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Bali Pass Trek | A less trodden trek pass to Yamunotri from Sankri

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Bali Pass Trek

Walking on an enchanting journey from Sankti to the holy Yamunotri under the shadows of Kaalanag, Bandarpoonch and Swargarohinis

A Himalayan High Experience
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+ Quick Info
  • Duration: 7 nights, 7 Trek Days, Sankri to Janaki Chatti
  • Highest Altitude: 4850m
  • Grade: Strenuous ( learn more )
  • Best Time: May, Jun, Sep, Oct
  • Terrain: Meadows, forest , snow field, rocky
  • Activity Type: Trek
  • Trail Type: Different Entry Exit Point
  • Starts At: Sankri
  • Ends At: Hanuman Chatti
  • Region: India - Uttrakhand
  • Country: India
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehraoon, Uttrakhand
  • Nearest Rail Head: Dehraoon, Uttrakhand
  • Mobile Network: BSNL
  • Internet Option: None
  • Temperatures:
  • Is Cloak Room Available: No
  • Generic Food Menu: Indian, Garhwali
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+ Why Is This Special

Peaks At Glance: Swargarohini ( 6252m )

Passes At Glance: Bali Pass ( 4850m )

Lakes At Glance: Ruinsara Tal ( 3600m )

  • Grand views and vistas of the peaks of Swargarohini, Banderpoonch and Kaalanag. They are just mind blowing
  • Ruinsara Taal - a holy lake in the middle of the mountains surrounded by lush green meadows looks just magnificent and serene
  • Devsu Bugyal is one of the finest of the bugyals in the Himalayas.
  • The local people, their tradition and culture adds an invaluable dimension to this trek.
  • You can add a rest day in Seema to visit Har Ki Dun or Jaundhar Glacier enroute.
  • The sense of satisfaction you feel once you reach the top of Bali Pass is really worth it. Its no joke as well and calls in for a good achievement sense.
  • Completing and walking on the old historical and religiously significant route to reach the Yamunotri valley

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+ Travel Description

Bali Pass is not just an ordinary trek. The value of the Bali Pass Trek comes from the ultimate experience it gives in form of not just classic mountain views, but also a spiritual satisfaction. It offers close views of the magnificent and majestic peaks of the Banderpoonch range and the Swargarohini group of peaks that can be seen closely. The mesmerizing views of the elegantly standing Kaalanaag, also known as Black Peak takes your hear away right from the point it shows itself in glimpses. Bandarpoonch stands tall to keep you inspiring about its beauty. So are the 4 thorns of the Swargorighini group of peaks which can be seen right from Sankri.

However, if it was just for the views, they can even be got from the mre popular and easier Har Ki Dun trek, or trekking a little beyond the Ruisara Tal. Its the sheer want of crossing the historic high altitude pass and covering the ancient route of Hindu pilgrimage to reach Yamunotri either from Gangotri side via the challenging Dhumdhar Kandi Pass, or simply via the Har Ki Dun Valley, which also connects Kinnaur over the more difficult Borasu Pass. The satisfaction achieved by crossing of a difficult pass, the feeling that comes by being on a soulful trek where only few people and occasional shepherds venture.. being curious about what the valley has to offer in terms of high exposure to the eye-opening and heart warming local culture and traditions, the green meadows, deep forest, serpentine rivers and streams and lots of other aspects is why few trekkers get emotional about the Bali Pass Trek and opt to challenge the difficulties it puts forward. 

The Bali Pass Trek is a special one. You do it to challenge yourself and find peace. The continuous steep climb over snow, treacherous and tricky sections over lying or hidden boulders, and the sharp descend from the pass top to the Dhamni camp, makes this a terrific trek to be done during the months of May, June, July, September and October. 



Unlike the mass-trekking groups and hand-held trekking groups in our country, we, on all of our treks, inspire and motivate to boost more of the Intrinsic and Inheritent Adventure Sense of a human being when it comes to our work ethics.

Having said that, we take safety as a first matter of concern on any of our treks, and hence provide the Guides and Leaders who are tremendously experienced, knowledgeable, responsible and capable of handling such treks.

The equipment we provide on the treks are some of the best in the industry. Few of those are designed and custom-made just to suit our purpose of a safe and comfortable trek experience. From the 2 layered insulated tents to the sub-zero sleeping bags, thick foam mattresses, dining tents, Safety gears like thge anti-slip ice crampons, ice axes, gaiters, helmets, etc..  we take care of all what is required to meet your expectations of a safe and comfortable trek.

The quality of local resources, cooks and porters are not neglected and we make sure that we hire responsible local resources for your group accompanied by one of our leaders who ensures that the quality of service is delivered as promised and liaisons between the group and the local hires.

Right from the food we serve on the trek to the toilet tents we provide, everything is taken care of in a high satisfying sense. We do so, because that's what is expected out of us.

