Pangarchula Peak Trek

The big and mighty brother of Kedarkantha - taller and much more beautiful

Pangarchula Peak Trek Introduction And Details

Key Himalayan Geographical Offerings Of The Pangarchula Peak Trek

14 Popular Peaks:
Chaukhamba I ( 7138m ), Chaukhamba II ( 7058m ), Chaukhamba III ( 6974m ), Chaukhamba IV ( 6854m ), Dunagiri ( 7066m ), Gauri Parbat ( 6708m ), Hathi Parbat ( 6727m ), Kamet ( 7756m ), Mana Peak ( 7272m ), Nanda Devi ( 7816m ), Nanda Ghunti ( 6309m ), Nilkantha ( 6596m ), Trisul I ( 7120m ), Pangarchula ( 4575m )
1 High Passes:
Kuari Pass ( 3600m )
1 Serene Lakes:
Tali Lake ( 3512m )
1 Tranquil Rivers:
Dhauli Ganga
1 National Parks Or Forest Reserve:
Nanda Devi Outer Sanctuary
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Day 1
Day 1
Karn Prayag
Day 1
Day 2
Day 2
Day 3
D3Gorson's Bugiyal
Day 3
Tali Top
Day 3
Tali Lake
Day 4
Day 4
Kuari Pass
Day 5
D5Pangarchula Summit Camp
Day 5
Pangarchula Summit
Day 6
Day 6
Dano Kharak
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8

Pangarchula Peak Trek Daywise Itinerary

Day 1Arrival In Joshimath

Overnight In: Joshimath (1850m )
Accommodation: Hotel
Meals Included: Evening Snacks, Dinner
Cost Of Transport Included: No
Activity: Drive Day

Journey from Haridwar to Joshimath is a long one, but definitely not a boring one. As you swirl up, you come across the Prayags ( confluence of rivers) of Uttrakhand, coming down from the Himalayan Glaciers on the higher reaches of the Himalayan state. These rivers unite to form the mighty Ganga which flows down Haridwar to rest for India. Ganga is known as the lifeline of India, and Uttrakhand - The Dev Bhoomi ( God's Land)

The streets are colorful too !! 

Travelling in mountain roads for 280 KMS can be really tiring. So take a good sleep in your hotel tonight. 

Day 2From Joshimath To Gorson's Bugiyal, Via - Auli ( 8 Kms,3 hours )

Day 2
1850 - Joshimath
Day 2
2600 - Auli
Day 2
3365 - Gorson's Bugiyal

8Km, 3hrs.

Activity: Drive, Trek Day
Overnight In: Gorson's Bugiyal (3365m )
Accommodation: Tents
Meals Included: All Meals

Today after breakfast, we have a small briefing on the trek and most importantly the team introduction. After we wrap up formalities quickly, we get ready for the trek. Our loads are packed and there we are, ready to hit the trail.

We start the day with a picturesque drive to Auli, a winter ski destination. It takes around 30 - 40 minutes for us to reach Auli from where our trek begins.

Our trek trail is an easy walk for today. We initially trek easy through the oak forest and reach an interesting temple on the way - The Padiyar temple. After offering prayers, we start again and hit the meadows. Gentle walk on it with occasional humps bring us to our destination for the day. If the weather is clear, the campsite already starts to play its magic on you.

Spend the rest of the day exploring the place, as 2 days are very less to explore the Gorsons

Day 3From Gorson's Bugiyal To Khullara, Via - Tali Top, Tali Lake ( 10 Kms,5 - 6 hours )

Day 3
3365 - Gorson's Bugiyal
Day 3
3745 - Tali Top
Day 3
3500 - Tali Lake
Day 3
3400 - Khullara

10Km, 5 - 6hrs.

Activity: Trek Day
Overnight In: Khullara (3400m )
Accommodation: Tents
Meals Included: All Meals

Keep your cameras ready !! Its a beautiful trek today. Walk slow, as the views keep changing and attracting you. Through the windings and humps of the meadow, we graually start to climb up to a well laid trek trail. After climbing up to a cliff, the trail descends down sharply to a deep forest. 

Little further and there we are, a beautiful lake reflecting the grand peak of Dunagiri.. This is the Tali Lake. Spend sone good time here to grasp the beauty. You may chose to munch some food.

