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Markha Valley Trek | | Best Of Ladakh

Markha Valley Trek

Walking down the lanes into the roots of India and the Indus Valley Civilization

About The Markha Valley Trek

Rs. 45000/-
Batch Size:
25 - 40 <15
Extra cost of Rs. 5000 applicable for foreigners. Private Customized groups can be booked at extra cost. Group of 12+ gets a private group by default.

International Trekkers can remit the booking fees using PayPal, Transferwise, Western Union or Direct Wire Transfer and pay the remaining trek fees upon arrival in India

5% GST is applicable on all our costing.

Is On Dynamic Pricing. Trek cost decreases with increased participation. Same Cost applies to all members as per actual batch size.

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Must Read - Important Trek Pre-Booking Information

Key Himalayan Geographical Offerings Of The Markha Valley Trek

Peaks: Kang Yatse 1 ( 6400m ), Kang Yatse 2 ( 6200m )
Passes: Kongmaru La - 5130m ( 5130m ), Ganda La ( 4970m )
Rivers: Markha River, Zanskar
Villages: Leh
National Parks / Forest Reserves: Hemis National Park

Why Should You Do The Markha Valley Trek

  • The magical landscape of Ladakh: If you have not witnessed the magic which the mountains of Ladakh does to your heart, you have lost so many things in life.
  • Sensing the ancient Indus Valley Civilization:  Do you remember the Silk Route - the ancient trade route and Indus River Civilization from our history books in our schools ??? Walk on a part of the ancient route and the place on this trek !!
  • Ancient Buddhist Monasteries and Culture: There is a reason why people call it 'Little Tibet'. It is said the raw and ancient typical practices of the Tibetan Buddhism can now be found in India ( Ladakh and Sikkim ) and not in Tibet.
  • River crossings: Its very exciting to cross a Himalayan river, and on this trek you do that several times. Sometimes you need to take precautions and extra care though!!
  • People of Ladakh, their culture and way of life. This trek give you a lot of options to interact with the locals and know their way of life which does not fail to inspire you from multiple dimensions. 
  • Duration: 8 days/ 8 nights, Leh to Leh
  • Highest Altitude: 5130m
  • Grade: Moderate + ( know trek grades )
  • Best Time: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
  • Terrain: Meadows, river crossing, river bed walking, rocky
  • Activity Type: Trek
  • Trail Type: Same Exit Entry Point
  • Starts From: Leh
  • Ends In: Leh
  • Region: India - Ladakh
  • Country: India
  • Nearest Airport: Leh, Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport ( IXL)
  • Nearest Rail Head: Katra, (KEA), Jammu Tawi ( JAT)
  • Travel Guide: Where and How To Reach Leh
  • Mobile Network: BSNL postpaid in Leh and vicinity and from higher reaches, like Kongmaru La
  • Internet Option: 2g in Leh and vicinity
  • Temperatures: -5 to 6 on higher camps
  • Is Cloak Room Available: Yes
  • Generic Food Menu: Indian, Tibetan, Ladakhi

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The Markha Valley trek is one of the classic and best treks to be done in the Ladakh Himalayas. It a part of the ancient Silk Route and belonged to the region of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization which can also be considered to be the roots of India. The Markha Valley trek is very popular trek amongst the foreign trekkers visiting Ladakh but is very less done by the domestic trekkers in India.  

This trek is a charm in itself and takes you deep into the wilderness. It is a complete trek and gives you the actual feel of a local in Ladakh. Some of the very old monasteries can be seen in this route. The trek passes by the villages of Skiu, Hankar and Markha which is perhaps one of the most fertile areas of the cold desert. The contrast of the greens in the creamy background of the mountains of Ladakh surprises you initially, but after you learn and see the amount of dedication, hard work and care the villagers devote to make the land greener wins your heart. This entirely adds a new dimension to the trek and has a great impact in your perception of the local dwellers. You get a feeling that even after the life of a city dweller being full of comforts and easy, they are still unhappy and complicated. Whereas here you see these hard working people welcoming you with the widest of the smiles... Well its just the beginning and we are yet to enter deep into the wilderness of the Markha valley. 

As you approach Hankar, the mighty peak of Kang Yatse starts to dominate the view and the peak is such a beauty that you cannot stop gazing at it like a love at first sight !!  Further into the trek from Hankar, we proceed deeper into the valley towards Thochungtse and the high pasture land of Nimaling. Thochungtse is one beautiful campsite and here you have high chances of sighting the rare fauna of the Hemis National Park. Often trekkers get lucky to get a rare sight of the most elusive Snow Leopard. Blue Sheep and Ibex are very likely to be seen. So is the red fox. 