Moreover, we have our own EQUIPMENT RENTAL STORE IN SANKRI  from which we give all the required gears like waterproof shoes, rain ponchos, headlamps, down jacket etc on rent. The prices are extra reduced for our own trekkers. Vist the site to know more about what you can rent from Sankri without purchasing these highly expensive gears.

Come, join our group for the super exciting Bali Pass Trek. Let us get the mountains into our lives.

Do not forget to check the Trek Album on our Photo Gallery Page

Want Us To Help you Arrange For This Epic Journey ?

We believe that a smaller group gives you the best of the Himalayan Experience and specialize in organizing customized groups for this travel. Do get in touch with us if you want us to arrange this for you.

You can use the link - Request Customized Private Travel Plan and fill the form to drop us an email with your specific requirements and service required. We will get back to you with the detailed plan and quotation as per the group size and service requested.

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Fixed Departure Price
( per head cost)
INR 24000

From INR 15,500 To 22,500
(for Indians)
From USD 250 To 347
(for Foreigners)

7 nights, 7 Trek Days, Sankri to Janaki Chatti

Limited slots

Is On Dynamic Pricing. Trek cost decreases with increased participation.

Price adjusts automatically and decreases continuously as more people join the batch. It is not just dependent on your team size, but overall team size. Hence passing on the group discount benefit to all. Check out the Dates and Booking Page to find the Current Trek Fee which will again get lower with more people joining the batch. Actual cost applicable will be known later. You can now book the slot by just paying the booking amount.

Welcome to a new trend of Trek Booking !

+ 5% Government Taxes Extra
GST Number: 19AADCH8833L1Z1

Our Batch Size:
25 - 30  2 - 15

Free Gaiters, Ice Spikes on rent. +15% off on all other personal gear rental

Rent All Trek Equipment.

Fly To Fixed Departure Dates

Book Your Slot Online

+ Cost Inclusions


  • 8 Days / 7 nights of trek cost Ex. Sankri
  • 1 night in standard hotel in Sankri
  • Accommodation in spacious tents on trek, 2man/ 3man tents
  • Sub Zero Sleeping bags supported with Warm Fleece Sleeping Bag Inners For Extra Hygiene and Warmth
  • All required camping gears with Separate Dining and Kitchen Tents and toilet tents for men and women
  • All meals starting Evening Tea in Sankri on Day 1 till Lunch on the last day
  • 3 meals (B,L,D) suited for high altitude with evening snacks, soup, hot drinks and extra energizers/juice for summit days
  • All other equipment and safety gears required for trek like Gaiters, Anti Slip Crampons, ice axe, rope, helmets, etc etc
  • High Altitude Medical Kit
  • Experienced and Well Equipped English/ Hindi Speaking Trek Leader
  • Expert and Knowledgeable local guide with cooks, helpers, etc
  • All forest entry permits and camping fees
  • Transfers from Sankri to Taluka for team and staffs
  • Return transfers and 1 day's extra wage for the local staffs
+ Cost Exclusions


  • BAGGAGE OFFLOAD: ( optional at extra cost at Rs. 400 per day)
  • TRANSPORT Ex Dehraoonl: Can be arranged on request to be paid on actuals and shared by the group ( 5500 Rs. one way fare. seats 7 - 8 )
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Personal Purchases
  • Food Purchased Outside Our Menu
  • Personal Gears
  • Anything not mentioned in inclusion list
+ Important Information
DYNAMIC PRICING: Our pricing system is Dynamic and the price is not fixed. Rather, it is based on the 'actual' team size which joins the trek with you and passes on the group discount benefit to all the members, irrespective of your own group which might be a Solo Trekking Member or a group of 2 or 3. We consider it a TEAM right away from the Booking process itself. The cost is initially on the higher side and as the team size increases with more participants, the price per head comes down. You pay as per the team size you trek with. Bigger the team, Lesser the trek fee. Our minimum team size is 2 and maximum is 15 members.


Booking Of Trek And Payment Of Trek Fee: We initially charge just the booking amount to keep your slots booked. The final price shall be known later as the team builds till the closing date for a batch. Balance amount needs to be paid 1 month before the trek start date as per Actual Trek Fee applicable ( as per the group size at the time of team finalization). Any difference amount, if any, will be either charged or refunded at the time of joining the trek, but before start of the trek. Your invoice will detail all the historical changes made on the invoice amount as per bookings and cancellations, and you can see the changes online. Everything is managed through online automated systems and integrated payment gateways facilitating numerous modes of payments - from credit cards to upi. We facilitate International payments through PayPal, TransferWise and various other Wire Transfers.

Welcome to a new trend of Trek Booking !


