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Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Trek

Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Trek

A Himalayan High Experience
About The Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Trek

... At first I could see nothing but rocks, then suddenly my wandering gaze was arrested by a little splash of blue, and beyond it were other splashes of blue, a blue so intense it seemed to light the hillside. As Holdsworth wrote: “All of a sudden I realised that I was simply surrounded by primulas. At once the day seemed to brighten perceptibly. Forgotten were all pains and cold and lost porters. And what a primula it was! Its leek-like habit proclaimed it a member of the nivalis section. All over the little shelves and terraces it grew, often with its roots in running water. At the most it stood six inches high, but its flowers were enormous for its stature, and ample in number—sometimes as many as thirty to the beautifully proportioned umbel, and in colour of the most heavenly French blue, sweetly scented.”

In all my mountain wanderings I had not seen a more beautiful flower than this primula; the fine rain-drops clung to its soft petals like galaxies of seed-pearls and frosted its leaves with silver.

Lower, where we camped near a moraine, were androsaces, saxifrages, sedums, yellow and red potentillas, geums, geraniums, asters, gentians, to mention but a few plants, and it was impossible to rake a step without crushing a flower.

Next day we descended to lush meadows. Here our camp was embowered amidst flowers: snow-white drifts of anemones, golden, lily-like nomockaris, mari-golds, globe flowers, delphiniums, violets, eritrwhiums, blue corydafa, wild roses, flowering shrubs and rhododen-drons, many of them flowers with homely sounding English names. The Bhyundar Valley was the most beautiful valley that any of us had seen. We camped in it for two days and we remembered it afterwards as the Valley of Flowers.

..  an extract from the book Valley Of Flowers, by Frank S. Smythe who had accidentally landed there on his return from Mt. Kamet Expedition via the Bhyunder Khal 

Right from then it has attracted nature lovers and it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This valley is easily accessible to trekkers in just couple of day's trek from the road head of Govind Ghat near Joshimath. The best time to visit the park is July till August end. This route is also common to the pilgrim route to Hemkund Sahib for the Sikhs. Owing to the altitude, its better to trek to Hemkund after visiting the Valley Of Flowers.



Valley Of Flowers - Best Time To Visit:

The Valley of Flowers National Park opens from Jun till Octtober. The trek to the valley can be enjoyed anytime within this range. However, the best time to visit the valley is from Mid July to Mid August as the flowers bloom to the full potential during this time. Before that, its less flowers and more snow. After that, its less snow and less flowers too !! 

During the best time, its aso official monsoon in that region.l So be well prepared for that. Pack well. Rain also makes it colder.   



Valley Of Flowers Permits:

Indians: Rs. 150/- for three days. Rs. 50/- thereafter.

Foreigners: Rs. 600/- for three days. Rs. 250/- thereafter.

Still Camera: Free ( professional or non-professional ).

Video camera ( non-professional ): Free.

Video camera ( professional ): Indians - Rs. 500/- ; Foreigners - Rs.1500/-


Detailed Daywise Itinerary For Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Trek

Day 1From Rishikesh To Joshimath, Via - Karn Prayag, Chamoli

Quick Information:
  • Rishikesh: 372 meters / 1228 feets
  • Karn Prayag: 1450 meters / 4785 feets
  • Chamoli: 1400 meters / 4620 feets
  • Joshimath: 1850 meters / 6105 feets
  • Approximate Distance: 260 Km
  • Approximate Time: 8 hours
  • Day's Activity: Drive
Brief Details Of The Day:

Journey from Haridwar to Joshimath is a long one, but definitely not a boring one. As you swirl up, yopu come accross the Prayags ( confluence of rivers) of Uttrakhand, coming down from the Himalayan Glaciers on the higher reaches of the Himalayan state. These rivers unite to form the mighty Ganga which flows down Haridwar to rest for India. Ganga is known as the lifeline of India, and Uttrakhand - The Dev Bhoomi ( God's Land)

The streets are colorful too !! 

Travelling in mountain roads for 280 KMS can be really tiring. So take a good sleep in your hotel tonight. 

