We Only Organize Lesser Done, Uncrowded, Customizable & Personalized, Small Group Private Trekking Tours In The Himalayas

Himalayan High Trek Categories

Our trek operations can be categorized into 3 different types based upon the services we provide on the trek. Please read below to understand more about them.

HH Premium Treks

  1. These treks are conducted with the highest standards of safety and comfort during the trek.
  2. The equipment used on the trek, meal plan, vehicles used, hotels in the base camps, support staff, etc will be of the highest standard.
  3. Suman Chowdhury, the founder of Himalayan High himself joins these treks as the leader and manages everything from the front, supported by his ground team. 
  4. This ensures that we are able to deliver the highest standards of on-trek experience, emergency handling, and reliability.
  5. These treks usually include full-board service from the trek starting point till the trek endpoint. Details of default inclusions will be mentioned on the website which can be customized further.
  6. Customizations and Team Size will decide the actual cost of the treks.
  7. Mostly the grade of these treks are either difficult or challenging or they involve critical operational challenges which may falter the trek on the ground ruining the trek experience.
  8. We also categorize an easy or moderate popular trek as Premium in order to provide an exclusive experience with a small team, which otherwise won't be possible in a big open group.
  9. All the treks in this category are Exclusive Private Groups, meaning there will be no external members in the team apart from our support crew unless you decide to open it up to reduce cost.
  10. The cost of these treks are dynamic in nature, meaning increased team size will reduce the cost. The default cost displayed on the website is assuming a 5 member team.
  11. In case you choose to open up these treks to add any other interested members, the cost will decrease if the team size increases. If not, the cost remains the same or as finalized beforehand through direct communication.
  12. The dates for these treks need to be consulted and decided earlier. Our already confirmed schedule will play an important role in the availability of dates. Rescheduling too needs to be consulted.
  13. Most of the treks that we do in a year are of this category. On average, we do about 2 to 3 treks in a month depending upon the time of the year and grade of the trek. Sometimes we do just 1 trek in a month.


HH Guaranteed Treks

  1. These treks are operated as Fixed Departures which are guaranteed to run.
  2. The minimum required team size for these treks is 2 members. If the total number of registered members is less than 2 in a certain departure batch, then we charge a nominal extra charge to get the trek executed as per the standards mentioned on the website.
  3. The cost and inclusions of these treks are fixed and cannot be changed. Although, you may buy add-on services or make it a private trek exclusive for your team members only.
  4. Privatization and Customizations are allowed in these treks. Customizations are only allowed if the trek is exclusively privatized with no other external member joining in.
  5. We follow the highest standards of trek execution even in this category of treks and will take full responsibility for your comfort and safety on the trek.
  6. All the inclusions in the trek package will be mentioned on the website, unless customized and we will deliver our service as mentioned on the website.
  7. We seldom cancel our fixed departures unless we are forced to do so due to situations beyond our control, like political unrest, riots, natural calamity, etc. Under such a situation, we will be guided by our cancellation policy as mentioned on our website - /booking-cancellation-refund



HH DIY Treks

  1. These are the treks where we will support you with all the required logistics for the trek, like equipment, local resources, homestays, transportations, permits, and trek planning consultation.
  2. Although we will assist you with all the required logistics and planning, Himalayan High will be in no way responsible for your comfort and safety on the trek.
  3. We can only support you on these treks where we have established bases.
  4. We are motivated to help individual trekkers do their own treks and are slowly expanding our bases.


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We Only Organize Lesser Done, Uncrowded, Customizable & Personalized, Small Group Private Trekking Tours In The Himalayas

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