On Any Of Our Treks, We Atleast Provide:

  • Sleeping Dome Tents (3 0r 2 person ),
  • Thick Waterproof Foam Mattress,
  • Subzero Sleeping Bags with fluffy and warm fleece sleeping bag liners, ( Down feather sleeping bag liners of extreme and premium treks ),
  • Toilet tent with seat,
  • Kitchen Tents,
  • Dining Tents with seating stools and serving table,
  • Washing area and sack bins to collect waste.
  • On few of the extreme treks, we provide hot water bags and expedition down jackets as well.

Safety And Preparedness:

We are headed by owners who are Search And Rescue Certified by UIAA and Indian Mountaineering Foundation, apart from being Basic and Advanced Mountaineering certified students of Mountaineering aspiring and practicing within their work itself, to become successful Climbers and Expedition Leaders themselves. Each one of them bring lots of on-field experience in the Himalayas to Himalayan High. Being sincere students of the same sport itself, we understand and believe-in, the importance of safety on such adventures in the remote corners of the Himalayas.

Standard Safety Gears that we always carry or provide on our treks are:


On Summit treks above 6000 meters or treacherous treks in raw terrain:

  • helmet,
  • walking ice axe,
  • ascendors and descenders,
  • harness and locking carabiners,
  • climbing boot, crampons and gaiters.
  • climbing rope and anchoring devices

On Moderate to Strenous Snow Treks:

  • Gaiters
  • Ice Traction Mini Crampons
  • Rope, wherever required


Techniques, Medical Safety And Other Safety Measures: We teach snow technique and self arrest a fall on snow slopes in base camps. Medically, all of our groups are equipped with Oxygen cylinders, pulse oxymeter to monitor individual blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. We carry High Altitude Medical Kit accompanied by a experienced and capable leader. We use wireless sets and available mobile signals for efficient communication and coordination. Safety Gaiters and Ice Traction crampons are always provided which has many times proved to boost confidence of an amature trekker or has saved experienced trekker from a casual slip and fall. Most importantly, we trek in Small Groups increasing safety and success on summits as well. Infact, our summit success ratio over 6000 meter peaks is envied by many. Everything is a result of a well planed, safe trek. From food to sleep-comfort to safety.

Finally, In all of our treks , we pay attention to and breed the culture of Positive Attitude. We teach, to motivate and boost, the intrinsic sense of adventure inherent in a human being - be it for survival, adaptation with the unknown environment with excellence, possessing the heart that cares for the Ecology, and a Mind that likes winning over the challenges - Be it Life, or the Mountains.. In that process, we too learn constantly, bettering Himalayan High day by day... We believe that any Himalayan trek is not worth if it does not make you a better and harder human being.

Altitude Specific Meal Plan We Serve On Our Treks:

  • Morning Tea: Black ginger - lemon tea with honey or as desired
  • Breakfast: oats porridge, milk cornflakes, bread, chapatti with vegetable, boiled eggs, omelets, upma, etc
  • Fruits: Seasonal. Banana, oranges, apples, etc
  • Lunch: Rice, dal, seasonal vegetables, papad, pickle, salad, etc
  • Evening Snacks: Pakoda, Popcorns, noodles, poha, etc with coffee or tea
  • Soup: Packet soup like tomato, mushroom, mixed veg, etc
  • Dinner: Rice, roti, dal, seasonal vegetables, papad, pickle, salad, etc
  • Hot Drinks: Bournvita or hot chocolate, mint tea or ginger tea

INTERNATIONAL GUESTS: Trek cost for foreigners is slightly higher than the cost for our Indian guests, mainly due to higher permit fee applicable for admission to National Parks or protected forest areas. Sometimes, it may be higher due to local crew wages and other specific arrangements we make to ensure a safe, comfortable and enriching travel experience in India. However, we absolutely DO NOT 'hyper-charge' our International guests ever and at the same time, ensure that we meet all the standards for highly qualified trek leaders and guides, safety, medical preparation, evacuation strategy, rescue arrangements, eco-sensitive travel, high value knowledge sharing about the area and customs of the locals.
PRIVATE GROUPS: We love to trek in smaller private groups as we believe that it gives the best ambience to experience the Himalayan spirituality, serenity, solitude and rawness. Small private groups are also eco friendly, safe, easy to manage and more caring towards each other. Most importantly, private groups are more focused towards their objective, specially for difficult treks above 6000 meters. They can be customized to suit your needs. On the other hand, they cost little more due to more dedicated resources. We specialize in arranging customized private groups catering to your specific needs. Contact us to request a private group for your team.

Free Gaiters, Ice Spikes on rent. +15% off on all other personal gear rental


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+ Detailed Itinerary

Day 1From Dehradoon To Sankri, Via - Purola, Mori

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

The drive to Sankri is a very exciting one passing by the villages of Mori and Naitwar. At 1920 meters, Sankri is a hub for many treks and is a beautiful place to be in. With gorgeous views of Swargarohinni 1, 2, Banderpoonch and Kalanag makes the place very is very charming with its lovely people too !

