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Chadar - The Frozen River Trek
The Frozen River Trek - doesn't the name itself sound interesting? One of the most beautiful and unique trek in the planet, Chadar trek is an ultimate experience to cherish for lifelong !! Its an amalgamation of experiences. That of being in The Cold Dessert of Ladakh, that too in winter where the temperatures drops as low as -30 degrees. The already beautiful and magical landscape of Ladakh is further made interesting by white snows.

The cold freezes the Zanskar river, one of the tributaries of Indus, and the upper layer forms a hard layer of ice which is walkable. Its unbelievable that the gush and force of the same river itself is scary during summers, and to see it frozen and calm in the winters does make you calmer and excited at the same time ! This served as and still serves as a traditional way of connect between Leh and Zanskar for the locals. It was the documentary of National Geographic Channel which highlighted this and since then, Chadar trek has hit the popularity burst. Its rated as one of the best treks existing in the planet by many..

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