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A warm welcome to my website www.himalayanhigh. On this page, you will come to know almost everything about me and my organization. I thank you for showing patience to read it and your interest in knowing us more.

It feels great pleasure to introduce Himalayan High to mountain lovers. We are very lucky to have The Great Himalayas with us and Himalayan High is here to take you deeper and higher up in the Great Himalayas, make you feel ecstatic by its sky-touching peaks, mesmerized by its aura and charm, awe-inspired by its might, and thoughtful by its spirituality,  but not limited to just that.

Himalayan High is a Trek and other Outdoor Tour Operator in the Himalayas of India, Bhutan, and Nepal. The company is perfectly located in Jaigaon which also happens to be my hometown - a small village of West Bengal at the junction of Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, and North East India. The tagline of Himalayan High reads Promoting Pure Himalayan Adventures and we stick to every word of it in our work processes.

Let me tell you a small story and the motivation behind the birth of Himalayan High. I must admit it will be very difficult to express it in a few paragraphs, but I will try. If you want to know more, you may please contact me through the contact form on this website.


On This Page:

  1. Birth Of Himalayan High
  2. Why Are We Different
  3. Our Team
  4. What We Do
  5. What We Never Do
  6. Why Choose Us


The Birth Of Himalayan High

Trekking and mountaineering had always been my dream. However, belonging to a middle-class Indian family which valued high education and a secured job, I got drifted apart from my soul, not for too long though !!

I followed the rules set down by our society and my family like a good son not knowing or rather not paying attention to my inner callings. I studied Engineering, earned a good job, high salary, and respect from my family and community. However, soon I realized that I wasn't happy from my soul. I didn't take much time once I understood what were my callings and where my heart ventured.

I left behind all the luxuries of life and a high-paying, fast-growing job of the corporates, went against the wishes of my family and the laws of the society, to get back to the Himalayas. Himalayas had always been my first friend right from my childhood, where I grew up in. Be it running away (and get beaten for it) from my home to swim in its rivers, or go for hikes around to the corners of the mountains nearby with friends, looking out for exciting elements (as a child ) to play with, be it hidden waterfalls, caves, birds, oranges and lots more. That's where my soul wandered around, and when I got back to the Himalayas, detaching all my materialistic ties with this World, I started to breathe free, again after so many years.

I used to trek before, but after leaving my job, I truly proved the freedom to myself. I trekked deep in the Himalayas alone, unguided or rather guided solely by the moods of the mountains and my interactions with them. I made lots of new friends from the mountains, slept alone in a stone cave, climbed mountains, and experienced everything that the Himalayas had to offer. Never scared, as I knew the Himalayan Goddess would keep me safe, cause I loved her truly and made it a point to never harm any elements of it. I understood the importance of training to be further self-accomplished and climb higher. I Completed the mountaineering and Skiing courses to be a better trekker and climber.  I followed my honest instinct and set myself free. Everything I did came naturally to me, without judging myself too much. Trekking the Himalayas unguided and guided, picking up skiing, bicycling, motorbiking,  making new long-lasting friends each day, I started to live my dream life, a free soul.

Money was important I knew that. To earn money, I freelanced as a software developer to make websites and application software for small businesses in my hometown. However, I didn't like it too much and I gave up on that too. I wanted to travel, climb, and see experience the Himalayas from every corner, from every angle. Soon, I joined an organization as a Trek leader thinking that it would allow me to earn money as well as stay connected to the Himalayas, and give me opportunities to explore the Himalayas further. For a hint, they call themself India's Largest Trekking Organization that has thought Indians how to trek. Forget about trekking, they did teach me a lot of other things. I did not know until then that this will be one of the major turning points of my life - a big eye-opener rather. For the first time, I confronted with the commercial side of this traveling in the Himalayas. In the past, I had never used the services of a Tour Package Provider. Hence everything was new and felt very wrong to me. Being a purist, I did not quite like that. I did some 18 treks in a year leading about 550 trekkers and managed about 2000+ trekkers as my added responsibility of Operational manager. What I experienced was great learning but below the par for my inner soul's conscience. 

My conscience was awaiting a major change. Here from inside, there was everything in the name of the Himalayas, but the Himalayas were not in it.

That's when this strong idea overtook my mind to clean the space with my own ability as much as I could. It was not possible without making trekkers realize the actual might of the Himalayas, the spirituality of its presence to be inspired from, the rare beauty which makes you go silent at, rather than making it loud and showing it off !!

To start with, I started an organization and named it "Himalayan High". 



The Objectives Of Himalayan High - Why Are We Different?