Tonight we check in to our hotel and start preparing for our trek tomorrow. We meet before dinner, get introduced to the team and share a brief plan of the trek. arly dinner for an early rise tomorrow!

Accommodation: Hotel
Meals: Evening Snacks, Dinner

Photos From The Day:

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Day 2From Sankri To Seema, Via - Taluka

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Early morning after breakfast, we take our thrilling drive to Taluka. It can be rated as one of the most thrilling and scenic drive in the Himalayas. In about an hour, we reach Taluka marked by few huts, shops and a GMVN bunglow. We board down, and meet out pack animal and rest of the team here.

We hit the trail and follow the Supin river upwards through forest and apple orchads to reach Seema. Seema has many small tea shops and a GMVN bunglow.

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Photos From The Day:

  • the village of taluka on bali pass trek
  • near the village of seema on bali pass trek
  • white rhododendron on bali pass trek

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Day 3From Seema To Devsu Bugiyal

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

A short but rigorous walk through the forest, and bouldery patch will bring you to a wide meadow. On your left you can see the Har Ki Dun Valley and behind you can see the villages of Osla and Puoni. With confluences of rivers, woods, meadows and mountains around, its a wonderful site to camp for the night and spend the rest of the day. 

You may also chose to go a little ahead to a waterfall site ( Roiltia) and camp there.

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Photos From The Day:

  • helping hand for river crossing
  • enroute osla for bali pass trek
  • dev thach enroute bali pass trek

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Day 4From Devsu Bugiyal To Ruinsara Tal

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we are into the 3rd day into the trek, and as we leave the campsite to start the day's trek, we feel much energetic and motivated. Our campsite for the day is Ruinsara Taal. After initial descend and the we swirl through the forest, crossing few landslide and bolder patches, we come out to a lovely lake in an opening, surrounded by rhododendron bushes and lush green meadow all round.

The serenity of a holy lake, in the lush green surrounding of a Himalayan meadow, backed up by the mountains and peak of Kalanag, makes this a lovely experience for the day.

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Photos From The Day:

  • hike to riunsara tal
  • riunsara tal on bali pass trek

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Day 5Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we spend the day acclimatizing for the coming important days of crossing the Bali Pass. Also, to be here after 3 days of trek, and not live the place doesn't do justice to the valley and the place.

We may take a walk in the surroundings or take up the hike to Kyarkoti - the base camp for Kalanaag Expedition.

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Photos From The Day:

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Day 6From Ruinsara Tal To Bali Pass Base / Odari

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today is a wonderful and testing day. It will be as if we have zoomed into the view we had from Sankri. The Swargarohini, Banderpoonch and Kalanaag stand as if just there, in front of you. With a mixture of its white and black pyramid, its looks just crazy!  Looking down the valley looks breath-taking!

A tiring route with climbs, and climbs on snow. However, the views around you and the objective behind will continuously keep pushing you.

Accommodation: Tents / Didina
Meals: All Meals

Photos From The Day:

  • a view from odari
  • approaching camp
  • campsite of odari at the base of balipass
  • final camp before summiting bali pass
  • into the heaven on bali pass trek

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Day 7From Bali Pass Base / Odari To Upper Dhamni, Via - Bali Pass

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today is a long tiring day. We negotiate the Bali Pass today and cross it to reach the Yamunotri valley. Altitude and snow makes it tiring, but interesting at the same time. You understand that you are not here to do a mere trek. You are into a serious business of negotiating a treacherous pass which can be tricky at times. Guide's advice needs to be strictly followed, so is the importance here to have an able and knowledgeable guide.

As we start, we begin with climb and that ends once we reach the top.. With decent speed, it takes us about 3 hours to reach the pass top climbing on the snow. September might see less snow, or fresh snow. Once on top, enjoy grand views offered by the top. All the mountains nearby reveal itself - Swargorohini, Banderpoonch and Kalanaag. You see both the sides of the valley from here.. The pass top is spacious and weather permitting, we do spend some good time here.

We now start our descend to the Yamunotri valley. Initial steps need to be taken carefully. You may require to fix rope here depending on the team's ability. The descend is steep untill it reaches the forest area. Campsite is nearby.   

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Photos From The Day:

  • climbing bali pass
  • bali pass crossing day
  • descending from bali pass
  • ridge walk on bali pass trek

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Day 8From Upper Dhamni To Dehradoon, Via - Hanuman Chatti

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

We descend on a pilgrim trail to Hanuman Chatti today from where we board our jeep to Dehradun. A very beautiful, unique trek comes to an end here.

We drive back to Dehradun and reach by evening.
Accommodation: None
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

Photos From The Day:

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+ Altitude Chart

Elevation Profile

elevationchart bali pass
+ Route Map

Route Maps

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