Milam Glacier Trek

Milam Glacier Trek

Details Of The Milam Glacier Trek

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Key Himalayan Geographical Offerings Of The Milam Glacier Trek

23 Popular Peaks:
Burphu Dhura ( 6334m ), Hardeol ( 7151m ), Nanda Devi ( 7816m ), Nanda Gond ( 6315m ), Nanda Khat ( 6611m ), Nanda Kot ( 6861m ), Nanda Pal ( 6306m ), Panch Chuli I ( 6904m ), Panch Chuli II ( 6355m ), Panch Chuli III ( 6312m ), Panch Chuli IV ( 6334m ), Panch Chuli V ( 6437m ), Rishi Pahar ( 6997m ), Sunanda Devi ( 7434m ), Tirsuli ( 7074m ), Tirsuli West ( 7035m ), Mangraon ( 6568m ), Deo Damla ( 6637m ), Bamchu ( 6266m ), Sakram ( 6254m ), Latu Dhura ( 6392m ), Kalganga Dhura ( 6201m ), Bilju ( 5560m )
1 High Passes:
Birj Ganga Pass ( 4685m )
10 Mind-boggling Glaciers:
Shalang Glacier, Milam Glacier, Lawan Glacier, Pachu Glacier, Surajkund Glacier, Ikualari Glacier, Bilanlari Glacier, Sakram Glacier, West Bamchu Glacier, Mangroan Glacier
6 Tranquil Rivers:
Lawan Gad, Shalang Gad, Pachu Gad, Gori Ganga, Burphu Gad, Goankha Gad
9 Beautiful Remote Villages:
Lilam, Bogudiyar, Rilkot, Martoli, Burphu, Pachu , Milam, Tola, Ghangar
1 National Parks Or Forest Reserve:
Nanda Devi Outer Sanctuary

Why Should You Do The Milam Glacier Trek

  • Nandadevi is India's highest 'self-owned' peak at 7816 meters. Its an elegant looking mountain with its signature peak.
  • Nandadevi East is one of the twin peak of Nandadevi at 7434 meters
  • Milam glacier, the source of Gori Ganga and the largest glacier of the area. It is fed by 7 other parallel glaciers namely Timphu glacier, Sakram glacier, West Bamchu glacier, Mangraon glacier,  Surajkund glacier, Ikualari glacier, Bilanlari glacier
  • Beautiful view of Trishuli, Nandakot, Nandadevi, Hardeol, Mangraon, Sakram, Bamchu, Deo Damla, Latu Dhura, etc and other peaks of Nepal
  • An excellent oppurtunity to experience some of the most remote villages of Kumaon Himalayas and its landscape
  • Aditionally, explore the deep valleys of Shalang and Lawan gad

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Milam glacier is the source of the river Gori Ganga and is one of the biggest glaciers of the region. The glacier is fed by 7 other glaciers namely Timphu glacier, Sakram glacier, West Bamchu glacier, Mangraon glacier,  Surajkund glacier, Ikualari glacier, Bilanlari glacier.

The route of this trek is the same as that of Nanda Devi East Base camp until Pachu, from where the trek to the base camp of Nanda to Milam Glacier.

The starting point of the trek - Munsiayari itself is a very beautiful hamlet in the lap of the Himalayan peaks. The 5 peaks of Panchachuli, twin peaks of Nandadevi, Trishuli, Hardeol, Nandakot, and glimpses other peaks including those of the neighboring Nepal makes this trek a wonderful and picturesque journey.

The village of Milam, Lilam, Martoli, Pachu and other villages on the route gives lot of insights into the local life and culture. It is perhaps the best way to explore the Kumaon Himalayas and also understand the Himalayan geography

Covid19 Safety Protocol For Himalayan Treks

We had started our treks from October 2020 and since then we have served many trekkers without any problems related to covid. Thanks to our safety protocol and SOW.

Covid Negative RT-PCR Test Report or Vaccination Certificate Is Mandatory To Trek With Us.

All our permanent staffs have completed their vaccination and we ensure we hire other vaccinated local resources only.

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  • 📅 Duration: 11 days/ 11 nights, Munsiari to Munsiari
  • 🔼 Highest Altitude: 3800m
  • 🛑 Grade: Moderate + ( know trek grades )
  • 👍 Best Time: May Jun Sep Oct
  • 🌄 Terrain: Meadows, forest , snow field, muddy, rocky, glacial moraine, ravine
  • 🏃 Activity Type: Trek
  • 🔄 Trail Type: Same Exit Entry Point
  • 🚩 Starts From: Munsiari
  • 🚩 Ends In: Munsiari
  • 🌏 Region: India - Uttrakhand
  • 🎌 Country: India
  • 🛪 Nearest Airport: Pantnagar, Uttrakhand
  • 🚉 Nearest Rail Head: Kathgodam, Uttrakhand
  • 🙏 Travel Guide: Where and How To Reach Munsiari
  • 📶 Mobile Network: BSNL on higher reaches
  • 🌐 Internet Option: No
  • 🌞 Temperatures:
  • 🔒 Is Cloak Room Available: Yes
  • 🍵 Generic Food Menu: Indian, Garhwali, Kumaoni, Nepalese
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+ Short Travel Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrive Munsiari by Evening
  • Day 2: Explore Munsiari and get the permits
  • Day 3: Munsiari to Lilam
  • Day 4: Lilam to Bogudiyar
  • Day 5: Bugdiar to Rilkot
  • Day 6: Rilkot to Martoli to Burphu
  • Day 7: Burphu to Milam. Visit Milam Glacier
  • Day 8: Milam to Rilkot
  • Day 9: Rilkot to Bogudiyar
  • Day 10: Bogudiyar to Lilam
  • Day 11: Lilam to Munsiyari


Aditional Explorations:

  1. Explore Shalang Gad and Glacier ( 1 day, from Martoli )
  2. Explore Lawan Gad and Glacier ( 2 day, from Martoli )
  3. Explore Longstaff's Col, Nanda Devi East Advanced Base Camp( 3 day, from Martoli )
  4. Explore Pachu Glacier and Nanda Devi East Base Camp ( 2 day, from Pachu )
  5. Explore Ralam Gad and Glacier ( 4 extra day, from Martoli )
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4.9 of 440

Excellent: 397
Very Good: 34
Good: 5
Average: 1
Bad: 3

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