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Borasu Pass Trek | From Sankri to Chitkul via Har Ki Dun

Borasu Pass Trek

Borasu Pass Trek | From Sankri to Chitkul via Har Ki Dun

A Himalayan High Experience
About The Borasu Pass Trek

Bridging the geographical divide between the Borasu Villages in the Sankri range of Uttrakhand and the nearby Baspa Valley in Kinnaur, Himalchal Pradesh, the Borasu Pass Trek was traditionally used by the local people to do mutual trade between themselves.

Considered as a strenuous trek it takes you as high as 5450 meters. The Borasu Pass trekl starts with the lovely local and cultural exposure from the near and far by villages of Sankri, Saud, Taluka, Gangaad, Dhatmir, Seema and Osla untill Har Ki Dun. After that, this trek then turns left from the Har Ki Dun platue to take you to the alpine meadow and the serene Morinda Tal.

From Morinda Tall and beyond, the Borasu Pass trek slowly starts to show its true colours of being one of the very special and difficult treks to do in the Indian Himalayas. The terrain reveals itself in form of glacial moraine with lots of laiden boulders and scree zone. Climbing up steep to the camp of Lamjunga from Sawan Bera and then to the top of the pass offering spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and peaks of Kinnaur and Har ki Dun. It then takes you down to the wide Zupica Glacier. It takes a while before the terrain eases out and you reach the meadows of Bonga and Rani Kanda and then to the flavored village of Chitkul where the lovely trek ends


Unlike the mass-trekking groups and hand-held trekking groups in our country, we, on all of our treks, inspire and motivate to boost more of the Intrinsic and Inherent Adventure Sense of a human being when it comes to our work ethics.

Having said that, we take safety as a first matter of concern on any of our treks, and hence provide the Guides and Leaders who are tremendously experienced, knowledgeable, responsible and capable of handling such treks.

The equipment we provide on the treks are some of the best in the industry. Few of those are designed and custom-made just to suit our purpose of a safe and comfortable trek experience. From the 2 layered insulated tents to the sub-zero sleeping bags, thick foam mattresses, dining tents, Safety gears like the anti-slip ice crampons, ice axes, gaiters, helmets, etc..  we take care of all what is required to meet your expectations of a safe and comfortable trek.

The quality of local resources, cooks and porters are not neglected and we make sure that we hire responsible local resources for your group accompanied by one of our leaders who ensures that the quality of service is delivered as promised and liaisons between the group and the local hires.

Right from the food we serve on the trek to the toilet tents we provide, everything is taken care of in a high satisfying sense. We do so, because that's what is expected out of us.

Moreover, we have our own EQUIPMENT RENTAL STORE IN SANKRI  from which we give all the required gears like waterproof shoes, rain ponchos, headlamps, down jacket etc on rent. The prices are extra reduced for our own trekkers. Vist the site to know more about what you can rent from Sankri without purchasing these highly expensive gears.

Come, join our group for the super exciting Bali Pass Trek. Let us get the mountains into our lives.

Detailed Daywise Itinerary For Borasu Pass Trek

Day 1From Dehradoon To Sankri, Via - Purola, Mori

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Early morning board your vehicles to take one of the very picturesque Himalayan drive following the Yamuna and the Tons river. You may stop by at Mussurie for having a quick breakfast and at Kempty falls enroute to start with the fun game right away.

After a drive of some 7 hours, you will arrive in Sankri by evening. On reaching, one of our representative will greet you and guide you to your hotel room. Once you are settled and freshened up, we meet over for evening Tea and Snacks. That's where we get introduced with the Team, issue you personal equipments for extra hygiene and safety, and share latest updates for the Har Ki Dun trek in short. 

Our dinner gets ready by that time, and we get ready for a savoury dinner cooked by our expert cook hired locally.

Your trek leader and guide will share the timings for tomorrow.

Accommodation: Hotel
Meals: Evening Snacks, Dinner

Day 2From Sankri To Puoni Gad, Via - Taluka

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today after breakfast, we board our drive to Taluka. Its one of the most Exciting and thrilling roads in the Himalayas of Garhwal. It takes us about an hour to reach Taluka, where we meet our crew and mules. Our stuffs are loaded and then we start our trek to Puoni Gad. The trails is beautified by the village as we walk the gorge of Supin river. Keep an eye for unique creations by the villagers, their houses and temples.

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 3From Puoni Gad To Kalkati Dhaar

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we resume our trek for the day after having our breakfast. We head towards Osla village which is famous for the Duryodhana Temple. The trail is beautified by the sight of some popular peaks of Garhwal Himalayas - Black Peak ( known as Kala Nag locally )  and Bandarpoonch. The trail climbs gradually as we cross the villages to reach Kalkati Dhaar.

