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Kang Yatse 2 Trekking Expedition | Beyond 6000 Meters | Best Of Ladakh

Kang Yatse 2 Summit Trek Via Markha Valley

Trek above 6200 Meters to Climb the most elegant peak of Ladakh and the Markha Valley

About The Kang Yatse 2 Trekking Expedition

Rs. 81900/-
Batch Size:
25 - 40 <15
Extra cost of Rs. 6000 applicable for foreigners. Private Customized groups can be booked at extra cost. Group of 12+ gets a private group by default.

International Trekkers can remit the booking fees using PayPal, Transferwise, Western Union or Direct Wire Transfer and pay the remaining trek fees upon arrival in India

5% GST is applicable on all our costing.

Small & Filtered Team of upto 10 climbers
Best Success Ratio On Summit History !

Find Whats Included In The Cost, Free Equipments, Meals etc

Must Read - Important Pre-Booking Information

Key Himalayan Geographical Offerings Of The Kang Yatse 2 Trekking Expedition

Peaks: Kun ( 7077m ), Nun ( 7135m ), Saser Kangri I ( 7672m ), Kang Yatse 1 ( 6400m ), Kang Yatse 2 ( 6200m ), Stok Kangri ( 6153m )
Passes: Kongmaru La - 5130m ( 5130m )
Rivers: Markha River, Zanskar, Indus
Villages: Leh
National Parks / Forest Reserves: Hemis National Park

Why Should You Do The Kang Yatse 2 Trekking Expedition

  • A rare chance to summit a 6000 meter with no mountaineering techniques required at all, though having it helps. The peak has high climbing and aesthetic values.
  • The mesmerizing and heart winning landscape of Ladakh. If you have not witnessed the magic which the mountains of Ladakh does to your heart, you have lost on so many things in life.
  • No mountaineering techniques required. This is probably a very rare opportunity to trek to a summit of a mountain 6200  meters high with no skills of mountaineering techniques. All that is required is to be fit and have good physical stamina and mental endurance.
  • View of K2, second highest mountain of the World, in Karakoram: On a clear day, K2, Nun-Kun and Nanga Parvat reveals itself from the summit.
  • Approach march through the classical Markha Valley to reach the base camp of Kang Yatse. Markha is one of the most beautiful valley in entire Ladakh and has historical significance.
  • The sightings of rare flora and fauna of the Hemis National Park is definitely an add-on. From Mountain Goats, Marmots, Red Foxes to the elegant and elusive Snow Leopard. Here's all...
  • Witnessing and experiencing the hospitality and cultural integrity of the locals and villages of Ladakh will be a life-defining experience.
  • Duration: 12 days/ 12 nights, Leh to Leh
  • Highest Altitude: 6223m
  • Grade: Challenging ( know trek grades )
  • Best Time: Jul - Oct
  • Terrain: Meadows, rocky, snow field
  • Activity Type: Climb, Trek
  • Trail Type: Same Exit Entry Point
  • Starts From: Leh
  • Ends In: Leh
  • Region: India - Ladakh
  • Country: India
  • Nearest Airport: Leh, Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport ( IXL)
  • Nearest Rail Head: Katra, (KEA), Jammu Tawi ( JAT)
  • Travel Guide: Where and How To Reach Leh
  • Mobile Network: BSNL Airtel postpaid in Leh and vicinity and from the summit
  • Internet Option: 4g in Leh and summit tops
  • Temperatures: -5 to 6 on higher camps
  • Is Cloak Room Available: Yes
  • Generic Food Menu: Indian, Tibetan, Ladakhi

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Bad: 3

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Kang Yatse Summit Trek

Kang Yatse is an elegant mountain dominating the Markha valley. It has 4 summits. While the main peak - Kang Yatse 1 is a dome with a cornice measuring 6401 meters and is a technical peak. Kang Yatse 2, on the other hand, is a trekking peak with a summit altitude of 6223 meters. The route to its summit is challenging and climbs over the base camp steeply on soft snows and loose rocks. This is one of the highest trekking peaks in the entire belt of the Indian Himalayas, higher than Stok Kangri which is more popular and commercial trek operators has wrongly made it famous as the highest trekking peak of India. Compared to Stok Kangri, it is a little more difficult and longer as well.

