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Chadar Trek showed its true raw colors with weather deciding to paint Ladakh in white

Chadar Trek showed its true raw colors with weather deciding to paint Ladakh in white

Conduction and Staff Details

Trek Name: Chadar Trek
Leader's Name: Montu Singh
Local Guide Name: Stanzn
Local Cook Name: S Wangyal
Team Size: 13
Himalayan High Support Team: 3
Local Support Team: 15
Duration: 8
Consultation Started On: 2016-09-01
Start Date: 2017-01-22
End Date: 2017-01-29

Daywise Brief Details

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Review By Team Members


User just rated us excellent !

suresh jogani, Businessman, Mumbai


It was a wonderful experience with Himalayan high. Given the extremities of the Chadar trek, the entire team was very co- operative and catered to our needs in time (including pacifying our apprehension). Also, we are appreciative of Suman for being available to us at any time to help us prepare before before the trek. Great service over all. Keep it up.

Pooja Radia, Lawyer, Mumbai


It was the most humbling experience I have had in sometime... Himalayas invariably manage to do that... Chadar trek with Himalayan High: This was my first High altitude, one week long trek. I had a very good experience with the Himalayan High team. Here is the list of points where this team won me over. Positive 1 For me the biggest plus with Mr.Suman and his team is that they have a "no medicine" rule for precautions. They only ask us to keep medicine for emergency... if there is no alternative then only they would ask us to use medicines.. First night in Leh, I faced breathlessness and was really vary whether I'll be able to proceed with the trek. But the next morning, on hearing my issue, Suman encouraged me to continue that too without medicine. And here I am writing this review after comfortably completing the trek. Thank you Suman!! Positive2 Highly skilled team. They have a very good team. Have full knowledge of the terrain. They really give good support and guidance to any of your issues. Montu Singh and Lapu, fabulous job.. Positive 3 Their group size is small enabling every individual to get personal attention. Positive 4 They have a wonderful support staff. Food they serve is not just delicious but also varied. Of course they have a few negatives 1. The hotel in leh was pathetic.. but they have taken note of it and are not going to repeat the same place. 2. They are a little expensive than others but it's all covered thanks to their personal care and expertise in solving issues. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. Thank you Suman and team for making it one of the most memorable experience for me.

Dharmit Shah, Private Service, Mumbai


The overall trek experience was amazing. The quality and quantity of food provided was upto the mark. Providing 2 sleeping bags and woolen inner fleece was amazing for the winter. Though the quality of hotel provided in Leh was not upto the mark and heaters in the room were not working. I would love to recommend Himalayan High for any Himalayan expedition.

Siddharth Nandecha, Private Service, Bangalore


With so many random trekking companies now undertaking treks all across the Himalayas, it was difficult to choose one when I decided to explore the Chadar Trek. I chanced upon Himalayan High through a friend's recommendation & decided to just go with them without second thoughts as everything else online was quite confusing. With the weather going awry during our trek, we couldn't manage to reach till the end at Neruk Village(a tad disappointing). But whatever we did manage to explore was Superlative. The 3 stars are specially for their Team during the trek. The Trek Leader, the Porters, the Cook & the Accompaniments (everyone was just amazing & did their job Brilliantly & they were indeed a good bunch of people to be around with & share laughter) The 1 Star less is for the Accommodation provided in Leh. It was strictly mediocre for the price they were charging. Yes, we were there in extreme winter time. But they couldn't even manage to provide a decent Heater system which was the need of the hour. Nor Hot Water at our convenience.The Breakfast, compared to the amazing spread of dishes we used to get while on the trek, was absolutely stale.(Himalayan High did accept this blotch & maybe they will check other options available in the future) The 2nd Star less is strictly being a bit selfish. We weren't allowed to take a dip in the frozen Zanskar River, while many were doing it. The Trek leader should keep everyone motivated & plan things accordingly. Understand, their concern for our health & safety. But when we saw trekkers from other trek companies proceeding ahead rather than being stuck in one place,we wished our leader would have acted quick on the scenario & made sure we were able to complete the whole trek. We wasted a whole day on the 2nd Campsite while others were proceeding further. It's one of those treks with a lot of uncertainties. You can't opt to choose to do it again for things you missed out on in the first place. We had a fabulous time for everything we did manage to explore. Suman Chowdhary of Himalayan High was available through the whole planning process spanning months answering to our queries & providing assistance for other things not related on their itinerary, like arranging a ride to Pangong Tso & many more. Yes.. I would definitely think about choosing Himalayan High again in some future treks I might undertake.. But I'll make sure, I get my priorities & needs sorted. Cheers

Devang Parekh, Traveller, Mumbai


Facilities - 5 star I liked the facilities provided during trek, seven days including food, tent, very accommodating staff and equipment. The hotel provided for accommodation were I stayed had no basic facilities including hot water. The team needs to look into better facilities for accommodating in Leh. Trek: 3 star I had come to trek prepared, which was the crux of the trip and test my endurance. I had given my time money and taken risk of leaving family back home. We had all chances of going to Nerak but team lead gave up on all opportunities for me to complete the expedition and return satisfied. I hardly trekked through 7 days.. Day 1- getting acclimatized. Hardly any walk Day 2 - 4 hours of walk, team lead knew weather conditions, it was going to snow but still did not take us further, when we could have easily trekked to next stop and he showed no intention of Nerak. Day 3- all day snow no trek. Day 4 - We had to force the team to take us further for next places, we walked for 2 hours. We could have easily camped at Tibb caves , but team lead did not want because he had an agreement with porters and did not to move further due to agreement. Day 5 - only day I felt I was trekking it started at 8:30 and ended at 6:30 Day 6 and 7 - 2 hours of walk. If I had to stay comfortable, I would not have taken this risk of coming to Chadar. I am not satisfied, as I could not see Nerak, when there was all possibilities to reach Nerak the main objective of the trek. My advice: it is important for trek leaders to understand both porters and customer. I had come from so far, missed the crux of trekking and complete the expedition. Overall a good experience.

Rajith Narasimhaiah, Private Service, Bangalore


The trekking place is really amazing and must do trek. First POSITIVE feedback - The crew of group were good and all are very approachable - Hospitality was good. - Food was very good during trekking days and served on time all the days

Shankar Sharma, Private Service, Bangalore


First of all would like to thank Suman and his team, Montu Singh and Lapu for their leadership and guidance before and during the trek. Suman had been talking to us 4 months before the trek. He was very patient and detailed in his instructions about things to carry, how to prepare for the trek, etc. Montu Singh was a fantastic trek leader, bearing with us ;) being patient and then assertive at times when he was required to be. The food thru the trek was excellent (quality and quantity) to keep us going in the harsh temperatures. Overall I was very happy with the trek organization, that made us experience the beauty of the frozen Zanskar river!!

Satyaprem Katira, IT Professional, Pune

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