Nimaling is a flat platue with lots of peaks over 6000 meters hovering over it. Here you should efinitely take a day's rest, relax and explore the corners. Who knows what might inspire you here...

Well, the trek does not just end here. There is more to come. The trek now further takes you to the high pass of Kongmaru La which goes as high as 5315 meters offering grand views of the surrounding peaks and of the East Karakoram. The descend from Kongmaru La exits via one of the very beautiful valley with unbelievable views trekking straight down the Markha gorge and reaches back civilization in a small settlements beside the Markha river and ends in Shang Sumdo. 

Ladakh is all set to inspire a magic into your life !! Come, lets feel the Himalayan High thats present in the Markha Valley Trek.

Markha Valley Trek Package - Daywise Detailed Itinerary

Day 1Arrival In Leh

Fly, Rest, Acclimatize Day

Brief Details Of The Day:

Today, we fly from Delhi to reach Leh by afternoon, and checkin to our hotel. All of a sudden when you take in the cool dry air of Ladakh, your body won't not conform to the new changed environment, that too in only couple of hours !!

Staying hydrated is the key to a successful trek in Ladakh. Drink enough water from the previous night itself, and not after landing on Ladakh. Likewise, have a Vaseline convenient to apply to your nostrils to keep it moist, else you will feel the air is excessively dry and cold making it difficult to inhale comfortably.

We rest for the rest of the day and meet in the evening for a light Snacks and a formal Team Introduction where we share few important information on the trek preparation and planning.

Time for Dinner to catch some more sleep.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: None
  • day1 photo - leh city
  • day1 photo - leh cityscape

Day 2Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day

Rest Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we spend our day visiting places around Leh and acclimatizing further. Leh is at very high altitude and this day is very important for us. We visit places like Leh Palace, Chemo Monastery, Shanti Stupa, etc.

Each of these places can be hiked to and its the best for us to do, if we are not feeling exhausted. If we do, we need to take some light walks in the town itself for some window shopping. Leh has some good shops selling trekking gears. So you can do some last moment purchases.

Evening we will visit the monastery of Shanti Stupa to seek some peaceful aura around it.

Tomorrow we start the trek. Hence we recheck that we are all set for it. Do the last moment purchases, repack our bag according to the trek requirement, have dinner and sleep early.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: Breakfast
  • day2 photo - acclimatization in leh
  • day2 photo - acclimatization trek to tsemo monastery
  • day2 photo - leh city from leh palace
  • day2 photo - tsemo monastery in leh

Day 3From Leh To Skiu, Via - Chilling

Drive, Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we start early morning to drive till Chilling. The bridge to cross the river is broken by the recent flood and hence you get to cross the river in an interesting rope trolley. I bet if if have not done it before, adventure begins right away!

All your trek stuffs and equipment are transferred in the similar fashion. Once you cross the river, the horses are loaded and then we are set to start our trek to Markha Valley. Today, we camp at Skiu – A 3 hour easy trek on mostly flat trail with occasional short ascends and descend.

The trek route is very interesting and the landscape is very fascinating and unique. Sudden appearance of few green patches on the otherwise barren, creamy mountain adds a unique contrast to the scenery. Sightings of few wild animals and locals enhances the day. Our campsite is defined and we after some 3- 4 hours, we reach our campsite.


Accommodation: Homestay / Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day3 photo - the pulley bridge crossing zanskar river in chilling
  • day3 photo - towards skiu on markha trek
  • day3 photo - very old mane near skiu on markha trek
  • day3 photo - start of the markha trek towards skiu
  • day3 photo - small old chortens near skiu on markha trek

Day 4From Skiu To Markha

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Waking up to a wonderful morning in Skiu, today we trek to the village of Markha. An easy trek with almost a flat walks on most part of the trail, with occasional short ascents and descends like yesterday's.

The views throughout are breathtaking. Watch out for the different and unique rockscapes and structures of the mountains formed by wind and water erosion. With our previous experiences, we tried to tickle our imagination with the illusions created by these unique structures and strongly supported our conclusions of what they looked like -  ‘trunks of elephant’, ‘doorway to a very old tomb’, 'dinosaurs', etc. Its an interesting game to play which keeps us engaged with the mountains continuously and it goes unrealized when we reach our campsite.

Markha is a very beautiful campsite. The campsite is designated on a flat meadow with the a stream flowing by. Do take time out in the evening to visit an old monastery nearby.

Accommodation: Homestay / Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day4 photo - approaching markha
  • day4 photo - leaving from skiu to markha
  • day4 photo - seabuck bush seen on markha trek
  • day4 photo - walking the beautiful rever bed towards markha
  • day4 photo - flat green campsite of markha

Day 5From Markha To Hankar

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

The trek to Hankar from Markha is a short one, and we have kept it so to enable you to spend some good time in this prosperous valley of Greens with snow covered peak of Kang Yaste hovering over it from the top.

