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Auden's Col Trek - Quick Informations

  • 📅 Duration: 13 days 13 nights
  • 🔼 Highest Altitude: 5490m
  • 🛑 Grade: Challenging + ( know trek grades )
  • 👍 Best Time: Jun, early Jul, mid Sep
  • 🏃 Activity Type: Trek
  • 🔄 Trail Type: Different Entry Exit Point
  • 🚩 Starts From: Gangotri
  • 🚩 Ends In: Ghuttu
  • 🌏 Region: India - Uttrakhand
  • 🎌 Country: India
  • 🛪  Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant, Dehradoon
  • 🚉 Nearest Rail Head: Rishikesh, Uttrakhand

Auden's Col Trek - Key Geographical Highlights

5 Popular Peaks:
Bhrigupanth ( 6772m ), Gangotri I ( 6672m ), Kedarnath (Main) ( 6940m ), Kedarnath Dome ( 6831m ), Thalay Sagar ( 6904m )
3 High Passes:
Mayali Pass ( 5108m ), Auden's Col ( 5490m ), Patangani Dhar Top ( 5100m )
4 Serene Lakes:
Kedar Tal ( 4708m ), Masar Tal ( 4770m ), Vasuki Tal ( 4914m ), Bheemtal ( 1333m )
4 Mind-boggling Glaciers:
Khatling Glacier, Jogin Bamak, Kedar Bamak, Rudragaira Bamak
3 Tranquil Rivers:
Bhilangana, Kedar Ganga, Bhagirathi
1 Beautiful Remote Villages:

Auden's Col Trek Daywise Itinerary


Day 1:

Arrive at Uttarkashi

Take your winding and climbing mountain drive to Uttarkashi early morning. Witness the vast Tehri Dam and the vivid streets of Uttrakhand on the way befor reaching Uttarkashi. Checkin to the hotel and take a tour of the locality if time and body permits.

Uttarkashi is a host to the most mountaineering institutes in our country - Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. You may visit the institute. Also, here you get trekking and climbing gears. So if you still need to buy something, you may by it here. Though we advice you to get all your essestials with yourself.

Evening we will get introduced with the team and the trek plan will be shared and discussed.

Accommodation: Hotel



Day 2:

Drive From Uttarkashi to Gangotri. Rest day



Day 3:

Trek From Gangotri to Nala Camp (3760m)

It is gradual beautiful climb through pine and birch forests, and Nala campsite is by the Rudragaira river. First glimpse of the Gangotri III peak.


Accommodation: Tents



Day 4: 

Trek From Nala Camp to Rudugaira Base Camp (4350m)

Birch forests give way to green meadows. There are steep climbs and rock fall zones and a river crossing on the way to Rudugaira Base Camp site. Camp site offers views of Rudugaira peak, Gangotri I, Gangotri II, Gangotri III, and Jogin I.


Accommodation: Tents



Day 5: 

Rest and Acclimatization Day

Accommodation: Tents



Day 6:

Trek From Rudugaira Base Camp to Gangotri Group Base Camp (4500m)

It is nice, short and gradual climb through moraine. The camp site offers closer views of Gangotri peaks. On a clear day, it is possible to get first glimpse of Auden’s Col.


Accommodation: Tents



Day 7:

Trek From Gangotri Group Base Camp to Auden’s Col Base Camp (4720m)

Again gradual climb on moraine and ridge through a valley surrounded by Gangotri and Jogin peaks, with glacier flowing on the right. Auden's Col becomes clearly visible and increasingly prominent.


Accommodation: Tents



Day 8:

Trek From Auden’s Col Base Camp to Auden’s Col Advanced Base Camp (4975m)

More of gradual climb on moraine and ridge. Camp site is situated at the end of the ridge where glaciers on left and right merge, right before the ice field leading to the Col.


Accommodation: Tents



Day 9:

Cross Auden's Col (5490m), Camp at Khatling Glacier (5000m) : 

This is the longest and hardest part. It is better to start really early, preferably by 5:00am, as snow plodding becomes difficult as sun comes up. Approach to Col is littered with crevasses, so team must be roped. On a clear day, Rabbit Ears are a clearly visible, and magnificent views are on offer at the pass. Descend to Khalting side is steep, initially scree and then ice, and might require rappelling. At the base of descend 1-2m wide crevasse runs end to end, and there are a couple of snow bridges. After descend, it is a long roped walk through crevasse infested Khatling glacier. At Khatling Glacier Camp site, there is a small patch of stones, but camping on glacier ice is also possible. Camp site also offers amazing views of virgin unknown pass and valley on the west side.


