Landrover Tour Of Sandakphu And Phalut

Sandakphu Phalut Land Rover Safari

Witness the phenomenal presence and beauty of Kanchenjunga and The Sleeping Buddha from sandakphu - The highest point of West Bengal

Details Of The Sandakphu Phalut Land Rover Safari

Rs. 9950/-
HH Premium Trek(read more)
Batch Size:
25 - 40 <12
Extra cost of Rs. 3000 applicable for foreigners for higher permit cost and other specific arrangements. International Trekkers need to go through manual invoicing upon remittance of the partial booking fees using PayPal, Transferwise, Western Union or Direct Wire Transfer. Remaining trek fees can be paid upon arrival in India and meeting our trek leader

Above cost is assumed for 4-5 people team. Actual Cost is subject to the actual team size joining the trek and requested customizations. Higher team size will lower the cost while lower team size will significantly increase the cost. Assummed Inclusions can be read on Cost Inclusions

Add Ons:
1 Extra Night In Kalipokhari On Return: Rs.2300
1 Day Trek From Sandakphu To Phalut: Rs.1200
Downhill Trek From Phalut To Srikhola ( + 2 Days ): Rs.3000

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Key Himalayan Geographical Offerings Of The Sandakphu Phalut Land Rover Safari

20 Popular Peaks:
Chamlang ( 7319m ), Chomo Lonzo ( 7818m ), Jannu ( 7710m ), Machhapuchhare ( 6993m ), Makalu ( 8462m ), Mount Everest ( 8850m ), Nuptse ( 7861m ), Chomolhari ( 7314m ), Kanchenjunga ( 8586m ), Rathong ( 6679m ), Kabru N ( 7353m ), Koktang ( 6147m ), Simvo ( 6812m ), Frey ( 5853m ), Kabru S ( 7318m ), Kabru Dome ( 6600m ), Kabru Forked ( 6100m ), Pandim ( 6691m ), Tenchenkhang ( 6010m ), Jupono ( 5650m )
1 High Passes:
Singalila Top ( 3700m )
1 Serene Lakes:
Kalapokhari ( 3012m )
3 Beautiful Remote Villages:
Gairibas, Meghma, Maneybhanjyang
1 National Parks Or Forest Reserve:
Singalila National Park

Why Should You Do The Sandakphu Phalut Land Rover Safari

  • 4 of Worlds highest 8000 meter peaks - Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Kanchenjunga
  • Panorama of more than 26 peaks of Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal. Chomolhari, Narsing, Jupono, Tenchenkhang, Pandim, Simvo, Goecha Peak, Forked Peak, Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna, Frey, Rathong, Koktang, South Kabru, North Kabru, 3 sister peaks, Everest, Makalu, Chamling, Chomolonzo, Lhotse, Nuptse, Baruntse, Macchapucchare, etc
  • The famous 'Sleeping Buddha' - The Kanchenjunga family of mountains appears like a big man lying on his back which is reffered to as holy, and called The Sleeping Buddha. 
  • Rhododendron forest in the Himalayas. Rhododendrons bloom during late March to early July.
  • Birding and animal sight, if lucky.
  • Sandakphu, West Bengal's highest point is famous for the deadly aconite flowers.
  • Sunrise and sunset on snow cladded mountain peaks making them look like golden crowns.
  • Lepcha and Nepali cultural trek. Lepchas are the intrinsic tribes of Darjeeling region.
  • Borderline treks which swings between India and Nepal multiple times. The villages that comes on the way are very beautiful.
  • 📅 Duration: 4 Days, 3 Nights
  • 🔼 Highest Altitude: 3636m
  • 🛑 Grade: Easy ( know trek grades )
  • 👍 Best Time: Jan - May, Sep - Dec
  • 🌄 Terrain: Rhododendron forest, alpine meadows
  • 🏃 Activity Type: Click
  • 🔄 Trail Type: Same Exit Entry Point
  • 🚩 Starts From: Maneybhanjyang
  • 🚩 Ends In: Maneybhanjyang
  • 🌏 Region: India - Darjeeling Sikkim
  • 🎌 Country: India
  • 🛪 Nearest Airport: Bagdogra, West Bengal
  • 🚉 Nearest Rail Head: New Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
  • 🙏 Travel Guide: Where and How To Reach Maneybhanjyang
  • 📶 Mobile Network: Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL in Siliguri, Maneybhanjyang and Srikhola. On the trek trail, Vodafone and BSNL works on some locations like Chitre, Tonglu, Kayakatta, Molley.
  • 🌐 Internet Option: 4g in Siliguri, Maneybhanjyang and Srikhola. Limited 2G on the trail. Almost None.
  • 🌞 Temperatures: -5 to 7 during winters. -1 to 10 during summers. Upper reaches are colder. Lower reaches are warm
  • 🔒 Is Cloak Room Available: Yes
  • 🍵 Generic Food Menu: Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan

