readily available in Sankri?
Yes, usually.. but during the peak winter season, there is a tremendous shortage of rooms and further good rooms in Sankri. People even camp in Sankri due to shortage of rooms. It's better you pre book your rooms if you are trekking during peak winter season. If you are hiring a trek operator like us or other reputed ones, they will include this in their package.
Do you have your own accommodation in Sankri or is it outsourced ?
No, we do not outsource and have our own accommodation in Sankri. It's a nice wooden lodge with glass windows and excellent views of the Swargarohini group of peaks right from your room.
Does Sankri have ATMs to withdraw money?
NO. Sankri does not even have proper internet connection and ATMs. Please carry excess cash with you for this trip. Last ATM point is Mori ( SBI ). Purola has more options of ATMs . However, we recommend you bring all your cash from Dehradoon itself or Mussurie. ATMS after that does not guarantee you money. Often they are out of service.
How short can we make this trek ?
If you are a fit Trekker, then you can complete this trek in 3 days from Dehradun even during the winters. However that means that all of your travel is optimized and you need not depend on any third party. You can rent all the trekking and camping gears from our branch office in Sankri, hire a porter and get this trek done in style. However, if you are a beginner, then we recommend you hire our full board services to understand the nitty-grities of planning a Himalayan trek safely and comfortably
Is a guide mandatory if we want to do the trek as a self sufficient group ?
No, but only if you understand well what you mean and want to do. We promote self sufficiency, but not for the sake of it. Even if you have good experience in the Shayadris, and well understand the art of surviving in the wild and outdoors, you can well do this trek at your own expertise. Also, it's very unlikely you will be left alone on the trek if you are trekking during the peak winter season. You can rent all trekking and camping gears from us. Even porters if you need. Hiring a porter will help you with some local assistance throughout the trek.
What is the best way to reach Dehradun ?
We start early morning for the drive from Dehradun to Sankri, at around 730 AM. So its advisable to reach Dehraun by 7 AM. The best way to reach Dehradun is by taking a overnight Volvo bus from Kashmere Gate ISBT in Delhi. The last Volvo leave at 1130 and reaches Dehradun ISBT by 530 in the morning. There is also a train AC Express which reaches Dehradun in good time. We can pick you up from Dehradun ISBT or railway station to leave for Sankri. We can stop by at Mussurie or Kempty Falls for breakfast.
What will be the travel cost and arrangement for a group from Dehradoon and Sankri ?
We coordinate and arrange for easier transportation between Dehradoon and Sankri. The group sharing the cab pay the travel fees to the driver. The current cost is as listed below:

For small vehicle (bolero, mahindra max, or similar ), the price is 5500 * 2 = 11000. an be shared by 7 - 8 people

For tempo traveller, the cost is 9000 * 2 = 18000, can be shared by 9 - 13 people

What will be the travel cost and arrangement for a group from Dehradoon and Sankri ?
We coordinate and arrange for easier transportation between Dehradoon and Sankri. The group sharing the cab pay the travel fees to the driver. For efficiency, we fix the pick up location and that will be Outside the Dehradoon Railway Station. The pick up timing will be between Morning 730 to 8 AM. The current cost is as listed below:

For small vehicle (bolero, mahindra max, or similar ), the price is 5500 * 2 = 11000. an be shared by 7 - 8 people

For tempo traveller, the cost is 9000 * 2 = 18000, can be shared by 9 - 13 people

What Time Should I Book My Return Journey From Dehradoon ?
We will start Early morning around 7 AM on 6th Day from Sankri and it takes about 8 hours to reach Dehradun considering ideal situations and lunch breaks. However it is advisable to keep buffer time of about 3 hours as it is mountainous road. So you are expected to reach Dehradun from Sankri at 3 PM and considering the Safe Buffer Time, you should book your return tickets only after 6 PM from Dehradun. If you are travelling to Delhi from Dehradun, then you will get many buses that leave from ISBT. Its better if you pre-book, but thats not mandatory if you are not very particular about the bus service and quality. Usually they are good.
What Are The Best Ways To Reach Dehradun From New Delhi ?
Overnight Volvo buses are the best ways to travel to Dehradun from Delhi. They leave from Delhi Kashmere Gate ISBT and take about 5 - 6 hours to reach Dehradun in a comfortable way. Since they reach in morning, you will not require to spend extra money on hotel in Dehradun.
you cab book them online on
Suitable Bus Timings Chart: 
Departure Time Arrival Time Fare(Rs.)
09:30 PM 04:00 AM 753
10:30 PM 05:30 AM 753
11:00 PM 05:00 AM 753
11:30 PM 05:30 AM 753
11:59 PM 07:00 AM 753
If I am travelling from Mumbai, what are the trains that are best to board for this trek ?
All the trains that start from Mumbai reaches Dehradun in the evening or it is too long to travel, and hence is not suitable since it will require extra night stay in Dehradun. Preferable mode of transfer will be to take train to Delhi and then overnight Volvo bus from Delhi to Dehradun. These Volvo buses reach Dehradun by 530 - 6 AM and makes perfect for your onward journey to Sankri.
Here are the list of trains you can take from Mumbai till Delhi to be there on time. All of these trains reach Delhi latest by 645 PM and then you can board the overnight Volvo bus to Dehradun for a comfortable journey to Dehradun.
Train No. Train Name Departure Arrival
12903 GOLDENTEMPLE ML 21:25 18:45
12431 RAJDHANI EXP 20:45 16:55
12617 MANGALA LDWEEP 12:55 13:15
19023 FZR JANATA EXP 07:25 12:45
22659 DEHRADUN EXP 13:40 12:40
12953 AUG KR RAJ EXP 17:40 10:55
12925 PASCHIM EXPRESS 12:00 10:40
12909 NZM GARIB RATH 16:35 09:40
12951 MUMBAI RAJDHANI 17:00 08:35


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