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This Life For The Himalayas

Looking at the mountains and saying  - "Oh, it's so beautiful !!" is definitely not for the Adventure Breed. Himalayas are so vast and massive that perhaps no human being in his one life can ever finish travelling to its corners, summits, the terrai, doors and the platue on its other side. To add to it, there are villages, people, their way of living day to day life and their sacred culture, and lots more...

Coming from a struggling middle-class family, who valued education and a good job, I had followed the path of becoming a Computer Science Engineer and working as a Software Developer. However, with my childhood spent mostly in the freedom of the Himalayan Foothills of Bhutan and Bengal, how could I remain constrained within the artificially air-conditioned rooms of the corporates. Everything was so artificial about it !! Though it gave me money to do my first ever high altitude trek - The Roopkund Ronti Saddle Trek. That was it... that was what was required by my soul. The trek got me back into my skin and merged my soul with me. Life of the corporates never felt interesting anymore, regardless of the money and comfort.

 homkund ronti saddle trek sheela samudra me with broken leg on Taktshang monastery

From then till now, lots of sacrifices in normal life gifted me the best ever experiences of life, which none can snatch from me. After college, while all of my friends lived for accumulating things which they will leave behind, I made myself busy gaining things which I will take with me to my death bed. To my parents though it was disheartening

For me, The Himalayas are my daily dose of dope to get high. To describe to you how that high feels and means to me may go beyond my expressions. Each trek, each summit, sometimes the same trek multiple times... Each of them can be 'distinctively distinguished'. Of course different times, and different seasons give a different view, but it's the FEEL that a trek gives to you for which a trek becomes and remains special. Himalayas are like the MIRROR - just that instead of reflecting your physical body, it reflects your inner self, your soul,  your strengths, your weaknesses, your likes, your dislikes, your dreams... Hence helps you in finding 'THE YOU'. Each interaction in the Himalayas, both living and non-living things has been the 'Milestone Moment' of my life till now.  


gokyo lakes rupin pass 


Not Just Trek !!

Apart from knowing the mountains, appreciating its geographical presence, reaching it, seeing it and feeling it, it also feels lovely to know its people, and their culture, understand their way of life, build bonds with not just the place, but also its people!!

The mighty Himalayas not only serves your pleasure but also heal you as well... It makes you stronger and becomes your best friend for a lifetime. Many times it has helped me take very important strong decisions with such ease !! While working as a Trek Leader with one of the GIANTS in our country, I have seen ignorance of the eco-system,  reluctance for enforcing safety procedures, profit mindedness in giving basic comfort and safety, borne lots of commercial ideas converting Trekking to anything but trekking. I have heard and tolerated "Good Food Is The Key To Excellent Trek" theories. At times, I have trekked with 32 trekkers, and when you have to trek with porters and other staff, the number increases even more than 50 !!  While managing such huge groups honed my skills, somewhere else, negligence leading to deaths and irresponsibilities leading to inhuman actions had to be tolerated even !!  That definitely gave me a lot of insight into how the very sport of trekking and its experiences are manipulated by these companies to serve their profit-making goals. It was intolerable. However, the main point is, The Himalayas are so powerful and Godly, that when on its lap, everything eases out. Life blooms out of everyone and would automatically overtake all the low feelings by inspiring all of us by its very presence...

stok kangri trek  

The mighty Himalayas are to go silent at.. become humble.. get carried away by the sway of its wind, feel free.. build love.. and stay footed !! When I stand still and stare at the clouds playing with the mountains, I feel something to explain that I have no words for. The rains, snowfall, winds, hail... everything...  I feel my playground has returned to me where I play without anything behind my mind, like in my childhood. People say that childhood once gone does not come back again..  when I have found a way to get it back, I am no fool to give it up !! 

kedarkantha top 

This Life For The Himalayas


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Every day I keep learning new things, but as of now, I think I can describe myself as a Loyal Himalayan Lover, Avid Trekker, Student Of Mountaineering, Amateur Photographer and an Enthusiastic Anthropologist. I am a Computer Science Engineer by education and previously worked as a Software Developer for premium IT companies. However, I quit the luxury of a high-earning corporate job and left behind the herd to walk towards the spiritual path laid down by the Godly Himalayas. At the age of 27 with no savings at all and being the only son from a lower-middle-class family, it was too young to fight against the family who in turn had to fight against the rules laid down by society. However, with my determination and perseverance, everything became smooth by passing time.