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sandakphu on landrovert

Sandakphu is a very popular place and the highest point of West Bengal. It offers a great view of over 26 famous peaks of the Himalayas including the Everest and Kanchenjunga. The cluster of Everest has 3 of the tallest mountains in the World namely Everest itself along with Lhotse and Makalu. The panorama extends till the Annapurna range and slight pinch of Macchapucchare. While towards the right, the Kanchenjunga Massif along with its family forms the Sleeping Buddha with 16 other peaks. The view of the sun rising and the glowing mountains in the golden cover are just breathtaking and simply unbelievable.

People often take an easier way to reach Sandakphu and Phalut and the landrover road helps many Himalayan lovers who wish to witness the beauty of the Sandakphu. The Landrover safari takes you through the Singalila National Park on a rough road, It follows the route of Maneybhanjyang - Tumling - Kalipokhari - Sandakphu - Phalut - Maneybhanjyang. On popular demand, we have opened the landrover tour package of Sandakphu and Phalut which works as the best plan to visit this place. It takes care of all the hassles and you are just required to arrive in NJP or Bagdogra. We will pick you up and drop you back. All of the rest is covered in the package. Read more details.

The Everest Cluster extending to the Annapurna range as seen from Sandakphu and Phalut
The Everest Cluster extending to the Annapurna range as seen from Sandakphu and Phalut

Lali Guras or Red Rhododendrons
Lali Guras or Red Rhododendrons

Interesting Customizations To Sandakphu Phalut Landrover Safari:


Adding Extra Night In Kalipokhari On Return:

Kalipokhari is a beautiful lake enroute Sandakphu. While we move towards Sandakphu on Day 2 of our plan, we do get the time and see this lake nicely. However, spending a night here in the beautiful village, which is mostly covered by fog and mist. The local homestays are beautiful which are further topped up with warm hospitality and awesome food! Kalippokhari is a very good location for sitting animals and especially the innumerous birds of the Singalila National Park. A small stroll with the camera out of the main village will open up immense opportunities for wildlife sighting on this route.

small chorten near kalipokhari
small chorten near kalipokhari


Trekking From Sandakphu To Phalut Within The Same Itinerary:

On the same plan as above, we can add a small trek between Ssandakphu to Phjalut which is the best trekking route on this route. The route is quite and winds through the forest of Magnolias and Rhododendrons and innumerous other wildflowers. The forest opens up as a wide meadow giving long and unrestricted views of the Mount Everest and its neighbouring peaks like Lhotse, Makalu, Chamlang, Chomolonzo, etc. It's an unbelievable panorama to witness and walking beside it with is just so refreshing. Although the distance between Sandakphu and Phalut is 21 Kilometers, the trail is flattish and takes about 7 hours of walk to reach Phalut from Sandakphiu. To ease out on the difficulties, the Landrover can wait for you in Sabargram and reduce 7 Kilometers of the trek. Do note that Sabargram top offers one of the best views of the mountains around.

Kanchenjunga with Kabru Sisters
Kanchenjunga with Kabru Sisters as seen from Sandakphu and Phalut


Trekking Downhill From Phalut To Srikhola ( + 2 Days ):

Here is a plan that extracts the best out of this entire region with minimum effort. That is driving till Phalut and then trekking down to Srikhola via Gorkhey. This irradicates all the difficulties of the Sandakphu Phalut trek as you do the climbs on the landrover, and descend down from Phalut till Srikhola, which is not as difficult as ascending to Sandakphu from Maneybhanjyang. Also, it gives you the experience of trekking in the wild forest of the Himalayas and makes out a way to visit Gorkhey and Samanden, which is very beautiful, serene and full of birds around. The descend down to Gorkhey will be a descend of about 10 kilometres and will take you around 4 - 5 hours. It's through the forest. We will stay the night in Gorkhey.

Next Day, we will start our trek in the morning and descend down to Srikhola. The trek route os beautiful through the deep forest of the Singalila National Park and it takes about 5 hours to complete the descend via Samanden and Rammam. Vehicles will be waiting for you in Srikhola and after having a farewell lunch in Sepi, we will bid goodbyes with a promise to meet again in the mountains somewhere else.