Its just an beautiful place to be in, and just passing by will not do justice to it. Spend a night here, talk to the local herders and farmers. Know more about them. All of these makes your journey memorable, not just the photos

Accommodation: Homestay / Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day5 photo - some amazing rockscape towards hankar
  • day5 photo - the beautiful village of hankar on markha trek
  • day5 photo - wonderful rockscape on markha trek
  • day5 photo - various rock forms of ladakh near hankar

Day 6From Hankar To Nimaling, Via - Thochungtse

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Aftre spending a peaceful night in the village of Hankar, today we will head to the hjigh altitude pasture land of Nimaling. The terrain changes immediately after crossing Hankar with no mentionable greens to be seen further. The route is jaw-dropping with unique structures of the mountains and the rocks. Here its very easy to spot blue sheep and ibex, snow leopards too !!

A walk of some 2 - 3 hours brings us to a small grassy plains which is the designated campsite of Thochungtse. After taking some rest here, we head towards Nimaling.

After crossing Thochungtse, we climb a mountain hump straight ahead of us. At that altitude, it does take some time, but once done, enjoy up-close views of Kang Yatse. A huge massif, overwhelming us with its presence. We reach a small lake where we rest and watch the reflection of Kang Yatse on the water surface. Its from here, the route splits and one goes to Kang Yatse base camp and the other one descends to Nimaling - a vast platue encircled by tall mountains all over. 


Accommodation: Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day6 photo - approaching thochungtse from hankar
  • day6 photo - campsite of thochungtse
  • day6 photo - reflection of kang yatse in a lake towards nimaling
  • day6 photo - unique sculptures of ladakh
  • day6 photo - fresh snowfall in nimaling on markha trek

Day 7Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day

Rest Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

A rest day on this wonderful land. We use it to the fullest by exploring it deeper. We have the option to go till Kang Yatse Glacier, climb up the nearby un-named peak, etc.

Accommodation: Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day7 photo - high altitude pasture land of nimaling
  • day7 photo - kang yatse on markha trek
  • day7 photo - nimaling on markha trek

Day 8From Nimaling To Chuskirmo, Via - Kongmaru La

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

One of the most beautiful day of the trek. This is the beauty of the Markha Valley Trek - 6 days into the trek, and its still does not stop getting beautiful and imposing. 

Today we negotiate the Kongmaru La (Gongmaru La) – 5130m, a high pass with wonderful views all round. Climbing through multiple switch backs takes us to the summit of Kongmaru La in an hour or a little more, marked with lots of prayer flags furling with the wind. Spend some good time here to relish the views all round.

After crossing the pass, it’s a steep descend down the beautiful Markha gorge. The views and the trail passes down following the narrow Markha gorge and is unbelievable unless you trek it. A sharp descend from the pass top gets us to Lartsa. From there, a trek of some 3 - 4 hours will bring you to the campsite of Chuskirmo.


Accommodation: Tents

Meals: All Meals
  • day8 photo - kongmaru la from nimaling
  • day8 photo - kongmarula 5130 meters
  • day8 photo - enroute chuskyirmo from kongmarula
  • day8 photo - blue sheep in chuskyirmo
  • day8 photo - the markha gorge

Day 9From Chuskirmo To Leh, Via - Shang Sumdo

Trek, Drive Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Continuing to the descend we started yesterday, we trek down sharply to Shang Sumdo. Once we reach, our cab will be waiting to take us to Leh. With that, a beautiful trek comes to an end. 

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Covid19 Safety Protocol For Himalayan Treks

We had started our treks from October 2020 and since then we have served many trekkers without any problems related to covid. Thanks to our safety protocol and SOW.

Covid Negative RT-PCR Test Report Is Mandatory To Trek With Us.

Read more on Safe trekking in the Himalayas during COVID-19
Media Gallery For Markha Valley Trek

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+ Short Travel Itinerary

** click on the DayNumber to read detailed itinerary for the day

  • Day 1

    Fly, Rest, Acclimatize

    Arrival Day
    Arrive In Leh (3500m ) . 2 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Leh (3500m )
    Accommodation: Hotel
    Meals Included: None
    Cost Of Transport Included: NO
  • Day 2

    Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day

    Overnight In: Leh (3500m )
    Accommodation: Hotel
    Meals Included: Breakfast
  • Day 3

    Drive, Trek

    From Leh (3500m ) To Skiu (3400m ), Via - Chilling (3200m ) . 5 - 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Skiu (3400m )
    Accommodation: Homestay / Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 4


