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Team Himalayan High



Do you want to be a part of the team ? Let us know what you think are the ways we can work together through email and we shall try to work it out. Do email us your experiences as well !!

What We Do
  • Provide Logistical Support With Trekking / Mountaineering Equipment
  • Help With Expedition Planning and Support
  • Arrangements of Trained, Experienced and Trustworthy Local Resources
  • End to End Arrangements with High-Quality Fullboard Services from the nearest city
  • Provide Customized and Personalized Services During You Adventure
  • Boost Local Micro Economy by hiring locals and buying from them
  • Protect the Himalayas in trekking with minimal impact on the Environment

in a small group, for a Himalayan Trek or a mountaineering expedition in India, Nepal and Bhutan, at the best prices

Why Choose Us

What We Don't Do
  • Take huge groups to the serene mountains
  • Disturb the ecology of our favourite Himalayas
  • Outsource our groups to other third party agencies
  • Allow High Altitude Socializing and Partying at the cost of Mother Nature
  • Disrespect local traditions, style, cuisines and humility
  • Arrange Big Camp Fires by burning Forest Wood
  • Fix our camps throughout the season to harm the nature and growth of wild plants
  • Not trek ourselves, but direct from offices in the cities

this means, with us, you protect the Himalayas and experience the Himalayas just like localities. With us, Sikkim feels like Sikkim, Ladakh feels like Ladakh, Garhwal feels like Garhwal, Kumaon feel like Kumaon, Nepal feels like Nepal, Spiti feels like Spiti, Himachal feels like Himachal, Bhutan feels like Bhutan

  • Trekkers looking to travel in big groups with over 20 members. If you are a school/college/organization, you may trek in multiple back to back batches.
  • Indisciplined Adults wanting to be unrealistic Bollywood Stars in the mountains
  • Trekkers looking for organized parties, games and big campfires on the trek. We won't entertain any such request.
  • Trekkers looking to smoke up and go wild drinking alcohol on the trek. If we are deceived and we find it, your trek ends right there without any refund.
  • Trekkers with know it all attitude and not listening to our Trek Leaders. You Should Trek on your own rather.
  • Trekkers disregarding our Safety Protocol. You Should Trek on your own rather.
  • Trekkers who wish to trek in Jeans, Sneakers and Low-Ankle Sports Shoes. You should be in a shopping mall, not the mountains.
  • Unfit trekkers straight out of office desk. There are many other companies to choose from. Not Us.

We filter our trekkers and not everyone is allowed to trek with our team. We try to form a team of like-minded, hardcore trekkers having respect for the Himalayas, Local Values, Culture and Religious Practices and possessing a humble attitude towards the locals.

Responsible Travels
  • Conservation of the local flora and fauna
  • Contribute to the well being of locals
  • Education and Awareness

read more on,

Be Responsible. Trek In Smaller Groups

Impact Of Trekking On The Environment

Leave No Trace - Camp Eco Friendly - Camping Etiquettes

Making A Low Impact Camp Fire In Your Himalayan Treks

For The Community
  • We have our trek and other information well detailed and shared publicly on the internet to be used by all. Perhaps it's one of the most detailed websites for Himalayan Treks. Not long, but detailed enough for your research.
  • We run a project name Detail The Himalayas with a sheer intent to provide correct information free and usable to all. We seek the help of the community itself to grow it further.
  • We provide free consultation on the treks we know better and with our experience to help a trekker trek.  
  • We support everyone - from individual seeking simple answers for their trek, to DIY treks, to renting of equipment, to renting of homestays, to arranging a full board service. Everything a trekker would require to plan his journey in the Himalayas

Join our Community to Detail The Himalayas and help us help All !!

Giving It Back To The Himalayas
  • We are intended to organize cleaning expeditions to the Himalayas in association with NGOs and other similar societies at least once a year to full strength.
  • We run treks following ecotourism principles and focus on local wellbeing and development

Do you have a suggestion or developmental work for us? Let us know and we might get into it with our full heart.