A trek through the woods and meadow for another hour brings you to Khullara, a flat meadow offering grand views of Dunagiri, Nandaghunti, Hathi Ghodi, Rishikot, etc.

After lunch, we take a short hike to Pangarchula base camp. 

Day 4From Khullara To Pangarchula Summit Camp, Via - Kuari Pass ( 8 Kms,5 - 6 hours )

Day 4
3400 - Khullara
Day 4
3900 - Kuari Pass
Day 4
3900 - Pangarchula Summit Camp

8Km, 5 - 6hrs.

Activity: Trek Day
Overnight In: Pangarchula Summit Camp (3900m )
Accommodation: Tents
Meals Included: All Meals

Today we begin our day with good time in hand to stand out weather disturbances. We climb up to Kuari Pass top which takes around 3 hours to reach. Once on top, we spend some good amount of time there viewing the peaks of Garhwal and Kumaon.

After spending some good time on the Kuari Pass, we retrace the path to reach Pangarchula Summit Camp

Day 5From Pangarchula Summit Camp To Khullara, Via - Pangarchula Summit

Day 5
3900 - Pangarchula Summit Camp
Day 5
4575 - Pangarchula Summit
Day 5
3400 - Khullara

7 - 8hrs.

Activity: Trek Day
Overnight In: Khullara (3400m )
Accommodation: Tents
Meals Included: All Meals

We have climbed higher on this trek before while climbing to Roopkund an Junargali. However, climbing a peak has its own charm. This region is has a unique gift i.e. a grand panorama of peaks of Garhwal right from Chaukhamba, Kamet, Neelkanth, to Trishul.

We start before dawn to reach the summit just at the right time to witness the most beautiful views of the Himalayas. Your headlamps come to great use here. 

Day 6From Khullara To Joshimath, Via - Dano Kharak, Dhak ( 12 Kms,4 - 5 hours )

Day 6
3400 - Khullara
Day 6
2420 - Dano Kharak
Day 6
2060 - Dhak
Day 6
1850 - Joshimath

12Km, 4 - 5hrs.

Activity: Trek, Drive Day
Overnight In: Joshimath (1850m )
Accommodation: Hotel
Meals Included: All Meals

Starting early, we start to trek down the meadow and then through forest to the village of Dano Kharak. After spending some time there, we trek further down to Dhak village, from where we will board our cab to Joshimath.

A beautiful trek comes to an end, but it will always remain in your heart and memories.

Day 7From Joshimath To Rishikesh ( 250 Kms,8 - 9 hours )

Day 7
1850 - Joshimath
Day 7
555 - Rishikesh

250Km, 8 - 9hrs.

Activity: Drive Day
Overnight In: Rishikesh (552m )
Accommodation: None
Meals Included: Breakfast

We drive back to Rishikesh today bringing an end to a lovely trek

Why Should You Do The Pangarchula Peak Trek

  • The lush green, infinitely unfolding meadow of the Gorsons, which can turn white any time of the year, and as you move your head around, your eyes are gifted with grand views of 4 peaks of Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Mana, Kamet, Hathi, Ghodi, Trishul, Nandaghunti, Nanda Devi, Dunagiri
  • The summit trek to Pangarchula Peak rises above 4500 meters and is not an easy feat. It is challenging and needs proper preparation supported by a professional and strong support team.
  • Nanda Devi Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most revered wildlife sanctuaries in our country and is home to many animals. It is very rich and diverse in flora and fauna. The trek winding up through tall conifers, lush green meadows and myriads of colourful wildflowers offers an awesome and memorable experience on the trek, especially because of the backdrop of some of the tallest mountains in our Country.
  • Tali lake with the reflection of Mount Dunagiri on its surface is a picture-perfect frame in the lap of the mighty Himalayas.
  • The Gorson Bugyal is one of the largest alpine meadows in Uttrakhand

Pangarchula Peak Trek - Elaborate Description

Have you ever wondered how would it feel to be surrounded by a 280 degree panorama of the snowy peaks of Uttrakhand ? While you camp on the lush green, infinitely unfolding meadow of the Gorsons, which can turn white anytime of the year, and as you move your head around, your eyes are gifted with grand views of 4 peaks of Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Mana, Kamet, Hathi, Ghodi, Trishul, Nandaghunti, Nanda Devi, Dunagiri... amazing isn't it ?

