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6 member Chinese team crosses Pin Parvati Pass easily in October 2016

6 member Chinese team crosses Pin Parvati Pass easily in October 2016

Conduction and Staff Details

Trek Name: Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Leader's Name: Montu Singh
Local Guide Name: Kaushal
Local Cook Name: Vishal
Team Size: 6
Himalayan High Support Team: 3
Local Support Team: 14
Duration: 8
Consultation Started On: 2016-08-17
Start Date: 2016-09-25
End Date: 2016-10-02

Daywise Brief Details

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Review By Team Members


During 9.24 to 10.7,with the help of Himalayan High ,our team finish the PIN PARVATI PASS TREK in INDIA Successfully.It is a very pleasant experience. Himalayan High team is a very responsible and professional team. For me ,It is the first high altitude walking .Before I go to INDIA , I'm worried about high altitude reaction.When I arrived in India, I started my hiking trip.All these worries are unnecessary. Montu Singh tests blood oxygen and pulse every day,and gives some advice based on our physical condition.Before we go across the 4000 meters above sea level. Montu Singh take us in advance to adapt to the 4000 meters above sea level,and then back to the low altitude rest. Himalayan High' service is also very good. Even before I came to INDIA , I was full of fear about the food in India. I thought I was going to get thinner.But In fact,I feel I'm fat after the hiking.Every day to provide a very rich breakfast,Convenient lunch,Afternoon tea(sometimes Including popcorn),dinner for our taste.When I come back to China, I miss breakfast and afternoon tea very much .Because I love Martha Lahti and Chapati they are prepared for us every day. Of course I have some advice.I think the first few days of walking is too easy,and it can be properly compressed.I think it's the best way to finish the hike for five days or so.There will be more time to experience the local village.Because hiking is a little bit longer.I am very sorry that I can't play with drifting and gliding in manali.

Tao Kai, Service, Shenzhen, China


I had the experience on China and Nepal before,but I never think I can enjoy such a good service in India trekking.During the period of trekking, we had tea and snacks at afternoon! It seemed that we just went on vacation under the mountain. I don't know whether other companies have same services.I talked with some of them before starting. But Suman is the most patient and logical . It is easy to build trust with him. A experienced guide and organized manager! There is no choice except him!

岳衷 慕, Service, Shenzhen, China

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