DoN't Just Trek !! LIVE IT


The motive behind Himalayan High is to take people to experience the Himalayas through activity-based adventurous activities like Trekking, Mountaineering, Biking, Heritage and Leisure traveling, etc. Apart from knowing the mountains, appreciating her geographical presence, beauty, etc. we also need to experience other important aspects of the Himalayas, like  exchanging knowledge with and knowing the local people better who actually dwell in it and learn how the Himalayas have shaped their outlook making them stronger, understanding and enjoying their culture and way of life, relishing their local delicacies, building a bond not just with the place, but also its people and develop an environment of mutual respect for each other. 

In all these processes to experience or enjoy the Himalayas, we must never forget that nature is very fragile, and Low-Impact, Sustainable, and Responsible Tourism is the only way forward. We at Himalayan High are ethically-driven trained mountaineers who consider the Himalayas Godly and are motivated to change the spirit of trekking in India, which is currently maltreated by other big organizers for profit, spammed by wannabes, faked by Bollywood, and dominated by the desire to achieve a trek, rather than living a trek.

How Are We Different?

  • We practice Low-Impact, Sustainable, Minimalistic, and Responsible Tourism working and preaching about the conservation of natural resources of the Himalayas and contributing to the development of the local micro-economy. Most importantly, I would like to say here that we don't want to be different in this regards. We rather want all the organizations working in this domain, whose activities directly impact the Natural Environment to be thinking alike. Not that there aren't any other company thinking alike. There are, but very few. 
  • I am a trained and certified student of Mountaineering from premium mountaineering institutes in India and an Incredible India certified guide. I have worked in the Himalayas for over 8 years and been trekking for over 15 years in the Himalayas. Growing up in the Himalayas adds to my experiences as well. I have learned the hard way and from my mistakes. Mistakes give you experience and my experiences and network of hard-working honest locals in the Himalayas will certainly help make a better and easier trek experience for you. 
  • Himalayan High has been running good right from its opening in April 2015 till date and we have served many clients both Domestic and International with great satisfaction. But that doesn't mean that I am a settled guy and now it's just about sitting on the office chair and earning money. I had been and will be trekking and going higher and deeper into the Himalayas. I am a trekker myself and I will keep trekking and leading our clients deeper and higher in the Himalayas. My team's experiences and outlook towards the Himalayas are certainly different and this will definitely impact anyone who treks with us.
  • Through Himalayan High, my focus is to give you the best experience of the Himalayas, but as we all know, venturing into the Himalayas for some real adventures like trekking and mountaineering involves a lot of planning, logistical and professional help. I take off all the pain involved in planning an expedition, gathering logistical and professional support with my expertise, experience, and network of trustworthy local personnel so that you can focus just on the trekking and your personal preparations.
  • We trek in very small groups and trekking in smaller groups makes our team special. It adds much to our trek experience, ambience, solitude and serenity. It gives us the flexibility to modify our itinerary according to the weather and other emergencies. It makes our team much stronger and safer as we are not let down by weak members of a large team. It allows us to invest in good quality equipment of the highest standards and add to our comfort and privacy during the trek. 
  • I consider myself, all our staff, and trekkers as a Loyal Ambassador of the Himalayas and preach Responsible, Minimalistic, and Sustainable Low-Impact Trekking in the Himalayas. Given the current scenario of Environmental Degradation, Climate Change and Global Warming, I consider this as the most important policy that all of us should follow. Sadly, over 90% of the companies out there don't follow it and even trekkers consider trekking in large groups because that reduces the cost. However, we believe that travelling should not cause you to feel guilty of unnecessary exploitation of Mother Nature, later on. Hence you should choose wisely whom to trek with.
  • Unlike other big companies operating from corporate offices in the cities, with Himalayan High, I myself go on the trek, leading my groups almost 90% of the time. I do this because I enjoy doing it and more so because I love meeting new people and trekking with them. Repeating the same trek is never boring for me because of the new dimension which new people bring. It's all about the combination of energies you see and the resultant energy makes each trek a different and enriching experience helping me grow as a person.
  • I offer quality, hard-word and trust-building. The quality and expertise of my operational capability have been used by some big trek organizing companies in our country and I have benefited them huge, not only in terms of profit but also in setting up workflows and transparent processes, un-messed complications, increased trust amongst the local resources, and increase their goodwill amongst the locals who actually mattered, because ultimately it is their effort that makes a trek look cool. Can you believe that India's largest trekking organization operated without any paperwork with the locals and worked amidst an environment of chaos, mistrust, loot and dishonesty? I could have worked more, but we parted ways for continuous Moral Breaches below my dignity and Ethical Differences of working in the Himalayas. I have a compassionate heart and could not think like a businessman maybe. Most importantly, money is a very small thing for me to make me change the way I am or harm someone else.