Beautiful offroad to Phalut
Beautiful offroad to Phalut

Sandakphu Phalut Land Rover Safari Package - Daywise Detailed Itinerary

Day 1From New Jalpaiguri To Tumling, Via - Mirik, Maneybhanjyang ( 110 Kms,5 hours )

Drive Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day: Pick up from NJP or Bagdogra early morning and drive to Tumling

Day 2From Tumling To Sandakphu, Via - Kalapokhri, Gairibas ( 14 Kms,3 hours )

Drive Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day: Drive from Tumling to Sandakphu

Day 3From Sandakphu To Molley . Excursion to Phalut ( 24 Kms,4 hours )

Drive Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day: Drive from Sandakphu to Phalut, Via Sabargram. Overnight in Phalut / Molley,

Day 4From Molley To New Jalpaiguri / Bagdogra, Via - Sandakphu, Maneybhanjyang ( 120 Kms,6 hours )

Drive Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
  • Molley: 3350 meters / 10988 feet
  • Sandakphu: 3636 meters / 11927 feet
  • Maneybhanjyang: 2050 meters / 6724 feet
  • New Jalpaiguri / Bagdogra: 200 meters / 656 feet
Brief Details Of The Day: Drive from Sandakphu to NJP/ Bagdogra via Tumling, Maneybhanjyang, Mirik.

Covid19 Safety Protocol For Himalayan Treks

We had started our treks from October 2020 and since then we have served many trekkers without any problems related to covid. Thanks to our safety protocol and SOW.

Covid Negative RT-PCR Test Report or Vaccination Certificate Is Mandatory To Trek With Us.

All our permanent staffs have completed their vaccination and we ensure we hire other vaccinated local resources only.

Read more on Safe trekking in the Himalayas during COVID-19
Media Gallery For Sandakphu Phalut Land Rover Safari

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+ Short Travel Itinerary

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  • Day 1


    Arrival Day
    From New Jalpaiguri (200m ) To Tumling (2800m ), Via - Mirik (1500m ), Maneybhanjyang (2040m ). 5 Hrs. 110 Kms
    Overnight In: Tumling (2800m )
    Accommodation: Homestay
    Meals Included: Lunch, Evening tea with snacks, Dinner
    Cost Of Transport Included: YES
  • Day 2


    From Tumling (2800m ) To Sandakphu (3636m ), Via - Kalapokhri (3180m ), Gairibas (2832m ). 3 Hrs. 14 Kms
    Overnight In: Sandakphu (3636m )
    Accommodation: Homestay
    Meals Included: Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea & Snacks, Dinner
  • Day 3


    From Sandakphu (3635m ) To Molley (3350m ) . Excursion to Phalut (3600m ). 4 Hrs. 24 Kms
    Overnight In: Molley (3350m )
    Accommodation: Homestay
    Meals Included: Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea & Snacks, Dinner
  • Day 4


    Departure Day
    From Molley (3350m ) To New Jalpaiguri / Bagdogra (200m ), Via - Sandakphu (3636m ), Maneybhanjyang (2050m ). 6 Hrs. 120 Kms
    Overnight In: New Jalpaiguri / Bagdogra (200m )
    Accommodation: None
    Meals Included: Morning Tea, Breakfast
    Cost Of Transport Included: YES
+ Fixed Departure Dates
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We do not organize fixed departures for this trip.

If you want to do this trek with us, please fill this form to Request A Customized Private Trip Plan just for your team members. We will get back to you with all the details specific to your personalized requirements

+ Package Cost Inclusions

  • Transportion between NJP / Bagdogra and Maneybhanjyang in Sumo, bolero, xylo or similar
  • Transportation between Maneybhanjyang Phalut in Land Rovers
  • All meals from Lunch on Day 1 till lunch on last day
  • 3 nights of Accommodation in local Homestays
  • 1 Mandatory Local Guide
  • National Park Entry Permit
  • Safety Medical Kit, Oxygen Cylinders, Thermal Guns and Oximeters
  • Free Adventure Insurance Cover of 2 Lakhs

+ Package Cost Exclusions

  • Any meals outside our menu
  • Any drinks, alcohol or mineral water bottles
  • Travel Insurance Before reaching NJP
  • National Park Permit for camera and video cameras, etc
  • Anything else not included in inclusion list

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