Accommodation: Tents



Day 10:

Cross waterfall zone to reach Khatling Base camp at Bhilangna river snout (3800m)

Another difficult day regardless of whether one crosses waterfalls or remaining of Khatling. However, after crossing boulder zone at the Bhilangna river snout, the camp site offers much needed respite and greenery. Hard part of trek is over now. An alternate is to descend all the way down to Khatling Glacier and keep walking towards it's snout. This path is not chosen due to dangerous crevasses and a need to cross over the Ice Wall. Till now only a team from Indore is on record, having done it successfully.


Accommodation: Tents




Day 11:

Trek From Bhilangna snout to Kharsoli (2880m)

Green meadows gives way to pine and birch tree forests. Kharsoli is lush green camp site.


Accommodation: Tents




Day 12:

Trek From Kharsoli to Gangi (2500m)

Nice walk through dense Deodar tree forests. With shepherds, first sign of civilization appear. There is a Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) operated guest house at Gangi.


Accommodation: Tents




Day 13:

Trek From Gangi to Ghuttu (1550m) : 

Trek ends with a slow descend to Ghuttu village. There is a camp site as well as GMVN guest house. A road connects Ghuttu to Kedarnath highway.


Accommodation: Tents




Day 14:

Drive From Ghuttu to Rishikesh / Dehradoon : 

Today we drive back to Rishikesh.


Accommodation: None


Auden's Col Trek - - Why Its A Must-Do

  • Auden’s Col, 5490m, a high altitude mountain pass connecting Rudugaira valley and Bhilangna valley.
  • Rudragaira peak, Jogin group of peaks, Bhagirathi group of peaks and Kedar Dome.
  • Gangotri - the snout of River Ganga.
  • The roughness offered by the Khatling glacier.
  • The villages of remote Uttrakhand

Auden's Col Trek - An Elaborate Description

One of the most coveted trek in the Indian Himalayas, the Patangani Dhaar, Auden's Col and Mayali Pass trek is a dream for any trekker who loves the Himalayas to the core and dares to go deeper and extreme to seek the spiritual blessings of a High Altitude Himalayan Trek.

A semi technical trek not advisable for novice trekkers. Only very few of the experienced trekkers dare to do this trek. Towering peaks, high altitude, glacial moraine, crossing the rough and crevasse filled Khatling glacier and remoteness of the region makes this trek a difficult one.

Auden's Col is named after Sir John Bicknell Auden, who first crossed it in 1939.

Starting the trek from Gangotri, the snout of the river Bhaghirathi and ending at Kedarnath, this is a very famous trail touching both the holy shrines of Gangotri and Kedarnath. Its said that the trail was used by an ancient saint to worship all of the 4 holy shrines of the Hindus - Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath, on the same day !!

The three passes trek goes through the three passes of Patangani Dhar, Auden' Col and Mayali Pass to reach Kedarnath from Gangotri.

Auden's Col Trek Package Cost Details

  • Day 1: Drive from Rishikesh /Dehradoon to Uttarkashi.
  • Day 2: Drive from Uttarkashi to Gangotri. Rest day
  • Day 3: Trek from Gangotri to Nala Camp
  • Day 4: Trek from Nala Camp to Rudugaira Base Camp
  • Day 5: Rest and Acclimatization Day
  • Day 6: Trek from Rudugaira Base Camp to Gangotri Group Base Camp
  • Day 7: Trek from Gangotri Group Base Camp to Auden’s Col Base Camp
  • Day 8: Trek from Auden’s Col Base Camp to Auden’s Col Advanced Base Camp
  • Day 9: Cross Auden's Col (5490m), Camp at Khatling Glacier
  • Day 10: Cross waterfall zone to reach Khatling Base camp at Bhilangna river snout 
  • Day 11: Trek from Bhilangna snout to Kharsoli
  • Day 12: Trek from Kharsoli to Gangi
  • Day 13: Trek from Gangi to Ghuttu 
  • Day 14: Drive from Ghuttu to Dehradoon
  • Day 15: Buffer Day 1
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