Who Should Not Choose Us

There has been a lot of boom in the Trekking Industry and every other person who has trekked once or twice in the Himalayas opens up a new venture in the Adventure Travel Industry these days, with a few local contact. It works not just as a side income for a few of them but also helps them break the monotony of their corporate life and relieve stress. On the other hand, the volume of trekkers in our Country has exploded significantly. Unlike in our times or that of our seniors, when only a few people used to venture deep into the Himalayas, now everyone wants to trek. While we absolutely do not have any problem with mushrooming trek companies or loads of trekkers venturing deep in the Himalayas, we do have problems with the way they do it and their irresponsible and insensible practices.

Continuing the current practices, we are very sure that in the near future, our future generations won't be able to enjoy the Himalayas as we do today. Thinking practically, even we actually do not get to experience the Himalayas as the way our brothers or fathers did in the past. No, I am not talking about Global Warming and other menaces deteriorating the forest cover and melting glaciers. That's obviously there, but I am talking about the ruined ambiance of trekking deep in the Himalayas, the unwanted noises, DJ parties, drinking parties, smoking parties, campfires, big unmanageable groups, litters all over, fixed camps ruining the meadows, etc. Oh, I can go on and on!

While in the past we or our seniors ventured respectfully into the mountains and have crafted so many new routes and showed us the way to love the Himalayas as well as to take care of it, even after venturing deep into the Himalayas, nowadays, everyone wants to trek in the Himalayas not but be responsible for their damaging footprints. People come and go back from the Himalayas without being able to recall the name of the campsites they spent a night in, forget about understanding and respecting local sentiments and culture, or clearing up the campsite before they leave, or the trail they pass through. Not knowing how to pack their rucksack well, or learning other nitty-gritty of trekking, wanting to trek in a huge group to socialize, making noise, partying, spreading litter, acting insensibly, being overdemanding, etc., and then finally coming back to the pseudo society on the internet to share their experience and become a hero! All this without even understanding the sport or the place that they went to or slept overnight in because to understand the Himalayas, you need silence, solitude, and rawness which comes at a cost and sacrifice. 

Secondary problem is, with a multifold increase in this quality of trekkers, there must be companies who should stand up to their demand and make money out of it. This has turned a Specialized SERVICE industry of ADVENTURE TOURISM into a PRODUCT industry. Yes, trekking tour nowadays has become similar to that of buying potato or fish from the market. The cheaper you get, the better. The bigger the group, the better coz there will be more FUN! Even in the fish or vegetable market, the larger quantities you buy, the cheaper you get. The lower the quality, the more noise in the market, and the cheaper is the price!

This phenomenon is not only degrading the quality of trekking in the Himalayas but even locals are losing on their ground as they either lose it to big companies who dominate the cost and sell at a much cheaper cost due to their command of social media and other marketing and communication efforts. Few of the local agencies compete with these companies and offer further cheaper prices. Who loses in this race ?? Well, good trekkers and the Himalayas lose in this race and competition. There are many incidences of people dying on a trek due to lack of safety measures. I am not mentioning the mismanagement of a trek here keeping it to your imagination. 

Such are the consequences of this problem that I am having to write about it on our website and put it up in the header as well. Well, our peace too is important in order to serve you well!



  • Trekkers looking to travel in big groups with over 20 members. Our maximum group size for the very few fixed departures that we do is 15 members, though we prefer 12. If you are a school/college/organization, there is an exception and you may trek with us in multiple back-to-back batches.
  • Indisciplined Adults wanting to be unrealistic Bollywood Stars in the mountains and not abiding by our policies.
  • Trekkers looking for organized parties, games, and big campfires on the trek. We won't entertain any such request. Yes, we will help if you want us to arrange a special bird-watching guide, a photography expert to assist you on the trek, or a mountaineer to teach you skills of the sport.
  • Trekkers looking to smoke up and go wild drinking alcohol on the trek. If we are deceived and we find it, your trek ends right there without any refund.
  • Trekkers with a 'know-it-all' attitude and not listening to our Trek Leaders or causing problems to other trekkers in the team. You Should Trek on your own rather.
  • Trekkers disregarding our Safety Protocol with a 'Chalta Hai' attitude.
  • Trekkers who wish to trek in Jeans, Sneakers, and Low-Ankle Sports Shoes. You should be in a shopping mall, not in the mountains.
  • Unfit trekkers straight out of the office desk. There are many other companies to serve you biryanis and samosas on the trek. Not us, please.
  • Trekkers wanting us to keep a horse for a backup in case they are not willing to walk.
  • Trekkers asking the current girl-to-boy ratio in the group before joining.
  • We do not fix our camps, trek like a large flock of sheep, and manage each of our groups very meticulously. Hence we might not meet your 'Market Price' expectations.
  • Most importantly, we arrange fixed-departures for only about 1 or 2 treks. Rest we only cater to private groups focusing on experiencing and living a trek rather than just DOING a trek and ticking it off.

