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Goechala Dzongrila Twin Pass Trek

A walk into the serene divinity, right beneath the goddess mountain of the mighty Kanchenjunga. One of the very old and heat trek of Sikkim and North East Himalayas.

Details Of The Goechala Dzongrila Trek

Rs. 28000/-
HH Premium Trek(read more)
Batch Size:
25 - 40 <12
Extra cost of Rs. 3000 applicable for foreigners for higher permit cost and other specific arrangements. International Trekkers need to go through manual invoicing upon remittance of the partial booking fees using PayPal, Transferwise, Western Union or Direct Wire Transfer. Remaining trek fees can be paid upon arrival in India and meeting our trek leader

Above cost is assumed for 4-5 people team. Actual Cost is subject to the actual team size joining the trek and requested customizations. Higher team size will lower the cost while lower team size will significantly increase the cost. Assummed Inclusions can be read on Cost Inclusions

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Key Himalayan Geographical Offerings Of The Goechala Dzongrila Trek

12 Popular Peaks:
Kanchenjunga ( 8586m ), Talung ( 7349m ), Rathong ( 6679m ), Kabru N ( 7353m ), Koktang ( 6147m ), Simvo ( 6812m ), Kabru S ( 7318m ), Kabru Dome ( 6600m ), Kabru Forked ( 6100m ), Pandim ( 6691m ), Tenchenkhang ( 6010m ), Jupono ( 5650m )
2 High Passes:
Goecha La ( 4950m ), Zemu Gap ( 5878m )
4 Serene Lakes:
Goecha Lake ( 4775m ), Samity Lake ( 4301m ), Goecha Lake 2 ( 4795m ), Goecha Lake 3 ( 4699m )
1 Mind-boggling Glaciers:
Talung Glacier
1 Tranquil Rivers:
Prek Chu
1 Beautiful Remote Villages:
1 National Parks Or Forest Reserve:
Khanchendzonga National Park

Why Should You Do The Goechala Dzongrila Trek

  • Kanchenjunga 8586m - World's 3rd highest peaks. With this trek, view Kanchenjunga massif standing tall right in front of you, at a stone throw distance
  • Panorama of peaks in Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal. Jupono, Tenchenkhang, Pandim, Simvo, Goecha Peak, Forked Peak, Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna, Rathong, Koktang, South Kabru, North Kabru, Black Kabru, etc.
  • Trek through the rhododendron forest in the Himalayas. Rhododendrons bloom during late March to early July.
  • Birding and animal sight, if lucky.
  • Goecha La 5000m and Goecha Lake is at a super altitude and adds thrill to the trek.
  • Sunrise and sunset on the mountain peaks.
  • Sikkimese Subba and Limboo cultural trek.

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goechala trek

In the far east corner of the Indian Himalayas, there exist a small state of Sikkim inhabited by the culturally rich, warm and welcoming people. Here people of all tribes, namely Bhutias, Lepchas, Limboos, Subbas and Rai, all live together in a rich cultural harmony making this place a touristic heaven. Here, the dzos and yaks are the family members, and the mighty Kanchenjunga fathers them all.


With Kanchenjunga standing huge, right in front of you on Goecha La at 5000 meters, the tear shaped Goecha Lake, Jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets on the snow cladded high Himalayan peaks, A panorama of more than 16 peaks from Dzongri top, dense Himalayan forests, its rivers and meadows, rhododendrons, yaks ... Dzongri Goechala is a trek you will fall in love with. Once you do Goechala trek, you will feel like doing it again and again... such a beautiful trek it is.



Goecha La ( high altitude pass in Tibetan) is a pass in the Prek Chu ( river in Tibetan) Valley of the Western Sikkim region. It merges the ridge of the elegant and Godly Pandim with that of the small Goecha Peak. Towards its north lies the Talung Glacier and Kanchenjunga - The Third highest Mountain of the World is at a stone's throw distance from the pass. The trek to it crosses the vast meadow and pasture land of Thansing, the serene Samity Lake and the rough Zemathang plains. It is all surrounded by some of the most elegant looking peaks in the Himalayas, namely the Holy Pandim, Tenchenkhang, Jupono on the right, Forked Kabru and other Kabru group of peaks on the left and the mighty Kanchenjunga straight forward rising up high, very high infact..


