Kang Yatse 1 Climbing Expedition - Media Gallery

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Climbing Mt. Kang Yatse - a 6401 meter technical peak - the highest and most elegant peak in the Markha Valley, Ladakh. Click here to learn more about the Kang Yatse 1 Climbing Expedition

Route Maps

Kang Yatse

Elevation Profile

kang yatse shoulder.png
  • towards skiu on markha trek
  • kang yatse on markha trek
  • nearing the summit of kang yatse 2
  • near kang yatse 1 camp 1
  • the broken ridge to kang yatse 1 summit
  • few meters below kang yatse 1
  • very old mane near skiu on markha trek
  • campsite of chuskirmo
  • unique sculptures of ladakh
  • trek to kang yatse camp 1