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Parang La Photo Gallery
A trek connecting 2 gems of the Himalayas. Parang La is a high altitude pass going above 5540 meters connecting the high dessert of Spiti to that of Ladakh. It used to serve as a traditional trade route between Spiti and Ladakh in ancient times.

The trek starts from Kibber - a high altitude village in the dessert mountains of Spiti and climbs the Parang La before descending down to the high altitude pasture lands of Rupshu in Ladakh. It takes you through the meadows and ravines of the Pare Chu to take you to one of the most beautiful lakes in the Himalayas - The Tsomoriri Lake.

Tsomoriri Lake is the largest High Altitude lake in Ladakh and also within India which lies entirely within India. The peaks of Lungsher and Chamseher Kangri stands tall at above 6600 meters surrounding it.

The Parang La trek ends in Korzok which has a very old, historically important monastery. The lake of Tsomoriri falls under Wetland Conservation Reserve and is home to numerous wildlife including the elusive Snow Leopard and Tibetan Wolves.

OrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La KibberkibberOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La towards Thalthak Meadowstowards-thalthak-meadowsOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La from Thalthak Meadow to Bonrojenfrom-thalthak-meadow-to-bonrojenOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La Donkeys Crossing Rang Nallahdonkeys-crossing-rang-nallahOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La Donkeys Crossing Rang Nallahrang-nallahOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La Chicham pulley bridgechicham-pulley-bridgeOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La enroute Parang Laenroute-paranglaOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La towards Parangla from Bonrojentowards-parangla-from-bonrojenOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La approaching Parangla top from Bonrojenapproaching-parang-la-top-from-bonrojenOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La Parang LaparanglaOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La Parang Laparang-laOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La view from Parang La towards ladakhview-from-parang-la-towards-ladakhOrgBrandingNameForAlbumImages - Parang La view from Parang La towards ladakhview-from-parang-la-towards-ladakh-2