Kang Yatse 2nd Peak offers a great chance to climb a 6200-meter peak requiring no mountaineering skills at all, though having it helps. The peak of Kang Yatse dominates the Markha Valley with its elegant presence and stands apart distinctively from its other surrounding peaks, few of which are also over 6000 meters high. It can be taken as your introduction to mountaineering skills which is very much required to climb higher and deeper in the Himalayas. The altitude, terrain, gradient of the climb, snow conditions and cold presents enough challenge even to the fittest and experienced trekkers. Kang Yatse being a lesser-known peak and remote, it offers a great raw experience of the Ladakh Himalayas -  The Mystical Land Of High Passes.

If you ask us to suggest the best climbing and trekking adventure in Ladakh, we would keep Kang Yatse on top of the list.. not just because it is one of the most elegant looking mountains in the Himalayas, but climbing it also offers a high adventure quotient compared to the otherwise popular Stok Kangri




Approach March to The Base Camp via The Markha Valley

approaching hankar from markha

The approach to this gem begins from Chilling and a trek through the Markha Valley. It passes by some of the oldest and remotest villages of Skiu, Markha and Hankar. These villages are some of the historical villages, not only of Ladakh but also of India - a part of the ancient Silk Route and also the Indus Valley Civilization. The fertile land is further turned into a rich agricultural valley by the sheer determination and hard work of the dwelling locals.

On the approach march to the base of Kang Yatse, we come across local villagers living in this beautiful abode. Talking to them gives an enlightening perspective to your thought process. As soon as you leave the Markha campsite and walk towards Hankar, the peak of Kang Yatse is seen for the first time and right away, it starts dominating not just the valley, but also your mind and eyes.

After crossing Hankar and the campsite of Thochungtse, we reach the base camp, diverging from the trail to Nimaling near a natural Lake. Here, the massif of Kang Yatse stands right in front of you inspiring within you enough grit and determination to scale its summit.




The Summit Attempt

the final ascent

It's a steep climb after the Advanced Base Camp to the summit of the peak. We start the trek properly geared up with harness, descender, carabiners, climbing boot, gaiters, helmet and start the trek with our headlamps on, as we start the summit attempt at sharp midnight. Initially, we negotiate the loose scree zone to reach the summit ridge, often the Crampon Point from where we wear our climbing crampons to negotiate the snow and ice ahead. During early June and July, there is ample snow and crampons needs to be worn right from the base camp itself. The climb gets steeper and steeper with time and amount of snow deposit keeps on increasing as well. Its a difficult climb dwelling above 5000 meters and a hard walk for some 5 - 6 hours takes you to the summit of the Kang Yatse Second Peak Summit. The feeling of standing on the top does feel satisfying. The views from the top are breathtaking! Peaks of East Karakoram, Zanskar and Ladakh are visible from the top like an eagle's view.

As the famous saying goes - 'Getting to the top is optional, but getting down is mandatory'. After offering prayers to the Mountain Gods for allowing us to climb it and experience the exquisite view from its top, we start our descend, and is quite fast. We reach the base camp in some 4 hours on a clear day. It does get tricky at times and requires extra cautiousness, specifically during white-out conditions or soft snow. In our itinerary, we have kept a reserved day which is to be used for bad weather or an unsuccessful attempt.

We have climbed this peak many a time from the base camp itself. So incase required, we can have an extra day by skipping the Advanced Camp day to answer weather uncertainties.



summit attempt history of kang yatse 2
Read more by following the link Kang Yatse 2 - Summit History For Team Himalayan High from 2015 to 2019



 summit photo collage of kang yatse

 summit climb of kang yatse 2




Acclimatization Is The Primary Key To Success

On a difficult trek like this which climbs steeply on difficult terrain higher above 6000 meters, acclimatization is your primary weapon. Our itinerary is well designed from the acclimatization perspective and gives you enough rest to achieve the success on the summit. Firstly, the 2 rest days in Leh ( we advice 1 more day in Leh ) and then the short acclimatization walks on each evening not just gives you better photographs but also helps you acclimatize better for the upcoming challenges. The base camp is at 5000 meters and sleeping at this altitude is difficult. However, to be successful in achieving the summit, we need to adjust quickly and sleep well. We have kept extra rest and orientation days in the base camp to help you prepare well for the summit attempt and also acclimatize well for the difficult altitude and trek in the coming days.

The meal plan that we render on the trek is also designed keeping in mind better and quicker acclimatization with more hot garlic soups, more and more water, less of oily food and a balanced diet of carbohydrate and enough but not much protein which are easily digestible.