Yes, this kind of dreamland exists, as is very easy to be there as well !! All you have to do is to come out of your real dream, pack your bag and head down to Joshimath. Within a day you will be on that very wonderland, from where you would never want to return again !!

Kuari Pass trek in Uttrakhand does give you the luxury to witness the beauty of Himalayan meadows, its forests, lakes, animals, people with its beautiful snow cladded peaks in the background. Its a unique trek and is definitely a photographer's dream destination.

Imagine what ? Topping this trek with a trek to the summit of Pangarchula Peak just gives the apt High to make this trek Not Just beautiful but also change its grade to put some more challenge to it.

Trek with us to the Kuari Pass and experience heaven.. we understand your requirements well !!


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Pangarchula Peak Trek Package Cost Details

** click on the DayNumber to read detailed itinerary for the day

  • Day 1


    Arrival Day
    Arrive In Joshimath (1850m )
    Overnight In: Joshimath (1850m )
    Accommodation: Hotel
    Meals Included: Evening Snacks, Dinner
    Cost Of Transport Included: NO
  • Day 2

    Drive, Trek

    From Joshimath (1850m ) To Gorson's Bugiyal (3365m ), Via - Auli (2600m ) . 3 Hrs. 8 Kms
    Overnight In: Gorson's Bugiyal (3365m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 3


    From Gorson's Bugiyal (3365m ) To Khullara (3400m ), Via - Tali Top (3742m ), Tali Lake (3500m ). 5 - 6 Hrs. 10 Kms
    Overnight In: Khullara (3400m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 4


    From Khullara (3400m ) To Pangarchula Summit Camp (3900m ), Via - Kuari Pass (3900m ) . 5 - 6 Hrs. 8 Kms
    Overnight In: Pangarchula Summit Camp (3900m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 5


    From Pangarchula Summit Camp (3900m ) To Khullara (3400m ), Via - Pangarchula Summit (4575m ) . 7 - 8 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Khullara (3400m )
    Accommodation: Tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 6

    Trek, Drive

    From Khullara (3400m ) To Joshimath (1850m ), Via - Dano Kharak (2417m ), Dhak (2057m ). 4 - 5 Hrs. 12 Kms
    Overnight In: Joshimath (1850m )
    Accommodation: Hotel
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 7


    From Joshimath (1850m ) To Rishikesh (552m ) . 8 - 9 Hrs. 250 Kms
    Overnight In: Rishikesh (552m )
    Accommodation: None
    Meals Included: Breakfast
From Rs. 38000 TO 20000/-
HH Premium Trek
(read more)
Batch Size:
25 - 40 <12

Cost Terms:

  1. The above-mentioned cost is in a range of minimum to maximum per-person cost for this trek as per 2 - 12 people team. Package Inclusions as per this cost can be read on Cost Inclusions.
  2. Going by our standardized service, appropiate safety measures, quality equipment and ecologically sustainable - small group commitment, higher team size will lower the cost whereas a lower team size will significantly increase the cost.
  3. To get the group segmented cost for this trek, please email or contact us on Whatsapp.
  4. The actual per-person cost of the trek is subject to the actual team size joining the trek. If you make any customizations that drastically change the cost as mentioned here, then it will mandatorily have to be a private group only.
  5. If we have dates listed on our website and it is not marked as private, it means other people have booked this trek for that date and have opened it up for other members to join to lower the cost. You may join that group as well as create your own private group.
  6. At any point, the team size cannot be more than 12 members unless there is a unique exception requested or agreed upon by all the team members.

