Stok Kangri - An Unplanned Climb

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The Decision

Leh by default meant Stok Kangri to me. I had thought to do it after my Basic Mountaineering Course, but since I was there already without any plans, I decided to put an effort to summit it.


The Plan

The plan was simple. I had my own tent and  sleeping bag. Trusting my trail finding sense, I decided to do it on my own. A 3 day plan.

Day 1: Leh to Stok Village to Mankormo
Day 2: Mankormo to Base Camp
Day 3: Base Camp to Summit to Leh


The Execution

My bag felt too heavy. I was too sceptical about my chances of summit with it, so I thought I would hire a porter to carry it for me. My this decision was not a wise decision at all, as eventually I ended up carrying my bag, and paying money too !!


The Chilling Sleepless Night Of Mankormo

I was very confident of my new feather sleeping bag, a duplicate North Face. I knew it was duplicate, but I trusted the down. However, it was not put to test yet.

Mankormo is a cold campsite before Stok Kangri base camp, more so because of the river flowing by the campsite. As night drew in, It started to become even colder..

I was carrying a 3 man tent as that was the only tent I had. Sleeping in the 3 man tent, alone, inside a duplicate NF sleeping bag, in the very cold campsite of Mankormo was a test of my patience. One more thing - I did not have a mattress too !!

Somehow I saw off that sleepless night.


Friendship Enroute. A Rescue From The Cold Too !!

As I started the trek from Stok Village, 2 other guys were trekking on their own as well. Vivek and Himanshu.

Initially, less talks, but a friendly warmth was shared. They were to use the Fixed Camp service which I too used for food.

After my sleepless night, I shared my experience with them and requested them to share my tent, which would help me keep warm, and in return, save them tent charge. They showed friendliness and welcomed my idea.

In return, Vivek was carrying an Alpine stove, and said that we could cook some tea, soup and maggi before we start our push to the summit together, around 1AM in the night. It was welcoming for me, otherwise, I had planned to push for the summit day on cashews, chocolate bars and candies. Something warm was good to have !!


The Summit Push

Post midnight, we woke up to make tea and soupy noodles. After having it, we started our bet for the summit.

On the trail that night were we and a group of students who returned back very soon. A group of few Koreans had left an hour before us.

It was very chilly outside, and may be I took over precaution for it. Soon, I started feeling uncomfortable for wearing too many clothes. I did not have a Head Lamp, so was carrying a hand torch. The pockets of my jacket was designated for 2 water bottles, and pockets of trouser for chocolate bar, candies and some cashews. My camera bag hung from my shoulder.

We crossed the glacier soon and found outselves on a lost trail. We kept patience and kept moving eyeing the peak and using our senses. After walking on the scree zone for sometime, we got back the trail. The windings that climbed up to felt very boring  but we had to cross it. At dawn, we were just below the shoulder. The ridge walk from the shoulder to summit was the best part of the trek. I always like a trek which makes you forget the time. It was one of those. Soon, I stood on the Summit



The View From The Summit

While taking permission from IMF office in Leh, I was briefed about sighting K2, Nanga Parvat, Nun Kun from the summit. I might have seen those peaks, but very insignificantly smaller to make any difference. Views of Markha Valley down below was amazing. So were the other peaks of Ladakh.





The Return From Summit.

I had to reach Leh the same day, so I sped up on my return climbing down straight taking a short cut. At 11 AM, I was back to the base camp having a hot bowl of maggi.

It started to snow as if congratulating us on the success. Few blue sheeps came down to greet us as well !! I gave the plan of going down to Leh leaving such a wonderful place. I was in no hurry too !! So I ordered a beer !!

Next day, we started at ease to reach Leh by afternoon.




Riding The Nubra Valley


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