Beyond 6000 Meters

Climbing beyond 6000 meters is thrill and a love which is beyond you can't reason out to most of your beloved people surrounding you. In the Himalayas, we are lucky as it lets us climb as high as 6000 meter with almost no mountaineering techniques or just some basic techniques which involves learning to use few basic equipments like handling rope, zumars, ice axes, etc. which can be trained to learn while on trek itself.

However, climbing beyond 6000 meters is a definite challenge, and we at Himalayan High are keen to take you higher. The challenge comes in form of mental stamina, tolerating extreme weather conditions, cold, hot, wind and the most important of them all - The Extremely High Altitude.

Here the air is very thin and a human body does not acclimatize beyond it and all your acclimatization effort gets tested. Its your physical stamina and mental toughness which sails you through. Its more of a love for yourself than for the mountain, that you take yourself higher enough to feel the ecstacy and joy of your success. As it is famously said by Sir Edmund Hillary - Its not the mountain you conquer, but yourself. 

In short, going beyond 6000 meter tests YOUR CHARACTER. There is a Himalayan High at 6000 meter and above. Lets feel it.

Trekking Peaks For Summit Climbs in India and Nepal Beyond 6000 Meters

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