Accommodation: Joshimath/ Hotel
Meals: Evening Snacks, Dinner

Day 2From Joshimath To Ghangaria, Via - Govind Ghat, Bhyunder

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Early morning post breakfast, we board our vehicles to drive to Ghangaria from where our trek starts. Its a straight walk into the valley after crossing the bridge on the Alakananda river and following the Laxman Ganga..

The trek is beautiful through the greens passing by the vilages of Pulna and Bhyunder. Being a pilgrimage route, the trail is well maintained and it takes about 5 -6 hours to reach Ghangaria. Soon after crossing the village of Bhyunder, as we apporach Ghangaria, we come to the meeting point of the Bhyunder Ganga which originates from Hathi Taal at the base of Kankul Pass and Hathi Parvat, and Pushpawati river. Both of them are tributaries of the Laxman Ganga which further is the tributary of Alakananda.

We follow the Pushpavati river which flows through the Valley Of Flowers and soon arrive at a level ground marked by few commercial settlements. This is Ghangaria and we rest for the day here, either in a hotel or in a tent.

Accommodation: Ghangaria, hotel/ tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 3From Ghangria To Ghangria, Via - Valley of flowers

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

We start the day early after breakfast to have some good time on hand for the Valley of Flowers - A Unesco World Heritage Site. Remember to carry pack lunch as the day will be long and with no foods to buy on the way.

Soon after we start, within some 30 minutes we reach the entry gate to buy tickets to the National Park.  The trek is a easy one with on a well laiden trek path. Once you enter the valley, have your own time in it. Here its all of vivid colours of varied species of flowers, river Puspawati flowing through it and green walls of mountain rising on both the side. 

Its better we head back by 2 - 3 PM for Ghangaria.

Accommodation: Ghangaria, hotel/ tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 4From Ghangria To Ghangria, Via - Hemkund Sahib

Quick Information:
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we are destined for Sri Hemkund Sahib and the pious lake of Hemkund. Its a pilgrim route but a tough one as compared to the previous day. Its steep and climbs up higher above 4000 meter to take us to the one of the most pious place for the Hindus and specially the Sikhs. 

The trail climbs up steep once you leave Ghangaria but views around keeps you motivated. The positive environment of the Gurudwara make you feel good. Have lunch at the Gurudwara. Remember to leave back for Ghangaria soon post 2 PM. 

Accommodation: Ghangaria, hotel/ tents
Meals: All Meals

Day 5From Ghangria To Joshimath, Via - Bhyunder, Govindghat

Quick Information:
  • Ghangria: 3094 meters / 10211 feets
  • Bhyunder: 2458 meters / 8112 feets
  • Govindghat: 1815 meters / 5990 feets
  • Joshimath: 1850 meters / 6105 feets
  • Approximate Time: 5 hours
  • Day's Activity: Drive, Trek
Brief Details Of The Day:

Today we finish out trek as we head back to Joshimath retracing our track. We trek back on the same route following the Laxman Ganga, crossing by Bhyunder village to reach Govind Ghat. From Govind Ghat, we then further drive back to Joshimath.

If we are not constrained, we may chose to visit the heritage shrine of Badrinath as well. 

Accommodation: Joshimath/ Hotel
Meals: All Meals

Day 6From Joshimath To Rishikesh, Via - Chamoli, Karn Prayag

Quick Information:
  • Joshimath: 1850 meters / 6105 feets
  • Chamoli: 1400 meters / 4620 feets
  • Karn Prayag: 1450 meters / 4785 feets
  • Rishikesh: 372 meters / 1228 feets
  • Approximate Distance: 260 Km
  • Approximate Time: 8 hours
  • Day's Activity: Drive
Brief Details Of The Day:

We return to Rishikesh to day. We have to leave early morning today in order to reach Rishikesh or Dehradoon on time to make our journet to onward destination or back home

Accommodation: None
Meals: None

Covid19 Safety Protocol For Himalayan Treks

Unnatural times call for an unusual response. We at Himalayan High are facing it with even more stringent safety measures to ensure our treks, trekkers, and the local support team are safe. The Covid19 Pandemic has completely changed the way we look at the World and do things. It has changed the way we trek as well. Here is a brief.

