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Nandi Kund Trek Photo Gallery
Nandikund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass trek is a gem of a trek in the lap of the Himalayas of Uttrakhand. Offering up close views of Chaukhaba, Mandani and views as far as the Panpatia Snow field, Neelkanth, Parvati etc, from the top of Ghiya Vinayak pass, this trek is superb and a must do for all the Himalayan High Seekers. Though, it is not an easy trek, on the other hand it is not a technical trek as well. The trek is strenuous involving steep climbs and steep descents. Specialy, the trek from Kachni Khal to Pandavsera is very easy to get lost without a sound guide. There is no proper trail to follow.

OrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description1-ransi-villageOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description2-fall-on-the-way-from-ransi to-GaundharOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description3-madhyamaheshwar-templeOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description4-budha-madhyamaheshwarOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description5-looking-ahead-from-budha-madhyamaheshwarOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description5-looking-behind-from-budha-madhyamaheshwarOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description6-kachni-khalOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description7-kachni-khalOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description8-after-crossing-kachni-khalOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description9-waterfall-between-kachni-and-pandavseraOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description10-pandavsera-in-sightOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description11-PandavseraOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description12-loooking-behind-pandavseraOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description13-pandavseraOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description14-Nandadevi-junior-in greensOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description15-nandikundOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description16-nandikundOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description17-chaukhambaOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description18-chaukhambaOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description19-nandadeviOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description20-barma-bugiyalOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description21-bansi-narayanOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Nandi Kund Trek Description22-urgum

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