Customized Private Group For Pangarchula Peak Trek

Trekking is a very personal activity and is perhaps one of the very few activities that give you enough time to indulge with yourself or your beloved people, group of special friends, or close family members. It helps you transform personal bonds to the next level as it brings out everyone's best and truest self. Trekking is most enjoyed when it is done in a small private group, personalized to serve your specific needs. The Himalayas are best experienced when there is silence and solitude around and when you are surrounded only by your best people. Your trek is most enjoyable when all the pain of arranging a smooth trek is taken care of by us, and you focus just on your trek and yourself. Most importantly, a small private trekking group is very flexible, personalized and more enjoyable, is the safest and follows the principles of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism. We specialize in and are more popular for arranging Small Customized Private Trekking Groups to the Himalayas. Enquire For Customized Private Trek

INTERNATIONAL GUESTS: Trek cost for foreigners is slightly higher than the cost for our Indian guests, mainly due to the higher permit fee applicable for admission to National Parks or protected forest areas. Sometimes, it may be higher due to higher local crew wages and other specific arrangements we make to ensure a safe, comfortable and enriching travel experience in India. However, we absolutely DO NOT 'hyper-charge' our International guests ever and at the same time, ensure that we meet all the standards for highly qualified trek leaders and guides, safety, medical preparation, evacuation strategy, rescue arrangements, eco-sensitive travel, high-value knowledge sharing about the area and customs of the locals. 

Extra Cost For International Trekkers: Rs. 4000 per person.


Booking Process: Booking can only be done after multiple communitation via email / Whatsapp / Calls. After finalization, booking fees can be paid online or through direct bank transfers. International Trekkers can pay the partial booking fees using PayPal, Transferwise, Western Union or Direct Wire Transfer. The remaining trek fees can be paid upon arrival in India and meeting our trek leader.

Must Read - Important Pre-Booking Information

+ Fixed Departure Dates
* click on the month name to see the dates

We do not organize fixed departures for this trip.

If you want to do this trek with us, please fill this form to Request A Customized Private Trip Plan just for your team members. We will get back to you with all the details specific to your personalized requirements


  • Duration: 7 Days / 6 nights of the trek cost from Joshimath to Joshimath
  • Accommodation In Base Village (Joshimath): 2 nights in a hotel or homestay in Joshimath with emphasis on local organic food and cultural exposure.
  • Accommodation On Trek: Spacious, sturdy and High-Quality Dome Tents will be provided on twin sharing basis.
  • Sleeping In Tents: Thick Waterproof Mattress complemented with Sub Zero Sleeping bags supported with Warm Fleece Sleeping Bag Inners For Extra Hygiene and Warmth will be provided by us
  • Dining On Trek: We will provide Dining and Kitchen Tents with camping stools and table for extra hygiene and comfort.
  • Toilet On Treks: Dry eco-toilet will be set up with a toilet tent and toilet seat.
  • Meals: All meals starting Evening Tea in Joshimath on Day 1 till Breakfast in Joshimath on Day 7 morning. 3 meals (B,L,D) suited for high altitude with evening snacks, soup, hot drinks and extra energizers/juice for summit days
  • Trail Safety: Gaiters, Anti Slip Crampons and Ice Axe depending upon snow conditions.
  • Communication: For efficient management of the trek, the team will be communicating with each other and trek base with the help of long-range wireless sets.
  • Medical Safety: Oxygen cylinder, Pulse Oximeter, Thermal temperature scanner and  Emergency Medical Kit accompanied with a trek leader knowledgeable on high altitude medicine and physiology
  • Trek Leader and Guide: Experienced and Well Equipped English/ Hindi Speaking Trek Leader maintaining guide to trekker ratio of 1:6. That is 1 guide for every 6 trekkers.
  • Local Support Staffs: Expert and Knowledgeable local guide with cooks, helpers, porters, mules, etc
  • Permits: All required forest entry permits and camping fees as per the rules of Nanda Devi National Park
  • Transfers: One-way transfers from Joshimath to Auli and Dhak in 4X4 offroader for the trekking team and support crew.
  • Max Team Size: Small group of not more than 12 members. You can make any batch a private batch by paying a little extra over the base trek fees.
  • Personal Trek Equipments: 9 sets of essential trek gears for complimentary use. ( read below)



9 Personal Trekking Equipment For Free Use:
(No Rent will be charged. Refundable security amount of Rs. 1000 need to be deposited )

  • Gaiters
  • Microspikes / Ice Tracktion Crampons
  • Poncho
  • Trek Pole
  • Rucksack
  • Fleece Inner Gloves
  • Neck Warmer
  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Fleece Sleeping Bag Inner to ensure personal sleeping hygiene