  • Small Groups of less than 15 members
  • No Fixed Camps at all. Use a single sleeping bag, mattress & sleeping bag inners throughout the trek without any mixup
  • Sanitized Transportation
  • Contactless Screening of Participants on arrival
  • Contactless Paperwork and Online Booking Procedure
  • Mandatory Sanitization Before Entry
  • Sanitized Accommodation, Linens, Sleeping Bags, etc
  • Sanitized and sun-dried Camping Equipment
  • Monitored Support Crew with extra protection of masks, gloves and frequent use of sanitizers
  • Social Distancing from other unmonitored groups
  • Daily evaluation of Health for Safe Mountain Health
  • Twin Sharing Accommodations on the trek
  • Single tent supplement available
  • Proper Dining Hygiene in Dining Tents
  • Dry Toilets in toilet tents.
  • Covid Hygiene Kit including personal Sleeping Bag Inner for free
  • Precautionary Quarantine Tents On Trek
  • Immunity-Boosting Food Menu and Drinks
  • Filtered, Boiled and Treated Drinking Water

Read more on the following link about our Covid19 safety measures to ensure a safe trek. Safe trekking in the Himalayas during COVID-19

With this protocol, we have resumed our Himalayan Treks.

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+ Quick Info
  • Duration: 6 Days, Rishikesh to Rishikesh
  • Highest Altitude: 4161m
  • Grade: Moderate ( know trek grades )
  • Best Time: Aug Sep
  • Terrain: forest, meadow
  • Activity Type: Trek
  • Trail Type: Same Exit Entry Point
  • Starts At: Joshimath
  • Ends At: Joshimath
  • Region: India - Uttrakhand
  • Country: India
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehraoon, Uttrakhand
  • Nearest Rail Head: Rishikesh, Uttrakhand
  • Travel Guide: Where and How To Reach Joshimath
  • Mobile Network: BSNL, sparsely
  • Internet Option: No
  • Temperatures:
  • Is Cloak Room Available: No
  • Generic Food Menu: Indian, Garhwali
+ Short Travel Itinerary

** click on the DayNumber to read detailed itinerary for the day

  • Day 1


    Arrival Day
    Arrive In Joshimath (1850m ), Via - Karn Prayag (1450m ), Chamoli (1400m ). 8 Hrs. 260 Kms
    Overnight In: Joshimath (1850m )
    Accommodation: Joshimath/ Hotel
    Meals Included: Evening Snacks, Dinner
    Cost Of Transport Included: NO
  • Day 2

    Drive, Trek

    From Joshimath (1850m ) To Ghangaria (3094m ), Via - Govind Ghat (1815m ), Bhyunder (2458m ). 5 - 6 Hrs. 10 Kms
    Overnight In: Ghangaria (3094m )
    Accommodation: Ghangaria, hotel/ tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 3


    From Ghangria (3094m ) To Ghangria (3094m ), Via - Valley of flowers (3531m ) . 8 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Ghangria (3094m )
    Accommodation: Ghangaria, hotel/ tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 4


    From Ghangria (3094m ) To Ghangria (3094m ), Via - Hemkund Sahib (4161m ) . 6 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Ghangria (3094m )
    Accommodation: Ghangaria, hotel/ tents
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 5

    Drive, Trek

    From Ghangria (3094m ) To Joshimath (1850m ), Via - Bhyunder (2458m ), Govindghat (1815m ). 5 Hrs.
    Overnight In: Joshimath (1850m )
    Accommodation: Joshimath/ Hotel
    Meals Included: All Meals
  • Day 6


    From Joshimath (1850m ) To Rishikesh (372m ), Via - Chamoli (1400m ), Karn Prayag (1450m ). 8 Hrs. 260 Kms
    Overnight In: Rishikesh (372m )
    Accommodation: None
    Meals Included: None
+ Fixed Departure Dates
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  • Up to 3 days or more before the trek start date  - Full Refund of the total invoiced amount. No questions asked.
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