We filter our trekkers and not everyone is allowed to trek with our team. We try to form a team of like-minded, hardcore trekkers having respect for the Himalayas, Local Values, Culture, and Religious Practices and possessing a humble attitude towards the locals. 




CIN: U72900WB2016OPC215969

Registered Head Office:
SA 408, Siddha Happyville,
Rajarhat Chowmatha,
Rajarhat - Kolkata 700135
West Bengal, India

Branch Offices:

Pragati Tole, Jaigaon ( Indo - Bhutan Border), PinCode: 736182, West Bengal, India

Logistical Offices In:
Sankri - Uttrakhand,
Leh - Ladakh,
Maneybhanjyang - West Bengal,
Kolkata - West Bengal,
Kathmandu - Nepal


What We Do

  • Arrange Customized and Private Trekking Expeditions With Full-board Services from nearest city assisted by a Trained, Certified, and Experienced Leader
  • Organize Full-board Private Mountaineering Expeditions Above 6000 Meters, Including Arrangement of Personal Climbing Equipment with Trained, Certified, and Experienced Leaders
  • Provide Trekking and Mountaineering Equipment On Rent From Trek Bases
  • Provide Trustworthy, Experienced, and Skilled Local Resources on Hire From Trek Bases
  • Provide Cosy Homestays To Stay In Trek Bases
  • Provide Free Expert Consultancy For Your Upcoming Treks

all by following Sustainable Eco-Tourism Principles Causing Minimal Impact On The Environment in the Himalayas of India, Nepal, and Bhutan only!

What We NEVER Do

  • Take huge groups to the serene mountains
  • Disturb the silence of our favorite Himalayan Jungles with inappropriate mountain manners
  • Outsource our services to other third party agencies
  • Not provide experienced, trained, and capable trek leaders
  • Not engage locals of the land for working with us, to save cost
  • Not buy from locals but from cities in bulk instead, to save cost
  • Not pay our local resources well for their hard and life-risking work, instead, negotiate hard on their wage to save some more cost
  • Set up Fixed Camps in the Himalayan Forest for long periods, to save cost and bring more people everyday, damaging ecology in the process
  • Disrespect local traditions, style, cuisines and humility
  • Not trek ourselves but manage the trek from a corporate office in the cities
  • Arrange parties, play loud music, make campfires, etc. in the mountains to please our clients
  • Litter Around and practice improper waste management
  • Not Serve local cuisines and cook using organic local produce of the villages, instead serve packaged food to save cost, time, and effort
  • Not filter but allow everyone instead to join our group

this means, with us you get to experience the Himalayas in her full rawness and glory; Be Safe; Not take back the guilt of hampering nature in the process of trekking; Make new good friends from the mountains, Relish local cuisines, traditions, and other ways of living, and a lot more experiences which have the potential to truly change your life and outlook.

With us, the mountains feel like the way it is and not like any other tourist destination or the same cities that you live in.

