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Booking Cancellation Refund

Our Trips

Our trips are available in 2 different modes -

  1. Fixed Departures - A scheduled trip with fixed itinerary, date range, terms of service, and a mixed group of participants with similar interests.
  2. Custom Personalized Private Groups - A personalized mode of travel with just your group members, your designed itinerary and terms of services.


Trip Cancellation

We will issue you refunds on cancellation of a booked trip following the below stated rules of cancellation, but after deducting the financial expenditures we already made towards the planning and business loss faced due to the cancellation.


Rules Of Cancellation:


For Treks in India, Nepal and Bhutan

  1. Upto 60 days from the trek start date  - Full Refund of total invoiced amount
  2. 59th day to 46th day from the trek start date - 70% refund of total invoiced amount
  3. 45th day to 31st day from the trek start date - 50% refund  of total invoiced amount
  4. 30th day to 21st day from the trek start date - 20% refund of total invoiced amount
  5. 20 days and later -  No Refund of total invoiced amount

For Peak Climbing in India and Nepal ( except free peaks in India )

  1. No Refund of 25% of  of total invoiced amount
  2. Upto 90 days from the start date  - 75% Refund of total invoiced amount
  3. 89th day to 46th day from start date - 40% refund of total invoiced amount
  4. 45 days and later - No Refund of total invoiced amount


Please note the following with regards to the cancellation policy.

  1. Cancellation request is only stated valid upon a formal email communication sent by you to us
  2. The process might take 3 - 5 days to refund.
  3. Only the amount received will be refunded, not the bank transfer charges, if any
  4. Any group discount given at the time of booking will be adjusted as per the actual group size joining the trek.
  5. Bookings on EARLY BIRD & PROMO CODE DISCOUNT will have a penalty of 15% of the trek fees which will not be refunded to meet our losses.
  6. No refund on gear rentals.



Refund of Money

After confirming your cancellation, we will initiate a refund of the amount to you based on our cancellation rules. In some cases we may ask you for the Bank Account Number to which to refund the amount. The actual reflection of the amount might take 3 - 5 days.


What We Do
  • Provide Logistical Support
  • Expedition Planning
  • Provide Professional Services
  • Arrangements of Personnels
  • End to End Arrangements
  • Provide Personalized Services

for a Himalayan Trek or a mountaineering expedition in India, Nepal and Bhutan, at the least possible prices

Why Choose Us

What We Don't Do
  • Take huge groups to the serene mountains
  • Disturb the ecology of our favourite Himalayas
  • Outsource our groups to other third party agencies
  • Not hire locals for work
  • Not buy from locals
  • Disrespect local traditions, style, cuisines and humility
  • Not trek ourselves, but direct

this means, with us,  Sikkim feels like Sikkim, Ladakh feels like Ladakh, Garhwal feels like Garhwal, Kumaon feel like Kumaon, Nepal feels like Nepal, Spiti feels like Spiti, Himachal feels like Himachal, Bhutan feels like Bhutan


Responsible Travels
  • Conservation of the local flora and fauna
  • Contribute to the well being of locals
  • Education and Awareness

Be Responsible. Trek In Smaller Groups

Impact Of Trekking On The Environment

Leave No Trace - Camp Eco Friendly - Camping Etiquettes

Making A Low Impact Camp Fire In Your Himalayan Treks

For The Community
  • We have our trek and other information well detailed and shared publicly on the internet to be used by all
  • We run a project name Detail The Himalayas with a sheer intent to provide correct information free and usuable to all. We seek the help of the community for it
  • We provide free consultation on the treks we know better and with our experience to help a trekker trek.  

Join our Community to Detail The Himalayas and help us help All !!

Giving It Back To The Himalayas
  • We are intended to organize cleaning expeditions to the Himalayas in association with NGOs and other similar societies atleast once a year to a full strength.
  • We run treks following eco tourism principles and focus on local wellbeing and development

Do you have a suggestion or a developmental work for us ? Let us know and we might get into it with our full heart .

Happiness Is Better Shared

Contribute Your Experience

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