Slow walks on approach days gives much better result with acclimatization, even if you could walk quicker. Preserve that extra energy for the summit walk.

Read more on 13 Ways to Acclimatize Naturally




Importance Of Rest Day and Orientation of Technical Equipment In The Base Camp:

After we reach the base camp, we have a full rest day the next day. Though we call it a full rest day, actually it is not so. We do spend some time getting acquainted with our equipment so that we gear up very quickly for the summit climb which starts right at midnight, around 12 or 1 AM depending upon the team speed. We will give you all technical gears required for the trek which are - a helmet, walking ice-ax, seat harness, pair of gaiters, screw carabiner, pair of double-layered mountaineering boot, pair of climbing crampons. Our leaders explains and demonstrates how to wear and use these technical gears. We are supposed to try everything and make sure everything is fine and fit. Our leaders will explain how to gear up for the summit climb and will also show you the rope technique as we will climb the peak roped-up with each other. It's a very important day and we need to very alert in the demo session. We also go for acclimatization walk in roped up condition to get acquainted with rope skills and acclimatize better.

orientation in base camp of kang yatse




Setting Up Of Advanced Base Camp For The Summit

More snow and smaller team allows us to set up Advanced Base Camp on the summit ridge. Since the route does not have any water source we will have to melt snow for water. Hence Early June, July eases up setting advanced base camp on the summit ridge. We carry a small butane cylinder and alpine stove to heat water and cook some ultralight food for the Bivouac Advance Camp. This eases our summit climb but one has to be acclimatized well to camp and sleep at ABC, higher up than the base camp. In August and September also it is possible to set up ABC but water has to be carried and a rougher campsite is to be expected which does not ease sleeping at all.

We have one of the best success ratio on these summits with our excellent and professional team of experts. We have climbed this peak under very difficult and unfavorable conditions when many others have failed time and again or followed our route. All thanks to our hard-working team right from the top till bottom. We were one of the very few trekking companies who started to climb this peak way back with our Founder attempting this right after opening Himalayan High. Since then till now, we have climbed this peak many times successfully with trekkers and climbing enthusiasts from all over the World.



Unlike the mass-trekking and hand-held trekking groups in our country, we, on all of our treks, inspire and motivate to boost more of the Intrinsic and Inherent Adventure Sense of a human being when it comes to our work ethics. We human beings are born to Survive. It is just about letting yourself free to get back your intrinsic senses to adapt, survive and then excel.

Having said that, we take safety as a first matter of concern on any of our treks, and hence provide the Guides and Leaders who are tremendously experienced, knowledgeable, responsible and capable of handling such treks. We keep our group size limited to 12 people on challenging treks like this as smaller groups have more summit success rate since the team is more focused on their objectives, share common physical abilities, are safer and friendlier. Most importantly, our filtration and selective process ensures that the team, unlike that of the mass-trekking groups, is not limited by the weaknesses of the unfiltered, incompetent and unmanageable flock joining the team. Smaller group also helps to create an ambient Himalayan experience of Solitude, giving priority to Safety, Easy Management, Maximum Attention, Utmost care, Friendly attitude, and a Learning experience to make you a better and a humble trekker.

Our forced efforts to keep the group size small have given us a very nice success rate on the summits of these trekking peaks in the Himalayas. Our itinerary and meal plan is very well planned and with further orientation and planning, we move closer to the summit with each of these carefully decided actions.

The equipment that we provide on the treks are some of the best in the industry. Few of those are designed and custom-made just to suit our purpose of a safe and comfortable trek experience. We provide you with all the gears required to be better equipped for the trek. The quality of local resources, cooks and porters are not neglected and we make sure that we hire responsible local resources for your group accompanied by one of our leaders who further ensures that the quality of services are delivered as promised and forms a liaison between the group and the local hires. Right from the food that we serve on the trek to the toilet tents and camping toilet seat that we provide, dining tents to a separate camping stools, pre-trek orientation to proper coordination, SOS arrangements, etc - Everything is taken care of with utmost professionalism and expertise of the field.

We have until now worked across the Himalayas of India, Nepal, and Bhutan with tremendous client satisfaction and reviews. From beginner’s trek to that of highly challenging treks and expedition, we have handled it all very efficiently with excellent success rate. We have always kept and delivered our promise of keeping the team small, like-minded, tidy by proper selection and filtration through discussion and with utmost safety and no incidences of mishaps so far due to our proper planning by experts of the field.