Why Choose Us

  • Smaller Groups: We like traveling in smaller groups as we believe that gives the best ambiance to experience the unique Himalayan spirituality, serenity, solitude, and rawness.
  • Instinct & Knowledge: We know the Himalayas well in terms of its cultural richness, diversity, differently graded terrains, and challenges. Since we are experienced trekkers, certified and practicing mountaineers ourselves, we possess the operational and technical expertise to plan your travel and build your Himalayan experience like none other.
  • Experience of the Sport: We work very closely with mountain lovers from different parts of the World and hence understand your requirements much better. We grow ourselves with each group we handle.
  • Flexible, transparent, and friendly: Right from the moment you start communicating with us, you will feel the difference straight away.
  • Tailor Made Itineraries: With us, you can customize your travel experience and stay free from any constraints enforced by other 'unregulated' parties in the group. You and Your Holidays are important for us and we mean that.
  • Not a Business, but for a living: We do not run Himalayan High as a business or a corporate house focused to make profits. We are trek guides and mountaineers ourselves. We make experience for our living. It also enables us to live our dream of staying connected with the mountains 24 X 7.
  • Operational Expertise: We have trekked and operated treks throughout the span of the Himalayas in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. We are well connected to professional local guides and other resources required on an expedition. We plan, operate, and lead the expeditions by ourselves.
  • No Outsourcing: Unlike many who buy and sell clients, we DO NOT OUTSOURCE our clients. We try to offer you the best deal possible, but without compromising on our quality, and safety standards, to get you in. We would rather pass you on to a local operator we know to handle your travel.
  • Quality Equipment: We are equipped with the best quality equipment required for the all-weather Himalayan Expeditions, which focuses on your Safety, Comfort, Hygiene, and Ecology.
  • Maximum Safety Assurance Protocol: We follow very high standards of Medical Safety Protocol and for all of our treks, we plan the best evacuation strategies, carry all required safety gears and oxygen cylinders. Our trek leaders are also equipped with Pulse Oxymeters to monitor the blood oxygen saturation at high altitudes and also carry a High Altitude Medicine Kit. We are well versed to use those in the mountains. Read more on Himalayan High - Maximum Safety Assurance Protocol
  • Natural Acclimatization and Safe Itineraries: We follow a tight acclimatization regime and are believers in Natural Acclimatization and not the medicated breed. Our itineraries are designed keeping altitude gains in mind for the safety of all, including the porters who unlike us, carry much more load.
  • Experience Making is an Art: We are not here for Volume, but for Experience - a true, unpolished raw, and enriching experience of the Himalayas which adds to your personal growth and not just becomes a memory in form of photos. We hate meaningless glorification of a destination for touristic approach.
  • Quality: We are believers of Quality - Quality Treks, Quality Trekkers, Quality Local Staffs, Quality Equipment, and Quality Experience. We like to spend quality time ourselves and do not get bored by the monotonous and routine treks.
  • Word Of Mouth Recommendations: We are a very small organization of just 4 - 5 members and depend mostly on Word-of-Mouth recommendations which spread through the value and quality of service we provide to our clients. Giving you a good experience and service is not our duty but a lifeline on which Himalayan High stands.
  • Responsible Travelers: We are responsible travelers and respect fellow responsible travelers. The Himalayas are godly to us and we try to give back to the Himalayas in return for giving us food and making our dreams come true, by being responsible travelers. We raise awareness on the topic with our trekkers, locals, and officials while on the trek.

If you relate the Himalayas with Peace, Spirituality, Teacher, Adventure, Determination, Joy, Beyond Being Beautiful, we relate. You Should Experience us !!

Responsible Travels
  • Conservation of the local flora and fauna
  • Contribute to the well being of locals
  • Education and Awareness

Be Responsible. Trek In Smaller Groups

Impact Of Trekking On The Environment

Leave No Trace - Camp Eco Friendly - Camping Etiquettes

Making A Low Impact Camp Fire In Your Himalayan Treks

For The Community
  • We have our trek and other information well detailed and shared publicly on the internet to be used by all
  • We run a project name Detail The Himalayas with a sheer intent to provide correct information free and usuable to all. We seek the help of the community for it
  • We provide free consultation on the treks we know better and with our experience to help a trekker trek.  

Join our Community to Detail The Himalayas and help us help All !!

Giving It Back To The Himalayas
  • We are intended to organize cleaning expeditions to the Himalayas in association with NGOs and other similar societies atleast once a year to full strength.
  • We run treks following sustainable ecotourism principles and focus on local wellbeing and development

Do you have a suggestion or a developmental work for us ? Let us know and we might get into it with our full heart .