We Only Organize Lesser Done, Uncrowded, Customizable & Personalized, Small Group Private Trekking Tours In The Himalayas

Our Basic Service Protocols and Guarantee

Hotels In Base: Clean bedded room on twin/triple/family rooms or dormitories, with attached or common toilets, running water, hot water on request and in house or separate dining space. Television and internet might not always be available. The rooms mentioned will be on availability and sometimes due to huge demand, the price might randomly vary. In situations out of our control, we might give you just the basic hotels at times. This usually depends upon how much in advance have you booked the trek with us. More the time we have, better the arrangements we can assure. We will on all the cases ensure that the rooms are clean and clean linens are provided with clean and hygienic toilets. The room selection also depends on cost and the place where we are booking the rooms. Some places are expensive compared to the general price range. The cost varies seasonally as well and increases with demand.


Transport: Transport from the base camp to the trek road head will not be luxurious and will be according to the availability of vehicles locally. We will hire the best suitable for the group, our local staffs and the camping equipments together. Depending on the group size and load, we hire the as many vehicles as required. For a small group of 2 - 4 trekkers, we might move local staff and logistics in the same vehicle. That reduces our cost and also the carbon footprint of the group.  Transport to and from the Base Camp will be arranged as decided upon between us. Sometimes its included in the price, sometimes it is not.


Camps On Trek: Spacious tents to be shared by 2 or 3. The tents will be pitched on meadow or more-or-less flat surface with insulated rubber and foam mattresses. Sleeping bags will be provided with a fleece inner for each to be used personally and returned at the end of the trek. There will be a separate kitchen and dining tents. For a small group, we carry kitchen cum dining tents. The camp area will have a dustbin to throw trash, a water point to fetch warm drinking water and a washing point. In tea house treks, the facilities are as available. A clean room with bed and clean warm quilts/ blankets, dining space and separate toilets can be expected. Water is mostly running tap water. However, some tea houses may not have it and we might have to use a water in buckets. Sometimes we use our own sleeping bags in teahouses, or we give a fleece sleeping bag inners for that extra warmth and hygiene.


Toilets On Trek: There will be a separate toilet tents. For a bigger group ( more than 8 trekkers ), separate toilet tents for men and women will be provided to keep up with the timings. The toilets will be a dry toilet where a pit will be dug and will contain a hump of mud outside. You can use wet tissue papers.  After you finish your business, you need to cover the dump with the mud outside. A small shovel will be kept for the purpose. You should not use water in the toilet pit. When we shift camps, we will ensure that the pit is well covered and the area is clean. For tea house treks, toilets are well maintained by the owners. It might be dry or wet toilet, depending on the region. Mostly in Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Uttrakhand, we have wet toilet. Ladakh has dry toilets, but might also have wet toilets on few occasions.


Utensils On Trek: You should bring your own cutlery for better hygiene. A plate, bowl, cup and spoon. Keep your cutlery clean and dry after use as you will need to pack it in your bag each day. There will be a separate washing point in the camp. For full tea house treks, you need not bring your own cutlery as the tea houses provides you with it. You need not wash your plates as well.


Trek Leader: He will conduct the entire program and take decisions in consultations with the team and depending on the situation.


Local Staffs: We hire local staff as our support crew like a Cook, Guide, Kitchen Helpers, Trail Helpers, Porters or Mules. These are expert of their fields and the region


Meals: On trek, typically you will not be required to carry anything to eat unless there's something you would like to have personally like candies, sweets, etc.  Our meal program starts with morning tea, breakfast, tea or coffee, fruits and juice for the trail, hot sumptuous lunch, evening tea with snacks, soup, dinner and last hot drink. Our menu typically is like below, which is subject to availability locally. We do make it a point to serve local cuisines and buy local organic vegetables as much as possible and feasible. 