  • I feel proud that with Himalayan High I am making a difference. Companies who used to trek with 35 - 50 trekkers are now advertising below 25 trekkers on their website. Though actually on the ground they take 30+ team members, but who judges you when you serve biryanis and samosas on a trek! We don't, because Biryani or samosa is not the local food in the mountains.
  • I prioritize medical safety and emergency evacuation strategies. I put all of my previous experiences firstly to prevent it, and then if anyhow there's an incident on the trek, I have the experience to handle it better. Huge planning and logistics are required in safeguarding the team's Physical and Medical Safety. Emergencies on any adventure are something that always needs to be given priority and handling of those delicate situations needs even better planning, experience, and capability to handle the crisis at that very moment. It is for this very reason that on Himalayan High operated treks right from its inception, there have been zero casualties. Not even a mere case of twisted-ankle has happened in our groups for the strict rules and protocols that we follow, whereas we keep hearing about the bad stories of mismanagement, fatal injuries and even deaths, coming from the Himalayan treks every year. Mostly these come from big and popular operators in our country, and India's Largest Trek Company lead them. Their trekker dies even on a simple trek like Kedarkantha or the easiest trek in the Western Ghats.
  • I bring with me a selected team of experts from the field with lots of practical experiences in handling a Himalayan Journey. They are hardworking, honest and very professional. Unlike others, you won't find our staffs irritating you for extra tips or other unprofessional activities. Lots of trekkers from all over the world have used our services to gift themselves memorable trek experiences to keep with them for their lifetime.
  • I look forward to taking care of not only your Logistical and Professional requirements but also see to it that we give you MORE in form of what you witness and what you take back as your experiences of the Himalayas. Everything cannot be written but have to be experienced or heard from our past trekkers who used our services in the past.
  • Word Of Mouth is our only marketing strategy. Unlike other companies, we do not have a social media manager, marketing or sales department. We focus on delivering what we promise and then rely on customer feedback and referrals to grow Himalayan High. I and my team are crazy in love with the Godly Himalayas, and the same Himalayas teaches us to be humble, sincere, hardworking and honest. 
  • We mean Quality, Safety, Comfort, Inspiration, and trust. We have great reviews to showcase that and most importantly, we keep our reviews boldly and transparently on Google, unlike others who keep it on their own website and highlight only the positive reviews. You may please read about us on Google Reviews. Just type in Himalayan High on Google and read the reviews. How many companies have kept their review live on Google?
  • Your money is safe with us. There are many of our trekkers who still have their money safe with us for future use - both Domestic and International. There have been many incidences when I myself enquired with our trekkers in the event of NO SHOW and I kept their money safe on learning that the cause of the event was due to some mishap beyond their control. We do learn about many bad experiences and forfeited money caused by businesses showing their hidden policies.
  • Finally, unlike big businesses and corporates, I am a 1 MANY ARMY in my office. I have a team of trusted local resources to work with me on the trek. Though a private limited company, we are not corporate. It's a One Person Company. I work on all the aspects of Himalayan High from accounting to auditing to tax filing. From answering customer calls to WhatsApp enquiries and email. From writing content on this website to maintaining the Server. From coding new features on the website to managing whatever SEO upliftment I can get for it. From planning my schedule to preparing for the trek. From leading a trek to requesting reviews after the trek completion. Everything! And I love it so much. I never feel stressed. That does happen to you if you are living a life of your passion and love what you do.

Come - Ditch the big companies and large groups. Together, let us feel The Himalayan High !!


Who We Are

While I (Suman Chowdhury) am the founder of Himalayan High and work for it 24X7,  year-round, I am supported by many other professional climbing friends and trek guides whose professional services have contributed very much to the growth of Himalayan High. Often we collaborate together on a project in the Himalayas to quench our thirst for climbing higher and deeper in the Himalayas. They also lead our trek batches and climbing expeditions. These are just a few of our team members who have consistently worked with us and helped Himalayan High make a name. There are a lot of other local friends and brothers who too have contributed to our growth.​

Suman Chowdhury

suman chowdhury
Advanced Mountaineering And Ski Course Qualified student of mountaineering with immense experience of the Himalayas. I have traveled and trekked the Himalayas extensively and lead many groups successfully in the Himalayas. I founded Himalayan High in April 2015. 