We are a transparent and flexible organization and have kept our reviews online. You may read our reviews on our Google Business Page: https://goo.gl/ezyw13 

Photos from Indian Army’s Expedition to Kang Yatse 1 & 2 supported by Team Himalayan High

You may also have a look at Our Kang Yatse - Stok Kangri Twin Summit trek or Kang Yatse 1 Climb

Kang Yatse 2 Trekking Expedition Package - Daywise Detailed Itinerary

Day 1Arrival In Leh

Fly, Rest, Acclimatize Day

Brief Details Of The Day:

Upon receiving you in Leh airport, we shift you to our Hotel which is one of the very best in Ladakh.  Acclimatizing and staying hydrated is the key to a successful summit trek in Ladakh. Today you will face some problem adjusting to the altitude, dryness and cold winds of Ladakh, but with proper rest, everything will be all fine.

Our team leader will meet and brief about the entire plan in the evening around 6 PM. He will also check your preparedness and test all the gears which we provide you, like climbing boots, down jackets, harness, etc.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • day1 photo - leh city
  • day1 photo - leh cityscape

Day 2Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day

Rest Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
  • Leh: 3500 meters / 11480 feet
  • Chemo Monastery: 3600 meters / 11808 feet
  • Shanti Stupa: 3600 meters / 11808 feet
  • Leh: 3500 meters / 11480 feet
Brief Details Of The Day:

We start the day with an acclimatization walk to the higher points in Ladakh, namely the Tsemo Monastery, Leh Palace and Shanti Stupa. Doing this helps you understand how it feels like trekking in the cold desert of Ladakh. It also allows us to understand your ways of trekking. You will be on your own from the afternoon for the rest of the day as we finish other works to start the trek tomorrow morning.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • day2 photo - acclimatization in leh
  • day2 photo - acclimatization trek to tsemo monastery
  • day2 photo - leh city from leh palace
  • day2 photo - tsemo monastery in leh

Day 3From Leh To Skiu, Via - Chilling

Drive, Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Early morning after breakfast, we board the cab for the beautiful drive to Chilling which is our trek start point. After about 2 hours, we reach Chilling. While the horses are loaded, our guide leads you to the trek to Skiu. It's a habitat zone and local villagers, farmlands and beautiful monasteries keep you engaged throughout the trek. The grand beauty of Ladakh takes over the control of our heart!

Accommodation: Homestay / Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day3 photo - the pulley bridge crossing zanskar river in chilling
  • day3 photo - towards skiu on markha trek
  • day3 photo - very old mane near skiu on markha trek
  • day3 photo - start of the markha trek towards skiu
  • day3 photo - small old chortens near skiu on markha trek

Day 4From Skiu To Markha

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we trek to the village of Markha. A flat but a long walk with occasional short patches of ascends and descends like yesterday's. The views throughout are breathtaking. Watch out for the classic rockscapes and structures of the mountains formed by wind and water erosion. They will certainly give you lots of different illusions. The campsite of Markha is very beautiful on a flat pasture land with a stream flowing by. Do take time out in the evening to visit an old monastery nearby as acclimatization walk.

Accommodation: Homestay / Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day4 photo - approaching markha
  • day4 photo - leaving from skiu to markha
  • day4 photo - seabuck bush seen on markha trek
  • day4 photo - walking the beautiful rever bed towards markha
  • day4 photo - flat green campsite of markha

Day 5From Markha To Thochungtse, Via - Hankar

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

The trek to Thochungtse goes via the beautiful village of Hankar. The route to Hankar is similar to the day before with occasional ascends and descends. Today, we get a glimpse of Kang Yatse for the first time on the trek, and it fills our heart with excitement and determination.

The route is jaw-dropping with unique structures of the mountains and the rocks. Here it's very easy to spot blue sheep and ibex, snow leopards too!

In the evening, we will climb the nearby mountain for acclimatization. While it is an acclimatization walk, but climbing up the mountain greets us to a stupendous views of our peak in focus - Kang Yatse, and also other nearby peaks and the plateau of Nimaling

Accommodation: Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day5 photo - some amazing rockscape towards hankar
  • day5 photo - the beautiful village of hankar on markha trek
  • day5 photo - approaching thochungtse from hankar
  • day5 photo - campsite of thochungtse

Day 6From Thochungtse To Nimaling . Excursion to Kongmaru La

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Starting the trek from Thochungtse, we climb a mountain hump straight ahead of us. At that altitude, it does take some time, but once done, enjoy up-close views of Kang Yatse. A huge massif, overwhelming us with its presence. Also, the very thought that we will be approaching the base of it further adds to our spirit of climbing.