                        Morning Tea: Black ginger - lemon tea with honey or as desired

                        Breakfast: oats porridge, milk cornflakes, bread, chapatti with vegetable, boiled eggs, omelets, upma, etc

                        Fruits: Seasonal. Banana, oranges, apples, etc

                        Lunch: Rice, roti, dal, seasonal vegetables, papad, pickle, salad, etc

                        Evening Snacks: Pakoda, Popcorns, noodles, poha, etc with coffee or tea

                        Soup: Packet soup like tomato, mushroom, mixed veg, etc

                        Dinner: Rice, roti, dal, seasonal vegetables, papad, pickle, salad, etc

                        Hot Drinks: Bournvita or hot chocolate, mint tea or ginger tea


Responsible Travelling: We follow responsible travelling and in all our effort, we take utmost care in leaving the mountains clean after our trek. We expect our trekkers to do the same and take care of our fragile nature. Enjoy, but Do Not Litter.

What We Do
  • Arrange Customized and Private Trekking Expeditions With Full-board Services from nearest city assisted by a Trained, Certified, and Experienced Leader
  • Organize Full-board Private Mountaineering Expeditions Above 6000 Meters, Including Arrangement of Personal Climbing Equipment with Trained, Certified, and Experienced Leaders
  • Provide Trekking and Mountaineering Equipment On Rent From Trek Bases
  • Provide Trustworthy, Experienced, and Skilled Local Resources on Hire From Trek Bases
  • Provide Cosy Homestays To Stay In Trek Bases
  • Provide Free Expert Consultancy For Your Upcoming Treks


all by following Sustainable Eco-Tourism Principles Causing Minimal Impact On The Environment in the Himalayas of India, Nepal, and Bhutan only!

Why Choose Us

What We NEVER Do
  • Take huge groups to the serene mountains
  • Disturb the silence of our favorite Himalayan Jungles with inappropriate mountain manners
  • Outsource our services to other third party agencies
  • Not provide experienced, trained, and capable trek leaders
  • Not engage locals of the land for working with us, to save cost
  • Not buy from locals but from cities in bulk instead, to save cost
  • Not pay our local resources well for their hard and life-risking work, instead, negotiate hard on their wage to save some more cost
  • Set up Fixed Camps in the Himalayan Forest for long periods, to save cost and bring more people every day, damaging ecology in the process
  • Disrespect local traditions, style, cuisines and humility
  • Not trek ourselves but manage the trek from a corporate office in the cities
  • Arrange parties, play loud music, make campfires, etc. in the mountains to please our clients
  • Litter Around and practice improper waste management
  • Not Serve local cuisines and cook using organic local produce of the villages, instead serve packaged food to save cost, time, and effort
  • Not filter but allow everyone instead to join our group


this means, with us you get to experience the Himalayas in her full rawness and glory; Be Safe; Not take back the guilt of hampering nature in the process of trekking; Make new good friends from the mountains, Relish local cuisines, traditions, and other ways of living, and a lot more experiences which have the potential to truly change your life and outlook.

With us, the mountains feel like the way it is and not like any other tourist destination or the same cities that you live in.

  • Conservation of the local flora and fauna
  • Contribute to the well being of locals
  • Education and Awareness

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For The Community
  • We have our trek and other information well detailed and shared publicly on the internet to be used by all. Perhaps it's one of the most detailed websites for Himalayan Treks. Not long, but detailed enough for your research.
  • We run a project name Detail The Himalayas with a sheer intent to provide correct information free and usable to all. We seek the help of the community itself to grow it further.
  • We provide free consultation on the treks we know better and with our experience to help a trekker trek.  
  • We support everyone - from individual seeking simple answers for their trek, to DIY treks, to renting of equipment, to renting of homestays, to arranging a full board service. Everything a trekker would require to plan his journey in the Himalayas

Join our Community to Detail The Himalayas and help us help All !!

  • We are intended to organize cleaning expeditions to the Himalayas in association with NGOs and other similar societies at least once a year to full strength.
  • We run treks following ecotourism principles and focus on local wellbeing and development

Do you have a suggestion or developmental work for us? Let us know and we might get into it with our full heart.


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We Only Organize Lesser Done, Uncrowded, Customizable & Personalized, Small Group Private Trekking Tours In The Himalayas

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