Himanshu Gupta

himanshu gupta
Basic, Advanced, and Search and Rescue Qualified student of Mountaineering. Himanshu has the experience of many treks in the Himalayas and has lead many groups in the Himalayas with Himalayan High. He was the co-founder of Himalayan High and played many vital roles in the growth of Himalayan High. 

Montu Singh

montu singh
Basic, Advanced, and Search and Rescue Qualified student of Mountaineering. Montu has played a pivotal role in the establishment of Himalayan High. When I met with a bad accident in 2015, it was he who lead the show in the mountains for almost 3 years in a row while I managed the planning and other aspects from the office. He is a passionate climber and we collaborate often for our goals in the Himalayas. He leads our climbing groups along with other supporting members.






Basic, Advanced, and Search and Rescue Qualified student of Mountaineering. Stanzin supports us in Ladakh and has been associated with Himalayan High since 2016. He is a bad-ass trekker and climber and has good command over rock and ice climbing. Apart from supporting us for our treks, he runs his own small travel agency as well.​


Clement is a passionate climber from France and he joined us as one of our clients. Since then we developed a friendly and brotherly bond and he joins our groups as a climbing leader, mostly in Ladakh. He has lead many successful expeditions for Himalayan High and is well appreciated by our clients. He runs his own adventure travel agency in France and travels to India during the climbing season here.


Tsering has a very old connection with Himalayan High. He freelances as a Sherpa Guide in Solukhumbu, Nepal and works with us in the summers. He has lead many of our groups to the summit successfully. Climbing comes very easy to him. An honest, cheerful, and positive personality to be around.


Raju and Himalayan High go long way back to 2015. Since then he has been guiding our trekkers to Sandakphu and Phalut with the same energy. Trekkers appreciate his positive and brotherly attitude very much. He always looks towards solving the on-ground problems keeping in mind the comfort and expectations of the trekkers, especially beginners.


Google Verified Business Information


CIN: U72900WB2016OPC215969

Registered Head Office:
SA 408, Siddha Happyville,
Rajarhat Chowmatha,
Rajarhat - Kolkata 700135
West Bengal, India

Branch Offices:

Pragati Tole, Jaigaon ( Indo - Bhutan Border), PinCode: 736182, West Bengal, India

Logistical Offices In:
Sankri - Uttrakhand,
Leh - Ladakh,
Maneybhanjyang - West Bengal,
Kolkata - West Bengal,
Kathmandu - Nepal


What We Do

  • Arrange Customized and Private Trekking Expeditions With Full-board Services from nearest city assisted by a Trained, Certified, and Experienced Leader
  • Organize Full-board Private Mountaineering Expeditions Above 6000 Meters, Including Arrangement of Personal Climbing Equipment with Trained, Certified, and Experienced Leaders
  • Provide Trekking and Mountaineering Equipment On Rent From Trek Bases
  • Provide Trustworthy, Experienced, and Skilled Local Resources on Hire From Trek Bases
  • Provide Cosy Homestays To Stay In Trek Bases
  • Provide Free Expert Consultancy For Your Upcoming Treks

all by following Sustainable Eco-Tourism Principles Causing Minimal Impact On The Environment in the Himalayas of India, Nepal, and Bhutan only!

What We NEVER Do

  • Take huge groups to the serene mountains
  • Disturb the silence of our favorite Himalayan Jungles with inappropriate mountain manners
  • Outsource our services to other third party agencies
  • Not provide experienced, trained, and capable trek leaders
  • Not engage locals of the land for working with us, to save cost
  • Not buy from locals but from cities in bulk instead, to save cost
  • Not pay our local resources well for their hard and life-risking work, instead, negotiate hard on their wage to save some more cost
  • Set up Fixed Camps in the Himalayan Forest for long periods, to save cost and bring more people everyday, damaging ecology in the process
  • Disrespect local traditions, style, cuisines and humility
  • Not trek ourselves but manage the trek from a corporate office in the cities
  • Arrange parties, play loud music, make campfires, etc. in the mountains to please our clients
  • Litter Around and practice improper waste management
  • Not Serve local cuisines and cook using organic local produce of the villages, instead serve packaged food to save cost, time, and effort
  • Not filter but allow everyone instead to join our group

this means, with us you get to experience the Himalayas in her full rawness and glory; Be Safe; Not take back the guilt of hampering nature in the process of trekking; Make new good friends from the mountains, Relish local cuisines, traditions, and other ways of living, and a lot more experiences which have the potential to truly change your life and outlook.

With us, the mountains feel like the way it is and not like any other tourist destination or the same cities that you live in.