    From Skiu (3400m ) To Markha (3700m ) . 5 - 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Markha (3700m )
    Accommodation: Homestay / Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 5


    From Markha (3700m ) To Hankar (3980m ) . 3 - 4 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Hankar (3980m )
    Accommodation: Homestay / Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 6


    From Hankar (3980m ) To Nimaling (4730m ), Via - Thochungtse (4200m ) . 5 - 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Nimaling (4730m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 7

    Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day

    Overnight In: Nimaling (4730m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 8


    From Nimaling (4780m ) To Chuskirmo (4140m ), Via - Kongmaru La (5130m ) . 6 - 7 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Chuskirmo (4140m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 9

    Trek, Drive

    From Chuskirmo (4140m ) To Leh (3500m ), Via - Shang Sumdo (3730m ) . 5 - 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Leh (3500m )
    Accommodation: Hotel
    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch
+ Fixed Departure Dates

Is On Dynamic Pricing. Trek cost decreases with increased participation. Same Cost applies to all members as per actual batch size.

* click on the month name to see the dates

We do not organize fixed departures for this trip.

If you want to do this trek with us, please fill this form to Request A Customized Private Trip Plan just for your team members. We will get back to you with all the details specific to your personalized requirements

+ Package Cost Inclusions


  • 1 Medical Expert + Certified Technical Climbing/Trek Leader.
  • 1 Dedicated Pre-Trek Orientation Expert
  • 1 Dedicated Pre-Trek Coordinator
  • 1 Local Route Guide.
  • 1 Assistant Route Guide/ Technical Help ( for group size between 8 - 15 ).
  • 1 Cook + Required Kitchen Helpers.
  • Required Camp Helpers.
  • Required Evacuation Helpers.
  • All camping equipment including Dining and Toilet Tents.
  • Sleeping bags with fleece liners for warmth and hygiene.
  • All meals on Treks suited for high altitude.
  • 3 meals, i.e BLD with morning and evening teas, evening snacks, dessert and hot drinks after dinner
  • All safety trek gears as required.
  • High Altitude Medical kit with oxygen cylinders.
  • All permits required for trekking in Hemis National Park, Peak Royalties and Climbing Fees.
  • All staff, their wage, insurances, transfers to and from their home and meals.
  • Accommodation for 3 nights in Leh ( room + breakfast )
  • All transfers from Leh to Leh for the trek
  • Offloading of personal load upto 10 Kgs per trekker on Yaks/Horses/Porters
  • Complimentary airport pickup and drop
+ Package Cost Exclusions


  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Personal Purchases
  • Food Purchased Outside Our Menu
  • Personal Gears
  • Lunch and Dinner in Leh
  • Bottled Water or Any Other Drinks
  • Anything else not mentioned in inclusion list
+ Mandatory Packing List
  • 3 sets of DryFit Tshirts
  • 2 set of track pants (no jeans)
  • 4 sets of socks ( 2 cottons, 2 woollen)
  • 1 or 2 set of thermal inner ( upper & lower)
  • Fleece Jacket or Pullovers
  • Down Jacket (can be rented from us )
  • Waterproof High Ankle Trekking Shoes (can be rented from us )
  • Waterproof/Windproof Trekking Trouser (can be rented from us  )
  • Waterproof/Windproof Trekking Jacket (can be rented from us  )
  • Headlamp (can be rented from us  )
  • Trek Pole, Waterproof Gloves, Poncho, Rucksack, Fleece Inner Gloves, Waterproof Gloves, Gaiters, Spikes, Sleeping Bag Inners ( provided by us as complimentary use )
  • Polaroid UV Protected Sunglasses or Snow/Glacier Goggles
  • 2 Water Bottles & Tiffin Box with Spoon, 1 cup
  • Skull Cap Wollen or Fleece
  • Toilet Paper Roll, Wet Tissue
  • Personal Care Kit ( lip balm, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc )
  • Personal Medical Kit (basic or regular medicines )
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4.86 of 430

Excellent: 387
Very Good: 34
Good: 5
Average: 1
Bad: 3

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Rules Of Cancellation: 

  1. Up to 7 days or more before the trek start date  - Full Refund of the total paid amount
  2. Between 7 days to 0 days before the trek start date - No refund. Free rescheduling or transfer of slot is allowed.
  3. Transfer Of Seat to Different Batch/ Trek: No Loss Of Money, valid up to 1 year from Invoice date. It can be availed up to 5 days before Trek Start Date by sending an email.
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  5. Validity: This rule is only applicable for treks below 6000 meters and not graded as Challenging or Challenging+


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