After an hour from Thochungtse, we reach a small lake where we rest and watch the reflection of Kang Yatse on the water surface. It's from here, the route splits and one goes to Kang Yatse base camp and the other one descends to Nimaling. For better acclimatization, we head towards Nimaling. After lunch, we go out for an acclimatization walk to Kongmaru La top.

Accommodation: Tents

Meals: All Meals

Day 7From Nimaling To Kang Yatse Base Camp

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

A steady and relaxed walk to the Base Camp of Kang Yatse Today. It takes about a little more than 2 hours. After reaching, we rest the entire day. This helps our body prepare for the demanding summit attempt to 6223 meters.

Accommodation: Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day7 photo - unique sculptures of ladakh
  • day7 photo - reflection of kang yatse in a lake towards nimaling
  • day7 photo - the magical peaks of kang yatse

Day 8Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day

Rest Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
  • Kang Yatse Base Camp: 5120 meters / 16794 feet
  • Kang Yatse Base Camp: 5120 meters / 16794 feet
Brief Details Of The Day:

Rest and acclimatization day. We will walk towards the ridge on Kang Yatse for acclimatization and also get acquainted with the route for the next day. Technical orientation and training required for the snow trek will be given on this day. We will teach Self-arrest, Group Arrest, Glissading, 3-point climbing and toe climbing and heel descending on snow.

Accommodation: Tents

Meals: All Meals

Day 9From Kang Yatse Base Camp To Kang Yatse 2 Advanced Base Camp ( 3 Kms,3 hours )

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
  • Kang Yatse Base Camp: 5000 meters / 16400 feet
  • Kang Yatse 2 Advanced Base Camp: 5350 meters / 17548 feet
Brief Details Of The Day: We move to an intermediate camp in between the summit and Base Camp, near the snow point. However, we do not shift the Base Camp to answer emergency backups if required. It takes a gradual climb from the Base Camp, firstly walking through the meadow and then scree patch to get on the ridge, near the snow or crampon point. It's an intermediate camp with limited resources and Kitchen setup. We will cook on butane stoves and serve expedition meals only like soups, boiled carbohydrates, etc.
Accommodation: Tents

Meals: All Meals ( Limited Kitchen )

Day 10Summit Day. From Kang Yatse 2 Advanced Base Camp To Kang Yatse Base Camp, Via - Kang Yatse 2 Summit

Summit Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today is the day for us as we attempt it just past midnight and aim to reach the top at dawn. All these days we had been walking slowly, when we could have walked faster, just for this day. Overall, it’s a challenging day right from the beginning and we try to beat it. To be able to be on top is a feeling inexpressible through words.

Accommodation: Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day10 photo - climbing kang yatse
  • day10 photo - summit of kang yatse 2 in focus
  • day10 photo - view towards karakoram from high ridge of kang yatse
  • day10 photo - nearing the summit of kang yatse 2

Day 11Extra Buffer / Reserved / Contingency Day

Buffer Day

Brief Details Of The Day: Reserved Day for contingency
Accommodation: Tents

Meals: All Meals

Day 12Pass Crossing Day. From Kang Yatse Base Camp To Leh, Via - Kongmaru La, Chuskirmo

Pass Crossing Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we quickly descend to Nimaling. From Nimaling, we start climbing the switchbacks to the top of Kongmaru La (Gongmaru La) – 5130m, a high pass with wonderful views all around with fluttering prayer flags. 

After crossing the pass, it’s a steep descent to the beautiful Markha gorge. The views and the trail passes down following the narrow Markha gorge and is unbelievably beautiful and will surprise you unless you trek it. A sharp descent from the pass top gets us to the base of the pass named Lartsa. From there, another 2 hours will bring you to the campsite of Chuskirmo. From Chuskirmo, we trek for another 2 hours to Shang Sumdo, where our cab waits to take us to Leh.

