We Only Organize Lesser Done, Uncrowded, Customizable & Personalized, Small Group Private Trekking Tours In The Himalayas

Collaborations And Partnering

We at Himalayan High believe 2 is always stronger and better than 1, so is 3 better than 2.. 

For smaller ethical organizations like ours, and lots of other similar organizations, its very difficult to make our presence felt in the market with competition from large organizations and their marketing capital. Rather than fighting it out separately, it makes sense for smaller businesses to come together, and build up on each other's strength, to increase business possibilities in contrary to compete with each other. With business collaborations we can grow together and strengthen our market presence, share each other's brand value,  use each other's highly valuable field experiences and knowledge base to emerge out as much more stronger entity than what we could have been on our own !!

Himalayan High​​ is open to business collaborations with any other business or non business entities of similar interest to come together and solve the common problems of the field. The collaboration will however be guided by Himalayan High's operational ethics, motto and standards, and in no way we compromise with that.


Goals of Collaboration

  1. Increase customer base by marketing each other's products
  2. Creating, Nurturing and Developing Adventure Tourists
  3. Promoting Adventure Tourism
  4. Developing Conscious and Responsible Tourism
  5. Organizing Cleanliness and Awareness Campaigns


We are only about the Himalayas, therefore all our collaboration efforts will be guided by that.

You have any other ideas??  Get in touch with us today !!

Write to us at with a proper subject or give us a call at any time of your convenience.


For Team / Individuals

Are you a Team or an Individual ?

Have a cool minded exodus to Himalayas and just concentrate on your preparation, fitness and research.

Leave all the hassles of planning, camping and safety equipment, arrangement of resources and end-to-end management to our expertise. 

You may also contact us for a free consultation about a trek. We will help you plan and trek individually or in your group.

For Organizations

Are you an Institute or a Corporate looking to organize a team excursion or a team building event for your students or employees ?

Well, what could be best than an outdoor activity in the Himalayas, designed by our experts and mentored on ground by our experienced  trek leaders !

We can arrange a multi-day camping treks in the Himalayas  with some superb team building activities.

Get in touch with us and get your plan designed. 

For Businesses

Are you a business operating from some part of this World and looking to expand your geographic range ?

Well, we have the best and easiest solution for you.

Leave all the hassles of on the ground operations and management upon us. Be assured on the quality of service. 

Your Group, Your Branding. Our Service for Your Group. Our Branding to Your Business.

Contact us to discuss further and work out a deal !




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We Only Organize Lesser Done, Uncrowded, Customizable & Personalized, Small Group Private Trekking Tours In The Himalayas

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