Dzongri La is another high altitude pass in the Oklathang Valley and serves as the gateway to the Rathong Glacier, Rathong La and then finally into Nepal. Its can be done as a short escursion from Dzongri. The pass top is one of the most spectacular places opn the Earth. Surrounded by the mighty and holy peaks of the Kabru, specifically the Black Kabru, it makes one of the very divine places to trek to. All the peaks of this valley are considered very holy and are worshipped by the locals of Sikkim.


sunrise from dzongri top
sunrise from dzongri top


The trek starts from Yuksom, a small village in West Sikkim. It was the ancient capital of Sikkim. As soon as you touch the roads of Sikkim, the positive energy of Buddhism starts to take over your heart. The cool wind furling the prayer flags gives you peace. The smiling face welcoming you with warmth makes you feel pleasant. The trek takes you through thick dense forest crossing multiple tributaries of Rangeet river to get you above the tree line after 3 days. The peaks of Kanchenjunga, Pandim, Tenchenkhang and Jupono sees you over continuously motivating you to reach closer to them, and at Goecha La, you feel like you are just few kilometers away from touching the Godly mountain.


goechala trek
Goecha lake

Words can only put a limit to describe this trek. The feeling is ecstatic and indescribable. May be the photos help a bit.


Join our trek to gift yourself a fulfilling experience of the Goechala trek, Sikkim and the Himalayas.




The Kanchenjunga National Park has declared the area beyond the View Point 1 as a Wild Habitat Zone and trekkers, including Locals are no longer allowed to visit Goechala. The last point that we could go on this trek is till View Point 1 only

Goechala Dzongrila Trek Package - Daywise Detailed Itinerary

Day 1Arrival In Yuksom

Drive Day

Brief Details Of The Day:

 Get set to take one of the most picturesque drive in the Himalayas following the Teesta and Rangeet river to the beautiful village of Yuksom in West Sikkim. Soon after you leave Bagdogra or the New Jalpaiguri railway station, in some time you start climbing the swirls with great views all around. While the deep gorge of the Teesta keeps you excited, the monkeys on the other side of the road are fun to watch. The road passes by Jorethang, the last big town where you can buy the last missed stuffs. The monasteries and furling prayer flags doesn't let you feel bored and soon you find yourself in Yuksom.

Checkin to your Hotel

Evening Snacks with team introduction, brief the trek plan.

Day 2From Yuksom To Sachen ( 8 Kms,3 - 4 hours )

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we start our trek. An exciting morning after a good night sleep in our comfortable cosy bed. A cup of hot tea feels just perfect to start off the day.

We start our day at ease and hit the trail within a comfortable time as the day is short and easy. We resolve few last moment formalities and get set for the day. As soon as we leave Yuksom and enter the forest, our hearts are taken right away by the beauty of the typical Sikkimese lush green deep forest. We cross 3 river bridges before reaching our campsite.

Sachen is a very small campsite right in the middle of the thick, dense forests. After sunset, it gets pitch dark here.

Day 3From Sachen To Tshoka , Via - Bakhim ( 7 Kms,3 - 4 hours )

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

A short but good warm up trek today. The trail goes up and down through the deep forest, crossing another river bridge. From here, the trail continuously climbs steeply to reach Bakhim marked by a tea /maggi shop, an abandoned lodge and a trekkers hut. We just cant move forward without having maggi here. Its a reward which we can give ourself for having covered the distance till now.

After a course of maggi and tea, we head towards Tshoka, which is 2 kms of steep climb from here. Tshoka is the biggest settlement on this trek with a monastery, Lake and few tea houses. The peaks of Tenchenkhang, Pandim and Jupono hovers over and makes them visible for the first time in the trek.

After lunch, we head out to explore the place with our cameras. There are lot to capture the memories for the future, although the feeling which you feel right at that time is just to be lived which remains sharp in your memories.

Day 4From Tshoka To Dzongri , Via - Phedang , Deurali Top ( 10 Kms,5 - 6 hours )

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

We wake up to a scenic morning at Tshokha with the views of Pandim, Tenchenkhang. Jupono. With a hot cup off tea, we get ready for the day. Today is slightly difficult as compared to the last 2 days. The distance is more and the climb up to Phedang and Deorali top is continuously steep from Tshoka.

As soon as we start, the trail starts to climb up steeply. During spring season, this trail blooms with Lali Guras, (Rhododendron). Phedang is marked by a flat meadow with a trekkers hut. View of the mountain peaks are towards your right from here. A quite rest for some time and then its another hour of steep climb from here till Deorali Top after which the trail eases out.

We have our packed lunch at Deorali Top. It is marked by Buddhist prayer flags furling over a small meadow, with tall trees surrounding all round. Views of Kanchenjunga and other peaks from here makes this place very picturesque. Its the highest point on today's trail. From here, the trail goes up and down on the humps with huge juniper bushes on both the sides. After gradually descending for some 20 odd minutes, we reach Dzongiri - A beautiful place with river flowing right through it, 2 small shops and a trekkers hut. We ease out for the day and relax. 