Note: If the reserved day is unused, we will trek down till Chuskirmo to make the return to Leh bit relaxing and comfortable.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Packed Lunch, Dinner
  • day12 photo - fresh snowfall in nimaling on markha trek
  • day12 photo - kongmaru la from nimaling
  • day12 photo - kongmarula 5130 meters
  • day12 photo - enroute chuskyirmo from kongmarula
  • day12 photo - the markha gorge

Day 13From Leh To New Delhi ( 1100 Kms,2 hours )

Fly Out Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
  • Leh: 3500 meters / 11480 feet
  • New Delhi: 200 meters / 656 feet
Brief Details Of The Day: Itinerary and our service ends. You will be dropped to the airport as per plan.
Accommodation: None

Meals: Breakfast

Covid19 Safety Protocol For Himalayan Treks

We had started our treks from October 2020 and since then we have served many trekkers without any problems related to covid. Thanks to our safety protocol and SOW.

Covid Negative RT-PCR Test Report Is Mandatory To Trek With Us.

Read more on Safe trekking in the Himalayas during COVID-19
Media Gallery For Kang Yatse 2 Trekking Expedition

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+ Short Travel Itinerary

** click on the DayNumber to read detailed itinerary for the day

  • Day 1

    Fly, Rest, Acclimatize

    Arrival Day
    Arrive In Leh (3500m ) . 2 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Leh (3500m )
    Accommodation: Hotel
    Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner
    Cost Of Transport Included: YES ( Leh Airport to Hotel)
  • Day 2

    Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day

    Overnight In: Leh (3500m )
    Accommodation: Hotel
    Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 3

    Drive, Trek

    From Leh (3500m ) To Skiu (3400m ), Via - Chilling (3200m ) . 5 - 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Skiu (3400m )
    Accommodation: Homestay / Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 4


    From Skiu (3400m ) To Markha (3700m ) . 5 - 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Markha (3700m )
    Accommodation: Homestay / Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 5


    From Markha (3700m ) To Thochungtse (4200m ), Via - Hankar (3980m ) . 5 - 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Thochungtse (4200m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 6


    From Thochungtse (4200m ) To Nimaling (4750m ) . Excursion to Kongmaru La (5130m ). 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Nimaling (4750m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 7


    From Nimaling (4750m ) To Kang Yatse Base Camp (5120m ) . 2.5 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Kang Yatse Base Camp (5120m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 8

    Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day

    Overnight In: Kang Yatse Base Camp (5120m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 9


    From Kang Yatse Base Camp (5000m ) To Kang Yatse 2 Advanced Base Camp (5350m ) . 3 Hrs. 3 Kms
    Overnight In: Kang Yatse 2 Advanced Base Camp (5350m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals ( Limited Kitchen )
  • Day 10

    Summit Day.

    From Kang Yatse 2 Advanced Base Camp (5350m ) To Kang Yatse Base Camp (5000m ), Via - Kang Yatse 2 Summit (6223m ) . 6 - 7 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Kang Yatse Base Camp (5000m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 11

    Extra Buffer / Reserved / Contingency Day

    Overnight In: Kang Yatse Base Camp (5000m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 12

    Pass Crossing Day.

    From Kang Yatse Base Camp (5000m ) To Leh (3500m ), Via - Kongmaru La (5130m ), Chuskirmo (4140m ). 8 - 9 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Leh (3500m )
    Accommodation: Hotel
    Meals Included: Breakfast, Packed Lunch, Dinner
  • Day 13

    Fly Out

    Departure Day
    From Leh (3500m ) To New Delhi (200m ) . 2 Hrs. 1100 Kms
    Overnight In: New Delhi (200m )
    Accommodation: None
    Meals Included: Breakfast
    Cost Of Transport Included: YES( Drop to Leh Airport)
+ Package Cost Inclusions


  • 1 Medical Expert + Certified Technical Climbing/Trek Leader. 
  • 1 Dedicated Pre-Trek Orientation Expert & coordinator
  • Accommodation for 3 nights in Leh in an extremely cozy and premium hotel( room + breakfast + dinner, Twin Sharing )
  • Guided local acclimatization on Day 2 in Leh
  • Local Route Guide(s) for the trek to Base Camp
  • Superior Summit Support Team: Guide : Trekker = 1:2
  • 1 Cook + Required Kitchen & Camp Helpers.
  • All meals on Treks specifically curated for high altitudes. Nutritious, Soupy, Balanced and light on the stomach.
  • 3 meals, i.e BLD with morning and evening teas, evening snacks, dessert, and hot drinks after dinner
  • All permits required for trekking in Hemis National Park, Peak Royalties and Climbing Fees.
  • All transfers in private vehicles between airport to Hotel and Leh to trek start point and return after the trek to Leh. 