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 4From Kalkati Dhaar To Har Ki Dun

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Our trail for today is mostly ascents as we head towards Har Ki Dun platue. During winter, the place receives good amount of snowfall. Enjoy the magnificent view of the Himalayas as you walk. On reaching campsite, ease out for the day and get set to explore the place. You may chose to go towards Jaundhar Glacier, the other side of which is Himachal Pradesh or towards Borasu Pass.

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 5From Har Ki Dun To Rataa Tho, Via - Morinda Tal

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

This is a planned relaxed day to ease out the pressure and give the body proper rest before venturing up into the difficult zone of high altitude and difficult terrain.

Here is  a  leisure walk beside the Borasu Gad. Morinda Tal is a lake formed by the blockage of river by rocks whereas Ratta Tho takes to the the beginning of the glacial moraine. We may chose to camp anywhere as water source isn't the problem here, although the lower the better and then spend the day exploring the surrounding ridges. 

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 6From Rataa Tho To Sawan Bedha

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

From here the trek changes its feel and starts to offer its challenges firstly in getting steeper, and the terain changes to that of a typical glacial moraine filled with boulders and scree zones. An effort of some 4 hours brings us to the camp site of Sawan Bedha

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 7From Sawan Bedha To Lamjunga

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

 As a penultimate day before the Pass Crossing day, this day serves as the last chocolate bar before hitting the trail leading to the summit of the pass. A short day at altitude above 45oo meters, it makes sense to make it shorter. The terrain gives no relief though.

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 8From Lamjunga To Bonga , Via - Borasu Pass

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

The toughest day of the trek. An effort of some 3 hours over steep terrain of snow over scree zone takes us to the summit of the pass. From here, you can see back your trail and start imagining your past days and the effort you put to reach till here.

However, things are not complete yet. There is a tactful descend to negotiate which still maintains the difficulty of the trek. A campsite exists just after descending down the pass, but it is advisable to reach the welcoming meadows of Bonga and rest out the night.

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 9From Bonga To Rani Kanda

Quick Information:
  • Bonga : 4480 meters / 14784 feets
  • Rani Kanda: 3950 meters / 13035 feets
  • Approximate Time: 6 - 7 hours
  • Day's Activity: Trek
Brief Details Of The Day:

Having past the most difficult day of the trek this feels like a relaxing day as the trail slowly starts to show the signs of nearing generous terrains and civilization.  We camp at Rani Kanda.

Accommodation: Tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 10From Rani Kanda To Chitkul

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

As we start the day's trek, the first signs of Civilization appear in front as a bridge to cross the Baspa river. An easy walk and soon we reach the enchanting town of Chitkul.

Accommodation: Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 11From Chitkul To Shimla

Quick Information:
  • Chitkul: 3490 meters / 11517 feets
  • Shimla: 2205 meters / 7277 feets
  • Approximate Time: 10 hours
  • Day's Activity: Drive
Brief Details Of The Day:

A beautiful trek has come to an end. We drive back to Shimla today

Accommodation: None
Meals: Breakfast

Covid19 Safety Protocol For Himalayan Treks

Unnatural times call for an unusual response. We at Himalayan High are facing it with even more stringent safety measures to ensure our treks, trekkers, and the local support team are safe. The Covid19 Pandemic has completely changed the way we look at the World and do things. It has changed the way we trek as well. Here is a brief.

  • Small Groups of less than 15 members
  • No Fixed Camps at all. Use a single sleeping bag, mattress & sleeping bag inners throughout the trek without any mixup
  • Sanitized Transportation
  • Contactless Screening of Participants on arrival
  • Contactless Paperwork and Online Booking Procedure
  • Mandatory Sanitization Before Entry
  • Sanitized Accommodation, Linens, Sleeping Bags, etc
  • Sanitized and sun-dried Camping Equipment
  • Monitored Support Crew with extra protection of masks, gloves and frequent use of sanitizers
  • Social Distancing from other unmonitored groups
  • Daily evaluation of Health for Safe Mountain Health
  • Twin Sharing Accommodations on the trek
  • Single tent supplement available
  • Proper Dining Hygiene in Dining Tents
  • Dry Toilets in toilet tents.
  • Covid Hygiene Kit including personal Sleeping Bag Inner for free
  • Precautionary Quarantine Tents On Trek
  • Immunity-Boosting Food Menu and Drinks
  • Filtered, Boiled and Treated Drinking Water

Read more on the following link about our Covid19 safety measures to ensure a safe trek. Safe trekking in the Himalayas during COVID-19

With this protocol, we have resumed our Himalayan Treks.