Dzongri translates into 'a meeting point' as per the local language. Rightly so ! Here the trek branches into 3 routes. the one straight goes to Chowrikhang, HMI base camp and Rathong glacier. The one on the left goes towards Singalila and the one on the right goes towards Goechala. 

Day 5Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day. Excursion to Dzongri La , Dzongri Top ( 10 Kms,5 - 6 hours )

Rest Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

We wake up before the dawn to climb up to Dzongri top. From here we witness a natural magic of morning rays of sun light up the snow covered peaks of the region. Its an hours climb from our campsite. When we reach the top, we are mesmerized by what we see. Kanchenjunga gets the first light as its the highest peak and slowly starts turning into a golden beauty. Other peaks of Pandim, Tenchenkhang, Jupono, Kabru, etc slowly join it making it an unbelievable display of Nature's show.

Its about those few moments of glory, after which all the peaks are lighted bright and they loose the golden shine. After a satisfying views of the surrounding panorama, we head back to our campsite, where hot breakfast is waiting for us. Today we relax to acclimatize well for our upcoming days. After breakfast, we trek to Dzongri La, the entrance to the Oklathang Valley. Get set to be mesmerized by the panoramic beauties around Dzongri La surrounded by numerous peaks which are considered Holy and are worshipped by the locals. ;

We return to DZONGRI by evening and rest our for the day

Day 6From Dzongri To Thansing, Via - Kokchurong ( 6 Kms,4 - 5 hours )

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

We start early today and walk towards our right to take a peek into the Prek Chu valley. A small and gentle ascend gets us atop a small unnamed pass from where the Prek Church valley is visible. Pandim appears to be much closer from here. Sharp descend from here gets us to the campsite of Kokchurong - a beautiful campsite with a tourist lodge with the serene Prek Chu river flowing by its side.

Today, we can watch beautiful sunset on the white peaks right from our tents if we wish to. However, the play of the mountains cant just let be inside your tents. Camera and the mountains are your best buddies today. We have early dinner and sleep early tonight as we have to wake up before morning tomorrow to reach Goecha La on a good time for sunrise. 

Day 7Summit Day. From Thansing To Lamuney, Via - Goecha La View Point , Samity Lake ( 16 Kms,7 - 8 hours )

Summit Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

We start at around 3 AM today with packed breakfast. There is no view point for us as we head for the pass.The walk through the silence of the night feels amazing. As we keep walking up, down and flattish, it slowly dawns giving us a sight to die for, cry for and go crazy for. Around 4 hours of walk gives us of the ultimate view of Goecha La and the mighty and divine Kanchenjunga. From here, you stand on the ridge of Pandim, touching it. Kanchenjunga stands right in front of you, almost touchable on the other side of the pass. We see the Goecha Peak, Kabru Forked and Kabru Dome on our left. Tenchenkhang and Jupono behind us. 

We offer prayers and turn back after spending good amount of time there. On return, we spend some more time around Samity Lake and head back for lunch. 

After a rest, we will push down to camp at Lamuney.

Day 8From Lammuney To Tshokha, Via - Kokchurong, Phedang ( 12 Kms,5 - 6 hours )

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

We walk back on our route till Kokchurong. From there, we trek on the curly flattish trail with small humps thorough the forest to reach Phedang. The walk is almost flat. We have our lunch at Phedang and the head steep downhill to Tshoka. 

Day 9From Tshokha To Yuksom , Via - Bakhim, Sachen ( 15 Kms,5 - 6 hours )

Trek Day

Altitude Profile And Geo-Coordinates:
Brief Details Of The Day:

As we leave the mountains behind, we feel sad for it. However, returning to our loved ones motivates us and keeps us going. We trek back on the same trail and cross 4 bridges to reach Yuksom.


After we reach Yuksom, we celebrate our successful trek. Have our last dinner together.  

Day 10Departure From Yuksom

Drive Day

Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we bid good bye and drive back to Yuksom to head towards Home, sweet home. 

Covid19 Safety Protocol For Himalayan Treks

We had started our treks from October 2020 and since then we have served many trekkers without any problems related to covid. Thanks to our safety protocol and SOW.

Covid Negative RT-PCR Test Report or Vaccination Certificate Is Mandatory To Trek With Us.

All our permanent staffs have completed their vaccination and we ensure we hire other vaccinated local resources only.