  • Leh Airport pickup & drop
  • Personal Climbing gears
  • Waterproof Expedition Jackets
  • Personal Load Offload of 10 Kgs
  • Free Cloakroom in Leh for extra luggage


( Included In Trek Cost):

  • Personal Climbing gears - 1 Helmet, 1 Seat Harness, 1 Climbing Boot, 1 Crampon Pair, 1 Screw Carabiner, 2 Open Carabiner, 1 Gaiter Pair, 1 Walking Ice Axe, 1 Sling, -20 deg waterproof expedition down jackets and 1 Trek Pole. ( you can bring your own if you want)
  •  Other Personal Gears - Down Sleeping Bags, Down Sleeping Bag Inner, Air Mattress, Cutlery Set for dining and Tiffin boxes for packed lunch.
  •  Common Camping gears - 4 Season Expedition Dome Tents ( 2 sharing ), Kitchen Tent, Dining Tent, Camping Tables, stools, and Toilet Tents with seat.
  •  Common Safety Gears: Oxygen Cylinders, Medical Kit, Pulse Oximeter, Thermal Temperature Scanner, Wireless Sets


ADD-ONs (@ Extra Cost) :

  • Single Supplement For Tent & Hotel. ( @ INR 20000 )
  • Porterage For More Than 10 Kgs On Trek. (@ INR 9000)
+ Package Cost Exclusions


  • Personal Travel Insurance and purchases
  • Food Purchased Outside Our Fixed Menu
  • Personal Clothing and Gears
  • Lunch in Leh
  • Bottled Water or Any Other Drinks
  • Peak Fees for Foreign Nationals ( INR 6000 per peak )
  • Anything else not mentioned in the inclusion list
+ Mandatory Packing List
  • 3 sets of DryFit Tshirts
  • 2 set of track pants (no jeans)
  • 4 sets of socks ( 2 cottons, 2 woollen)
  • 1 or 2 set of thermal inner ( upper & lower)
  • Fleece Jacket or Pullovers
  • Down Jacket (can be rented from us )
  • Waterproof High Ankle Trekking Shoes (can be rented from us )
  • Waterproof/Windproof Trekking Trouser (can be rented from us  )
  • Waterproof/Windproof Trekking Jacket (can be rented from us  )
  • Headlamp (can be rented from us  )
  • Trek Pole, Waterproof Gloves, Poncho, Rucksack, Fleece Inner Gloves, Waterproof Gloves, Gaiters, Spikes, Sleeping Bag Inners ( provided by us as complimentary use )
  • Polaroid UV Protected Sunglasses or Snow/Glacier Goggles
  • 2 Water Bottles & Tiffin Box with Spoon, 1 cup
  • Skull Cap Wollen or Fleece
  • Toilet Paper Roll, Wet Tissue
  • Personal Care Kit ( lip balm, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc )
  • Personal Medical Kit (basic or regular medicines )
+ Reviews & Testimonials

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+ Cancellation Policy

When Should You Book?

We typically get booked about 2 - 5 months in advance. It is advisable to book this much in advance as you get early bird discounts and also your travel costs like flights/hotels/trains etc are much cheaper and confirmed if you book well in advance.

Rules Of Cancellation: 

  1. Up to 90 days or more before the start date - 100% Refund of the total invoiced amount
  2. 89 days to 46 days before the start date - 60% refund of the total invoiced amount. 40% of the invoice amount will be charged as the cancellation penalty.
  3. 45 days or less before the start date - No Refund of the total invoiced amount
  4. Transfer Of Seat to Different Batch/ Trek: No Loss Of Money, valid up to 1 year from Invoice date. It can be availed up to 30 days before Trek Start Date by sending an email.
  5. Transfer of Seat to Friend/ Family: No Loss Of Money, valid up to 1 year from Invoice date. It can be availed up to 30 days before Trek Start Date by sending an email.
  6. Validity: This rule is only applicable for technical peaks above 6000 meters, categorized as a climbing expedition and graded as Challenging or Challenging+

Find detailed info on Cancellation & Refund Policy

+ Contact Information
 +91 8017 216 725
 +91 7999 711 073
 +91 9434 062 849

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