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+ Quick Info
  • Duration: 11 Days, Dehradoon to Shimla
  • Highest Altitude: 5450m
  • Grade: Strenuous ( know trek grades )
  • Best Time: Mid May, June, Sep, Mid Oct
  • Terrain: meadows, moraine, scree, glacier
  • Activity Type: Trek
  • Trail Type: Different Entry Exit Point
  • Starts At: Sankri
  • Ends At: Chitkul
  • Region: India - Uttrakhand
  • Country: India
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehraoon, Uttrakhand
  • Nearest Rail Head: Dehraoon, Uttrakhand
  • Travel Guide: Where and How To Reach Sankri
  • Mobile Network: BSNL signals in Sankri. Rare unguaranteed BSNL signals while on trek and pass top
  • Internet Option: No
  • Temperatures: Campsites are cold and night temperature goes below 0 on higher camps.
  • Is Cloak Room Available: No
  • Generic Food Menu: Indian, Neplese
+ Short Travel Itinerary

** click on the DayNumber to read detailed itinerary for the day

  • Day 1


    Arrival Day
    Arrive In Sankri (1920m ), Via - Purola (1550m ), Mori (1150m ). 8 - 9 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Sankri (1920m )
    Accommodation: Hotel
    Meals Included: Evening Snacks, Dinner
    Cost Of Transport Included: NO
  • Day 2

    Drive, Trek

    From Sankri (1920m ) To Puoni Gad (2500m ), Via - Taluka (1800m ) . 7 - 8 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Puoni Gad (2500m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 3


    From Puoni Gad (2500m ) To Kalkati Dhaar (2900m ) . 5 - 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Kalkati Dhaar (2900m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 4


    From Kalkati Dhaar (2900m ) To Har Ki Dun (3600m ) . 4 - 5 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Har Ki Dun (3600m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 5


    From Har Ki Dun (3600m ) To Rataa Tho (4000m ), Via - Morinda Tal (3800m ) . 4 - 5 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Rataa Tho (4000m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 6


    From Rataa Tho (4000m ) To Sawan Bedha (4540m ) . 3 - 4 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Sawan Bedha (4540m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 7


    From Sawan Bedha (4540m ) To Lamjunga (4870m ) . 4 - 5 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Lamjunga (4870m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 8


    From Lamjunga (4870m ) To Bonga (4480m ), Via - Borasu Pass (5450m ) . 8 - 9 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Bonga (4480m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 9


    From Bonga (4480m ) To Rani Kanda (3950m ) . 6 - 7 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Rani Kanda (3950m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 10


    From Rani Kanda (3950m ) To Chitkul (3490m ) . 5 - 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Chitkul (3490m )
    Accommodation: Hotel
    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Day 11


    From Chitkul (3490m ) To Shimla (2205m ) . 10 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Shimla (2205m )
    Accommodation: None
    Meals Included: Breakfast
+ Fixed Departure Dates
No Dates Create Yet ! Please request a custom trek by clicking the link Request Custom Trip Plan
+ Trek Highlights

Passes At Glance: Borasu Pass ( 5450m )

Lakes At Glance: Morinda Tal ( 3797m )

Glaciers At Glance: Zupica Glacier

Rivers At Glance: Supin , Borasu Gad, Zupica Gad, Baspa, Tons

Villages At Glance: Sankri, Soud, Taluka, Dhatmir, Gangaad, Osla, Chitkul

National Parks / Forest Reserves: Govind Pashu Vihar National Park and Sanctuary

  • The warm hospitality and thge culturally colourful people of the villages enroute - Sankri, Saud, Taluka, Seema, Osla and Chitkul
  • The platue of Har Ki Dun also known as Shiva's Land
  • Ancient and mythically important Duryodhana temple at Osla believed to bve made by the Pandavas
  • The serenity of the the alpine meadows and tranquil waters of Borasu Gad and Morinda Tal
  • Borasu Pass at 5450 meters and the challenges offered in crossing it.
  • The wide Zupica glacier and the crossing over to take you to 2 different regions in the Himalayas
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+ Cancellation Policy

When Should You Book?

We typically get booked about 3 - 6 months in advance. It is advisable to book this much in advance as you get early bird discounts and also your travel costs like flights/hotels/trains etc are much cheaper and confirmed if you book well in advance.


(1st OCTOBER 2020 TILL 31st MARCH 2021 )

Considering the uncertainties during the COVID19 pandemic, we have eased our cancellation rules. 

  • Up to 3 days or more before the trek start date  - Full Refund of the total invoiced amount. No questions asked.
  • 2 days to 1 day before the trek start date - We will either issue you a trek voucher with a value of 100% of the trek fee or refund 85% of the trek fee if you want us to transfer the money back.
  • Transfer Of Seat to Different Batch/ Trek: No Loss Of Money, valid up to 1 year from Invoice date. It can be availed up to 1 day before Trek Start Date by sending an email.
  • Transfer of Seat to Friend/ Family: No Loss Of Money, valid up to 1 year from Invoice date. It can be availed up to 1 day before Trek Start Date by sending an email.
  • Validity Of The Covid19 Cancellation Policy: The above-listed cancellation rules apply only to bookings for which the trek start date falls between 1st October 2020 till 31st March 2021.

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