Why Choose Us

  • Smaller Groups: We like traveling in smaller groups as we believe that gives the best ambiance to experience the unique Himalayan spirituality, serenity, solitude, and rawness.
  • Instinct & Knowledge: We know the Himalayas well in terms of its cultural richness, diversity, differently graded terrains, and challenges. Since we are experienced trekkers, certified and practicing mountaineers ourselves, we possess the operational and technical expertise to plan your travel and build your Himalayan experience like none other.
  • Experience of the Sport: We work very closely with mountain lovers from different parts of the World and hence understand your requirements much better. We grow ourselves with each group we handle.
  • Flexible, transparent, and friendly: Right from the moment you start communicating with us, you will feel the difference straight away.
  • Tailor Made Itineraries: With us, you can customize your travel experience and stay free from any constraints enforced by other 'unregulated' parties in the group. You and Your Holidays are important for us and we mean that.
  • Not a Business, but for a living: We do not run Himalayan High as a business or a corporate house focused to make profits. We are trek guides and mountaineers ourselves. We make experience for our living. It also enables us to live our dream of staying connected with the mountains 24 X 7.
  • Operational Expertise: We have trekked and operated treks throughout the span of the Himalayas in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. We are well connected to professional local guides and other resources required on an expedition. We plan, operate, and lead the expeditions by ourselves.
  • No Outsourcing: Unlike many who buy and sell clients, we DO NOT OUTSOURCE our clients. We try to offer you the best deal possible, but without compromising on our quality, and safety standards, to get you in. We would rather pass you on to a local operator we know to handle your travel.
  • Quality Equipment: We are equipped with the best quality equipment required for the all-weather Himalayan Expeditions, which focuses on your Safety, Comfort, Hygiene, and Ecology.
  • Maximum Safety Assurance Protocol: We follow very high standards of Medical Safety Protocol and for all of our treks, we plan the best evacuation strategies, carry all required safety gears and oxygen cylinders. Our trek leaders are also equipped with Pulse Oxymeters to monitor the blood oxygen saturation at high altitudes and also carry a High Altitude Medicine Kit. We are well versed to use those in the mountains. Read more on Himalayan High - Maximum Safety Assurance Protocol
  • Natural Acclimatization and Safe Itineraries: We follow a tight acclimatization regime and are believers in Natural Acclimatization and not the medicated breed. Our itineraries are designed keeping altitude gains in mind for the safety of all, including the porters who unlike us, carry much more load.
  • Experience Making is an Art: We are not here for Volume, but for Experience - a true, unpolished raw, and enriching experience of the Himalayas which adds to your personal growth and not just becomes a memory in form of photos. We hate meaningless glorification of a destination for touristic approach.
  • Quality: We are believers of Quality - Quality Treks, Quality Trekkers, Quality Local Staffs, Quality Equipment, and Quality Experience. We like to spend quality time ourselves and do not get bored by the monotonous and routine treks.
  • Word Of Mouth Recommendations: We are a very small organization of just 4 - 5 members and depend mostly on Word-of-Mouth recommendations which spread through the value and quality of service we provide to our clients. Giving you a good experience and service is not our duty but a lifeline on which Himalayan High stands.
  • Responsible Travelers: We are responsible travelers and respect fellow responsible travelers. The Himalayas are godly to us and we try to give back to the Himalayas in return for giving us food and making our dreams come true, by being responsible travelers. We raise awareness on the topic with our trekkers, locals, and officials while on the trek.

If you relate the Himalayas with Peace, Spirituality, Teacher, Adventure, Determination, Joy, Beyond Being Beautiful, we relate. You Should Experience us !!

Responsible Travels
  • Conservation of the local flora and fauna
  • Contribute to the well being of locals
  • Education and Awareness

Be Responsible. Trek In Smaller Groups

Impact Of Trekking On The Environment

Leave No Trace - Camp Eco Friendly - Camping Etiquettes

Making A Low Impact Camp Fire In Your Himalayan Treks

For The Community
  • We have our trek and other information well detailed and shared publicly on the internet to be used by all
  • We run a project name Detail The Himalayas with a sheer intent to provide correct information free and usuable to all. We seek the help of the community for it
  • We provide free consultation on the treks we know better and with our experience to help a trekker trek.  

Join our Community to Detail The Himalayas and help us help All !!

Giving It Back To The Himalayas
  • We are intended to organize cleaning expeditions to the Himalayas in association with NGOs and other similar societies atleast once a year to full strength.
  • We run treks following sustainable ecotourism principles and focus on local wellbeing and development

Do you have a suggestion or a developmental work for us ? Let us know and we might get into it with our full heart .