Equipment Available On Rent At Extra Cost

  • High Ankle Waterproof Trekking Shoes (Quechua): Rs 850
  • -20 degrees Down Jackets: Rs. 850
  • Windproof/Waterproof Jackets: Rs. 425
  • Windproof/Waterproof pants: Rs. 425
  • Headlamps: 170

AddOns Available At Extra Cost

  • Single Accommodation Supplement: 2500 per tent for the entire trek
  • Porterage For Personal Baggage: 2000 per bag weighing no more than 11 Kgs


Transport Between Joshimath - Dehradun Can Be Arranged On Request (Cost Of Private Cab Provided Below )

From Dehradoon Airport or Rishikesh

  • Bolero, 8 seater: Rs 8000, one way
  • Ertiga, 6 seater: Rs 9000, one way
  • Innova, 5 seater: Rs 10000, one way


From Dehradun City

  • Bolero, 8 seater: Rs 9000, one way
  • Ertiga, 6 seater: Rs 10000, one way
  • Innova, 5 seater: Rs 11000, one way


  • BAGGAGE OFFLOAD: ( optional at extra cost at Rs. 2000 per bag weighing not more than 11 Kgs)
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Personal Purchases
  • Bottled Water and Food Purchased Outside Our Menu
  • Personal Gears
  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusion list
  • Any Kind of transport from Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar or Joshimath except as mentioned in the inclusion list. We arrange it on extra request and cost.

When Should You Book?

We typically get booked about 2 - 5 months in advance. It is advisable to book this much in advance as you get early bird discounts and also your travel costs like flights/hotels/trains etc are much cheaper and confirmed if you book well in advance.

Rules Of Cancellation: 

If cancellation is done:

  1. Up to 30 days or more before the trek start date  - Full Refund of the total paid amount
  2. Between 30 days to 20 days before the trek start date - 50% refund of the invoiced amount. 30% of the invoice amount will be charged as the cancellation penalty.
  3. Between 20 days to 0 days before the trek start date - No refund. Free rescheduling or transfer of slot is allowed.
  4. Transfer Of Seat to Different Batch/ Trek: No Loss Of Money, valid up to 1 year from Invoice date. It can be availed up to 15 days before Trek Start Date by sending an email.
  5. Transfer of Seat to Friend/ Family: No Loss Of Money, valid up to 1 year from Invoice date. It can be availed up to 5 days before Trek Start Date by sending an email.
  6. Validity: This rule is only applicable for treks between 4000 to 6000 meters and graded as Challenging or Challenging+


Find detailed info on Cancellation & Refund Policy

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Pangarchula Peak Trek Quick Informations

  • 📅 Duration: 7 days/ 6 nights, Joshimath to Joshimath
  • 🔼 Highest Altitude: 4575m
  • 🛑 Grade: Moderate + ( know trek grades )
  • 👍 Best Time: May June, Sep Oct Nov, Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
  • 🌄 Terrain: Meadows, forest , snow field
  • 🏃 Activity Type: Trek
  • 🔄 Trail Type: Same Exit Entry Point
  • 🚩 Starts From: Joshimath
  • 🚩 Ends In: Joshimath
  • 🌏 Region: India - Uttrakhand
  • 🎌 Country: India
  • 🛪 Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehraoon, Uttrakhand
  • 🚉 Nearest Rail Head: Rishikesh, Uttrakhand
  • 🙏 Travel Guide: Where and How To Reach Joshimath
  • 📶 Mobile Network: A;l major network untill Joshimath. Partially available ion trek.
  • 🌐 Internet Option: None after Joshimath
  • 🌞 Temperatures: -10 to 8 degrees in the winters. 5 - 18 degrees in the summers
  • 🔒 Is Cloak Room Available: Yes
  • 🍵 Generic Food Menu: Indian, Garhwali

Covid19 Safety Protocol For Himalayan Treks

We had started our treks from October 2020 and since then we have served many trekkers without any problems related to covid. Thanks to our safety protocol and SOW.

Covid Negative RT-PCR Test Report or Vaccination Certificate Is Mandatory To Trek With Us.

All our permanent staffs are fully vaccinated and we hire vaccinated local resources only to ensure everyone's safety.

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