It wasn't easy for me as I learnt the hard way from mistakes - my own and by observing others. I fought 2 major road accidents that broke my right tibia and femur. I underwent 7 surgeries that kept me away from the mountains, but I patiently fought them all to get back to trekking again in the Himalayas with rods and plates in my bones. Despite doctors saying I cannot walk properly ever again to getting back to trekking on the difficult routes again, Life made me understand very clearly what it wants out of me in this World. It wants me to serve the Himalayas and its community, live a peaceful, content and simple life. That's what I have dedicated my this life to. I am not religious, but spiritual. The Himalayas define my road.

The Himalayas today is spammed by mushrooming trek agencies and big companies who take pride in being India's Largest, biggest, oldest, etc. They are exploiting everything for the sake of profit. It is in dire need of regulation by credible Government authorities, Sustainable Tourism Practices needs to be forced upon every organisation, Small Group Sizes needs to be mandated, Fixed camping should be restricted in alpine zones and Negative Ecological Impact Trekking Protocols should be laid down immediately by governing bodies. With all these objectives, I founded Himalayan High in the year 2015. Learn more about Himalayan High on About Himalayan High

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Our Minimum Guaranteed Promises And Unique Value Proposition

Commitment Towards Exceeding Expectations, Satisfied Customers and Happy Ecology

  • Objective Oriented - Safety First

    With an unwavering focus on the objectives of the trek, we plan the best for summit success while always prioritizing safety, and have a proven track record of keeping our this promise intact right from inception till date

  • Intimate Journey - Immersive Experience

    Committed to organizing lesser-done, un-crowded, less than 10 members trekking groups, ensuring an intimate and immersive trekking experience. Personalized plan make our treks dynamic, flexible, and successful

  • Professionals On The Job

    Our highly trained leaders are sons of the land and are professionals at their job. They possess extensive Himalayan experience and expertise, prioritizing trail safety and adeptly managing diverse trekking scenarios

  • Expert High Altitude Care

    Our high altitude expertise ensure impeccable medical safety, resulting in zero injuries or fatalities in our expedition history right from inception, reflecting our knowledge & commitment to a set protocols, alertness, and mountain discipline.

  • Superior Sleep Comfort

    We arrange a cozy camping experience with double foam waterproof mattresses, down sleeping bag inners, sub-zero outer sleeping bags, air pillows, and double-layered all-weather tents for superior insulation and comfort during your trek

  • Eco-friendly Hygienic Toilets

    We prioritize eco-friendly, hygienic camp toilets, minimizing environmental impact and prioritizing trekker comfort and well-being. Our human waste management in the Himalayas ensures a leave-no-trace approach strengthening sustainibility

  • Tailored & Flexible Arrangements

    Our team is dedicated to meeting your unique and demanding requirements, offering flexibility, customization, and personalization throughout the journey ensuring creation of lifelong memories and friendly bond

  • Flavours Of The Mountains

    Enjoy a cozy dining experience in our mess tent, furnished with a camping table and stools. Indulge in a variety of local delicacies and comforting meals that are easily digestible, fulfilling, and energizing

  • Only Natural Acclimatization

    We focus on natural acclimatization for success on the mountains and our belief in our bodily capacities has given us tremendous success. Disregarding means of chemical acclimatization and shortcuts, we rather take pride in achieving success in the purest form

  • Safe Water - Safe Trek

    We take enough caution to prioritize your health by serving natural stream water that is filtered, boiled, and treated with water purifiers before it is provided to you. We also suggest our clients take double precautions at their end too, answering our diverse sensitivity to the water

  • Best Guide-to-Trekker Ratio

    We provide the industry's best guide-to-trekker ratio of 1:2 for all semi-technical and technical climbs, ensuring personalized attention and support throughout your journey. This results in exceptional trial support and response to emergencies or crisis situations

  • Emmergency & Rescue Planning

    We take a lot of care for managing emergencies and evacuation on the trek and take all required steps firstly to prevent, and then to respond to it on uneventful situations. Small things like taking extra resources, monitoring daily health, etc are a part of it.

  • Leave No Trace Policy

    We implement a comprehensive waste management process from procurement to disposal. Our commitment extends beyond social media posts, ensuring proper waste disposal without leaving a trace. It starts from what we buy, to what we carry on the trek to what we bring back.

  • Low Impact on Ecology

    Our commitment to smaller group sizes, eco-friendly methodologies, waste management practices, zero tolerance for fixed camps, and utilizing natural resources in the required quantity minimize our impact on the ecology, allowing for sustainable and responsible treks.

  • Boosting Microeconomy

    As part of our commitment to supporting local communities, we hire local resources and make all non-equipment and trek leader-related purchases locally. By doing so, we contribute to the growth of the microeconomy in the regions we operate. We wish to do more of it in the future.

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