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  • 📅 Duration: 9 nights, 8 Trek Days, Yuksom to Yuksom
  • 🔼 Highest Altitude: 5000m
  • 🛑 Grade: Moderate + ( know trek grades )
  • 👍 Best Time: Mar - May, Sep - Dec
  • 🌄 Terrain: Rhododendron forest, alpine meadows, rocky
  • 🏃 Activity Type: Trek
  • 🔄 Trail Type: Same Exit Entry Point
  • 🚩 Starts From: Yuksom
  • 🚩 Ends In: Yuksom
  • 🌏 Region: India - Darjeeling Sikkim
  • 🎌 Country: India
  • 🛪 Nearest Airport: Bagdogra, West Bengal
  • 🚉 Nearest Rail Head: New Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
  • 🙏 Travel Guide: Where and How To Reach Yuksom
  • 📶 Mobile Network: Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL till Yuksom
  • 🌐 Internet Option: 3g in Yuksom
  • 🌞 Temperatures:
  • 🔒 Is Cloak Room Available: Yes
  • 🍵 Generic Food Menu: Indian, Tibetan, Nepalese
Media Gallery For Goechala Dzongrila Trek

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+ Short Travel Itinerary

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  • Day 1


    Arrival Day
    From Bagdogra (120m ) To Yuksom (1706m ), Via - Jorethang (350m ), Legship (1900m ). 5 - 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Yuksom (1706m )
    Accommodation: Guest House
    Meals Included: Evening Snacks, Dinner
    Cost Of Transport Included: NO
  • Day 2


    From Yuksom (1706m ) To Sachen (2179m ) . 3 - 4 Hrs. 8 Kms
    Overnight In: Sachen (2179m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 3


    From Sachen (2179m ) To Tshoka (2956m ), Via - Bakhim (2727m ) . 3 - 4 Hrs. 7 Kms
    Overnight In: Tshoka (2956m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 4


    From Tshoka (2956m ) To Dzongri (3960m ), Via - Phedang (3500m ), Deurali Top (3980m ). 5 - 6 Hrs. 10 Kms
    Overnight In: Dzongri (3960m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 5

    Rest / Acclimatization / Local Exploration Day

    Excursion to Dzongri La , Dzongri Top (4300m )5 - 6 Hrs. 10 Kms
    Overnight In: Dzongri (3960m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 6


    From Dzongri (3960m ) To Thansing (3890m ), Via - Kokchurong (3660m ) . 4 - 5 Hrs. 6 Kms
    Overnight In: Thansing (3890m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 7

    Summit Day.

    From Thansing (3896m ) To Lamuney (4150m ), Via - Goecha La View Point (4500m ), Samity Lake (4300m ). 7 - 8 Hrs. 16 Kms
    Overnight In: Lamuney (4150m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 8


    From Lammuney (4150m ) To Tshokha (2956m ), Via - Kokchurong (3660m ), Phedang (3500m ). 5 - 6 Hrs. 12 Kms
    Overnight In: Tshokha (2956m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 9


    From Tshokha (2956m ) To Yuksom (1706m ), Via - Bakhim (2727m ), Sachen (2179m ). 5 - 6 Hrs. 15 Kms
    Overnight In: Yuksom (1706m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 10


    Departure Day
    Departure From Yuksom
    Accommodation: None
    Meals Included: Breakfast
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+ Package Cost Inclusions


  • 1 Medical Expert + Certified Technical Trek Leader.
  • 1 Dedicated Pre-Trek Orientation Expert
  • 1 Dedicated Pre-Trek Coordinator
  • 1 Local Route Guide.
  • 1 Assistant Route Guide ( for group size between 8 - 15 ).
  • 1 Cook + Required Kitchen Helpers.
  • Required Camp Helpers.
  • Required Evacuation Helpers.
  • All camping equipment including Dining and Toilet Tents.
  • Sleeping bags with fleece liners for warmth and hygiene.
  • All meals on Treks suited for high altitude.
  • 3 meals, i.e BLD with morning and evening teas, evening snacks, dessert and hot drinks after dinner
  • All safety trek gears as required.
  • High Altitude Medical kit with oxygen cylinders.
  • All permits required for trekking in Kanchendzonga National Park.
  • All staff, their wage, insurances, transfers to and from their home and meals.
  • Accommodation for 2 nights in Yuksom ( room + breakfast + dinner )

+ Package Cost Exclusions


  • Transfers from Bagdogra/ NJP: Can be arranged on request to be paid on actuals to the driver ( 5500 - 6000 Rs. one way fare. 1 Vehicle Can accommodate 6 people comfortably )
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Personal Purchases
  • Food Purchased Outside Our Menu
  • Personal Baggage Offloading ( at extra cost of INR 3500)
  • Personal Gears
  • Bottled Water or Any Other Drinks
  • Anything else not mentioned in inclusion list

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