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How To Reach Urgum

Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehraoon, Uttrakhand
Nearest Rail Head: Rishikesh, Uttrakhand
Route Hubs: Devprayag, Srinagar, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag, Nandprayag, Chamoli ,Pipalkoti ,Helang

From Airport: If you are flying to Dehradoon from Delhi or other cities, your option is to head to Rishikesh which is the nearest hub for buses and shared jeeps.. Head to Rishikesh which is about 50 km from Dehradoon and takes about 1.5 hours to reach. Vehicles are frequently available to Rishikesh from Dehradoon. It takes about 7 - 8 hours to reach Helang, from where shared jeeps are available for Urgum, Urgum is about 10 km from Helang and takes about 30 minutes to reach from Helang. To reach Helang, break your journey at Pipalkoti on Joshimath road

From Railway Station: If you are travelling by the railways, then Rishikesh should be your last point. Rishikesh is the nearest railway station which is about 260 km from Urgum. It takes about 7 - 8 hours to reach Helang, from where shared jeeps are available for Urgum, Urgum is about 10 km from Helang and takes about 30 minutes to reach from Helang. To reach Helang, break your journey at Pipalkoti on Joshimath road

By Bus: You may also chose to reach Dehradoon by bus from Delhi. Frequent bus services are available frequently for Dehradoon from Kashmiri Gate ISBT. Volvos are available too. Busses can be booked online on From Dehradoon, bus services to Badrinath, Joshimath are available from Rishikesh ISBT early morning. The list and timings are yet to be uploaded. However, using shared jeeps are best as the conditions of the buses aren't good and will not be comfortable for trekking the next day.

Some More Help: Shared cabs are the best to travel in Uttrakhand if you are to trek easily the next day. If you are in a group, it help hiring a cab for the group.

Distance From Major Points:

  • Dehradun to Joshimath - 302 kms
  • Rishikesh to Joshimath - 250 kms
  • Rishikesh to Rudraprayag - 139 kms
  • Rudraprayag to Joshimath - 113 kms
  • Karnaprayag to Joshimath - 81 kms
  • Rishikesh to Pipalkoti - 220 kms
  • Pipalkoti to Helang - 17 kms
  • Helang to Urgum - 10 kms

Adventure Activities And Travel Plans From Urgum

Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek
Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek
  • 📅 Duration: 10 Days, 9 Nights
  • 🔼 Highest Altitude: 5250m
  • 🛑 Grade: Strenuous ( know trek grades )
  • 👍 Best Time: May End - June, Sep - Early October
  • 🚩 Starts From: Ransi
  • 🚩 Ends In: Urgum
  • 🌏 Region: India - Uttrakhand
  • 🎌 Country: India
  • 🛪  Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, Uttrakhand
  • 🚉 Nearest Rail Head: Rishikesh, Uttrakhand
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Our Minimum Guaranteed Promises And Unique Value Proposition

Commitment Towards Exceeding Expectations, Satisfied Customers and Happy Ecology

  • Objective Oriented - Safety First

    With an unwavering focus on the objectives of the trek, we plan the best for summit success while always prioritizing safety, and have a proven track record of keeping our this promise intact right from inception till date

  • Intimate & Immersive Journeys

    Committed to organizing lesser-done, un-crowded, less than 10 members trekking groups, ensuring an intimate and immersive trekking experience. Personalized plan make our treks dynamic, flexible, and successful

  • Professionals On The Job

    Our highly trained leaders are sons of the land and are professionals at their job. They possess extensive Himalayan experience and expertise, prioritizing trail safety and adeptly managing diverse trekking scenarios

  • Expert High Altitude Care

    Our high altitude expertise ensure impeccable medical safety, resulting in zero injuries or fatalities in our expedition history right from inception, reflecting our knowledge & commitment to a set protocols, alertness, and mountain discipline.

  • Superior Sleep Comfort

    We arrange a cozy camping experience with double foam waterproof mattresses, down sleeping bag inners, sub-zero outer sleeping bags, air pillows, and double-layered all-weather tents for superior insulation and comfort during your trek

  • Eco-friendly Hygienic Toilets

    We prioritize eco-friendly, hygienic camp toilets, minimizing environmental impact and prioritizing trekker comfort and well-being. Our human waste management in the Himalayas ensures a leave-no-trace approach strengthening sustainibility

  • Tailored & Flexible Arrangements

    Our team is dedicated to meeting your unique and demanding requirements, offering flexibility, customization, and personalization throughout the journey ensuring creation of lifelong memories and friendly bond

  • Hygienic Dining & High Altitude Menu

    Enjoy a cozy dining experience in our mess tent, furnished with camping tables, stools, solar lanterns and buffet meals perfectly suited for high altitudes. Indulge in a variety of local delicacies and comforting meals that are easily digestible, fulfilling, and energizing

  • Unmedicated Natural Acclimatization

    We focus only on natural acclimatization for success on the mountains and our belief in our bodily capacities has given us tremendous success. Disregarding means of chemical acclimatization with use of diamox and other shortcut medicines, we rather take pride in achieving success in the purest form

  • Safe Water - Safe Trek

    We take enough caution to prioritize your health by serving natural stream water that is filtered, boiled, and treated with water purifiers before it is provided to you. We also suggest our clients take double precautions at their end too, answering our diverse sensitivity to the water

  • Best Guide-to-Trekker Ratio 1:2

    We provide the industry's best guide-to-trekker ratio of 1:2 for all semi-technical and technical climbs, ensuring personalized attention and support throughout your journey. This results in exceptional trial support and response to emergencies or crisis situations

  • Emmergency & Rescue Planning

    We take a lot of care for managing emergencies and evacuation on the trek and take all required steps firstly to prevent, and then to respond to it on uneventful situations. Small things like taking extra resources, monitoring daily health, etc are a part of it.

  • Leave No Trace Policy

    We implement a comprehensive waste management process from procurement to disposal. Our commitment extends beyond social media posts, ensuring proper waste disposal without leaving a trace. It starts from what we buy, to what we carry on the trek to what we bring back.

  • Low Impact on Ecology

    Our commitment to smaller group sizes, eco-friendly methodologies, waste management practices, zero tolerance for fixed camps, and utilizing natural resources in the required quantity minimize our impact on the ecology, allowing for sustainable and responsible treks.

  • Boosting Microeconomy

    As part of our commitment to supporting local communities, we hire local resources and make all non-equipment and trek leader-related purchases locally. By doing so, we contribute to the growth of the microeconomy in the regions we operate. We wish to do more of it in the future.

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